Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Skunks, Possums, Glocks and City Law

I've had this skunk living in my backyard for a couple weeks now.  That of course is not a reference to my backyard neighbor, the life long Democrat.

Anyway, this skunk has been out every night for a week now and about 2:00-3:00 am comes that wonderful smell straight up into our bedroom window.
I brought this up with a few friends who listen to my show and one of them, who will remain unnamed....told me a great story.

It seems HE too had a skunk problem a few weeks back.  So being a law abiding guy, he set out traps (I didn't even know there were skunk traps) since evidently the city of Keizer doesn't allow you to shoot your gun in your own backyard.  
One night he heard a horrific screaming from his backyard.  He went out, flipped on the lights and found a possum in the trap.  When he approached the critter it played, well, possum.  It pretended to be dead.

My friend said to the possum "well ok, you wanna play dead, then let's make sure" and pulled out his Glock 9mm and dispatched the big fat rat.

Now again, being a law abiding citizen, he knew that he couldn't just bury the dang thing in his backyard as that is against city ordinance as well.  So he did like any good "green" person would do, he called the city and asked if it'd be ok if he put a dead possum into the green can, you know the one for food scraps and lawn clippings?  He was told that that would be "ok".  So now that he has gotten rid of the possum, he still has the skunk and so do I.  If you live anywhere near me and hear a loud shot in the night, just know that you can sleep well, another skunk has gone to wherever they go when they leave this earth.  And I WILL put it in the green can.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oregon GOP State Convention Revisited

This is from the wonderful website 54 40 or Fight and is written by Eric Shierman.  I thought it was worth posting on my blog as well especially since the writer acknowledges some VERY important points which are in bold italics, highlighted and underlined by me). My thoughts are at the bottom of the article.

GUEST POST: Do the district conventions reflect what Oregon Republicans Want to be?

From 54 40 or Fight Oregon Media Watchdog guest editorial
Does what happened at the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) district conventions reflect the kind of party we can be proud to identify with? Signs that we would eventually have to even ask this question began to emerge even before these conventions convened. Allen Alley and those near him were making the rounds suggesting that too many PCPs planned to vote for a different set of people than his notion of who deserved to go to Tampa. Rumors were spread that a caucus of PCPs intended to cause chaos. Jeff Smith, has revealed what Team Alley planned to do about it: “Reports of delay tactics used in other states to manipulate the process there made us think they could happen here and a published deadline should limit any such effort by making it pointless.” This is corroborated by a July 3rd letter where Alley describes a “preparation meeting,” and he reminds his friends that in this select group they all “came to the conclusion that the Convention would in fact adjourn at 5:00 p.m.”

At 9:00am when these conventions convened, it became immediately clear that all the rumors were wrong. These PCPs did not engage in delaying tactics. These well mannered folks simply showed up to vote for like minded Republicans running for internal positions in their own party. They did not break any rules. They just turned out in what Jeff Smith claims was somewhere between 40%-45% of the credentialed voters at each convention, a controlling stake in any organizational election from a shareholders’ meeting to a school body deciding a homecoming queen.

Who are they? It would be a mistake to call them Ron Paul supporters, because they all understand that Dr. Paul’s campaign is over. Before the way they were treated at the district conventions, nearly all of them planned to vote for Mitt Romney in the general election. Was Romney their first choice? Of course not. Good luck finding a Republican that has been all Romney all the way. Because every campaign was brought to an end before Oregon held its primary, nearly everyone in that room voted for Mitt Romney in the primary, even the people being dismissively labeled “Ron Paul Supporters” by those who did not have the votes to get into Tampa legally. What they really are obviously is a new wave of Republican activists who were inspired by Ron Paul’s campaign, who are now taking this movement forward as the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC).

The only thing they did wrong on June 23rd was win. After the first round of voting, something mysterious happened when the ORP leadership realized that none of their favored friends, donors, consultants, and power brokers had won. It suddenly became very slow and difficult for ORP officials to count the votes and report the results. For the rest of the day all the districts began repeatedly sitting, doing nothing for hours of down time, each being told that another district was the hold up, this information coming from the same folks who secretly preplanned to adjourn sharply at 5pm.
Public explanations from senior ORP officials for the delays have themselves been so easily falsifiable with the most rudimentary fact checking, that the smell of reasonable suspicion continued to get even fishier. 

Solomon Yue, Oregon’s RNC committeeman, has claimed the delays were caused by CD4 when publicly available video of its entire convention shows it was actually ahead of everyone else. During that long delay when ORP officials were taking stock of the first round of voting’s results, Yue claims CD4 should have voted on Electoral College candidates during the down time. The video evidence clearly shows that they not only did that, but CD4 elected their new district chair too, all before getting the results of the first round of voting. They were ahead not behind.

Jeff Smith has proffered the biggest whopper of them all. He has been claiming that CD2 delayed everyone else by three hours due to a projector bulb going out and a long lunch break. This being so very different from what actual CD2 attendees have told me, I probed Smith’s claim a bit. His final answer was that the bulb stalled them between 30 to 60 minutes, and “The lunch break was nearly 2 hours because the PCP were excused to go into local restaurants.” He was not there; he was chairing CD1 at the time. I am not saying he just made this up. Perhaps the person that did make it up was his source, but every person who actually was there that I have interviewed, including its Chair “Tiny” Robertson, has told me that CD2 had a shorter lunch than scheduled, on the premises, because its chairman was able to provide a complimentary lunch for them, financed by a local businessman. While it is the case a bulb went out at around 9:30am, Robertson skillfully had his local candidates give their live speeches while the projector was being fixed, losing no time at all. Between Fred Dayton and Tiny Robertson, it’s clear the ORP does have some effective leaders. But for Jeff Smith, who has been doing his best to defend the ORP leadership’s behavior that day, when basic fact checking gets this bad, it kind of makes one wonder. 

During these long mysteriously caused delays, Solomon Yue said on the Bill Post Radio show, that he was very busy taking calls from people who lost their election and in his words had their “feelings hurt.” What were these people, powerful enough to have Solomon Yue’s personal cell phone number, asking the ORP leadership to do about it?

With all of these obvious questions leading to an obvious answer, Allen Alley himself managed to boast live on the Bill Post Radio Show about what really happened in not so veiled terms. I have come to learn that Bill Post is probably the most important radio host in this state. While admittedly offering mostly commentary, his talented interviewing skills have a way of bringing out facts from his guests that they would never have offered to the main stream media. If you are not tuning in to his show, you are missing a lot of info that the major broadcasters miss. On July 10th, Post offered Alley a chance to explain what happened, and this is what he said: “We have a process that was designed many, many, many years ago um to select our delegates to the national convention. Usually rewarding the people that have really been good ah people who have supported the party and the party candidates um there’s some people that spent some time trying to figure out how that process works. Uh this has been something that has happened nationally you know in some cases electing people that were not loyal to the person they were pledged to. The way this works is that you pledge yourself to Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Paul and ah what I think happened is we went through our process and the process has integrity. Maybe some of the people who were trying to do some mischief with the process ah where not successful in doing that and ah they made a lot of noise but the bottom line was we followed our process, we got our delegates selected, we’re going to Tampa as a unified delegation. That’s what’s important. We’re going to vote our votes for the people the State of Oregon told us to vote for.”

Notice that Alley never mentions the delays. For him everything was executed properly; the “process” worked like it was supposed to in his view. These seats at the national convention are for “rewarding people” as if they are the Lincoln bedroom or something. What he dismisses as “people who were trying to do some mischief with the process” is of course really just PCPs electing someone other than whom Alley would like to reward, people whom, when they lost, had their feelings hurt. So after the delegate positions were voted on without his slate winning, somehow they managed to run out of time by 5pm, and Alley tried to shut these conventions down before the PCPs could vote on the alternates. But don’t worry, ORP officials chimed, the state executive committee has the power to fill them for you – “the process has integrity” indeed.

Opinion leaders with ties to Alley then tried to spin this event as the RLC trying to change the outcome of Oregon’s primary, but notice how that issue is an afterthought to Alley. He is fully confident that they are all “going to vote our votes for the people the State of Oregon told us to vote for” when it will be mostly RLC members doing the voting. The ORP executive committee appointed alternates, not delegates. Alternates don’t vote; the delegates do. Of course Alley should be confident all the delegates will honor their pledge, since those very people he claims sought mischief have been planning to vote for the candidate they are pledged to support all along. Indeed it has been nothing short of slander to suggest otherwise. The controversy surrounding these conventions has never really been about how the delegates will vote; it has been the question of whether or not some people are entitled to go to Tampa regardless of their ability to earn the PCP votes necessary to do so.
Let’s examine the “integrity” of this process a bit further. Under the rules, Alley did not have the power to order these conventions to adjourn at 5pm as he planned to do the day before they convened. Under the rules, he is only given the power to set the time and place they will convene not adjourn. Indeed he is given no power to set their agenda either. So Roberts Rules of Order requires the conventions to pass an agenda for it to be binding. Otherwise there is no agenda to which a motion calling for the orders of the day could be made. No convention passed the agenda that ORP officials handed out, so it was not binding in a way that would require a 2/3rds vote to extend past 5pm.

Let’s pretend for a moment they did. The agenda that was handed out did not even have a hard deadline. There was an asterisk next to 5pm reminding all PCPs that it was an approximate time. This oversight on Team Alley’s part was probably due to the use of a template from previous years where the ORP leadership had yet to contemplate the idea of shutting down the voting so they could appoint their friends instead.
Let’s also assume, for the sake of argument, that the variable time on the agenda was indeed a binding hard deadline. Even then it would not be a rule the way Allen Alley asserts, mandating each convention to adjourn. That is why Solomon Yue has distanced himself from Alley’s absurd position.  

On the Bill Post Radio Show when asked if Chairman Alley “had the right to adjourn the meeting at five o’clock.” Yue responded: “Actually Roberts Rules of Order governed this portion regarding a published deadline and it works like this: when you reach a published deadline every chairman in the Congressional District can adjourn the meeting. However, if you want the meeting to continue, a PCP, a participant in the meeting must move to extend, that’s the proper motion, move to extend. The presiding chairman must recognize the person that makes that motion and without hesitation and also without debate and call for a vote. It takes two-thirds of the body present to vote affirmative to count the motion.” This is exactly what happened in CD2 and CD4. The motion to extend was recognized and passed with well over 2/3rds of the vote. There was not enough interest to do so in CD1 and CD3.

In CD5 things got more interesting. Jeff Kubler, its chair, did not recognize any motions to extend. He simply declared his convention adjourned and left the building. His ORP liaison left soon thereafter in the confusion with the ballots. Under Roberts Rules of Order, which ORP convention rules make binding, the chair has to recognize a motion to extend or the adjournment is not valid. He is even required to pause and wait for it. Indeed Roberts is so adamant about this point, that it explicitly says if the chair simply failed to hear someone make the motion, he must reconvene the body: “If the chair learns, immediately after declaring the assembly adjourned, that a member seeking the floor for one of these purposes had risen and addressed the chair before the adjournment was declared, then, since the adjournment was improper and this breech was promptly noted, the chair must call the meeting back to order.” Jeff Kubler did no such thing, but since his convention was improperly adjourned and he left the building, his vice chair Marilyn Shannon, who saw the motions that Kubler did not recognize, became the chair and recognized one which passed overwhelmingly.

Supermajorities refused to adjourn, disregarding Alley’s unlawful orders to do so. Given that the RLC made up at most 45% of the PCPs, on their own they would not have even been able to vote down a simple motion to adjourn. But in three conventions more that 2/3rds voted to extend! In CD3 it was 42 to extend to 22 not to extend (two votes short of 2/3). This goes to show it was far more than the RLC whose votes were suppressed. There were Tea Party folks who smelled wrong doing and had their own slate. There were social conservatives who care very deeply about voting in a slate of delegates who will preserve the party’s pro-life plank. Given the role that Allen Alley played in watering down the social conservative language in our ORP platform, they were outraged at his coup too. This was not only about the RLC; this was Allen Alley’s blatant disregard for his own activist base, and probably the worst thing he could have possibly done during an election year.
The three districts that legally extended met the quorum necessary to cast valid votes for at large alternates. Neither the ORP bylaws nor the convention rules explicitly establish a quorum, thus Robert’s Rules of Order governs this matter too. Thankfully it is very clear: “In meetings of a convention, unless the bylaws of the organization provide otherwise, the quorum is a majority of the delegates who have been registered at the convention as in attendance, irrespective of whether some may have departed.” CD2, CD4, and CD5 as the registered PCPs “in attendance” cast legal votes for the at large alternates “irrespective of whether some may have departed.” Their votes needed to be counted. The at large alternates were not vacant positions to fill. The executive committee only had six vacancies to fill, the district alternates for CD1 and CD3.

These rules regarding adjournment and quorum are so clear that two new arguments have emerged to assert the invalidation of the legal votes that were cast on alternates. The very fact the ORP leadership has to make them further reveals what it has become under Allen Alley. First, it is now contended that since the votes cast for at large alternates, however valid, were done without knowing the results of the previous round of voting so as to take the winners’ names out, they cannot be counted. To assess the significant of this fact we must first ask, who broke this rule? It was the ORP leadership that failed to share the returns of the district delegate round of voting. The way in which the ORP state staff went on strike well before 5pm presents a glaring indication of the intentionality of all this. They had been “counting” the previous round for several hours. No reasonable person believes they did not have the tallies finished well before five. Then at five it was not like “awe shucks, sorry it’s taking so long guys but we’ll stay if you stay.”

Given Alley’s behavior before and after the conventions, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where every convention voted unanimously to finish their business but Team Alley still would have run for the hills with the hopes that the failure to remove winners’ names would invalidate the vote. Do Oregon Republicans want their party to be an organization where its staff cannot be relied on to do simply things like tally votes?
Since the rules do not even explicitly state that the votes will become invalid if the previous round’s winners’ names are not removed, perhaps a better question to ask is on what grounds does the ORP leadership have to even argue that the failure to remove these names hurt its slate’s chance to win? The only people penalized by the failure to remove these names is the caucus with THE WINNERS, and who was winning? The liberty slate. Who stood to benefit from not removing these names? The people who were losing, Alley’s “rewards” slate.

The other argument is similar but only regards CD5: since the ORP staff confiscated the ballot box, the votes were not sealed in it the way the rules require. So again the question is who broke the rule? And again it is not the PCPs at the convention. The ORP staff at CD5 had to violate a rule to create the condition where CD5 did not have its ballot box – that rule being 7.3: “At the time of adjournment, all ballot envelopes shall be placed in a box provided by the Oregon Republican Party, sealed and signed by both the outgoing and newly elected district chairman and delivered by the newly elected chairman to the Oregon Republican Party Chairman within seven (7) days.” The ballot box was taken from this convention before it adjourned. If this behavior is allowed to stand, there are all kinds of rules the ORP leadership can violate to invalidate the votes of its PCPs for the opportunity to appoint its own slate.

The greatest tragedy is that the ORP leadership even has to stoop to the level of arguing these last two points. Allen Alley has turned it into an organization that argues it can throw out its own PCPs’ votes if it itself taints those votes by violating a rule. My fellow Republicans with ties to Alley need to look themselves in the mirror and ask if that is what they want their party to be.
Since openly or privately everyone in the ORP knows what Alley did that day, he seems to have recently realized that his best defense to save his political future is to continue dividing the activist base, bringing up the same slander they were spreading before the conventions convened. Last Friday he doubled down on division, sending out an email with several documents attached to it, demonstrating what a low priority uniting his party to win state wide elections is to him compared to saving his own liberal skin.
In that email he tries to rhetorically ask: “Who benefits from messing with our process?” That’s a good question. Since Alley defined this process as a system that distributes rewards, I suppose he cannot even fathom how idealistic activists would value participation in national platform writing over rubbing shoulders with the powerful. Alley forgets it was the RLC and the other factions of activists who followed the rules that day. It was Mr. Alley that messed this convention up. How does he benefit? Just look at who was appointed. Alley could be leading a united party right now, but for something as trivial as distributing convention seats as a reward, he was willing to intentionally undermine his own party’s cohesion in the worst of all possible times.

Attached to Alley’s email is a forged message purporting to be from Ron Paul supporters in Alaska written in a way to make them sound like barbarians at the gate. The RLC in Oregon is so open sourced, why no intercepted messages from them? Let’s pretend they actually are barbarians in Alaska, given the fact that was not the case here in Oregon from 9am to 5pm on June 23rd, why continue warning about the Alaskans? Of course things have gotten rowdy since June 23rd, but that just begs the question why did Allen Alley go out of his way hit this beehive? Why did he pick a fight with his own party’s base?

The email also includes a memo addressed to “All Oregon Republican PCPs,” but in the ORP that Alley has created, it was not sent out to the more than 2,000 Republican PCPs in Oregon. Rather, just a couple hundred of those closest to Alley got this message written by Tim Smith that libelously claims the RLC candidates running for the office of bound delegate and alternate did so with the intent of not honoring their pledge. He goes further to continue spreading the rumor that they are being funded by George Soros and a Democratic PAC. Given the circles in which Smith and Alley float, perhaps it could be understood that it remains completely outside their imagination to grasp that people might passionately volunteer their time for a cause they actually believe in. They’re not in this for the money, the status, or the power. The Oregon Chapter of the RLC has about $140 in its bank account. They are not running TV ads; they are not an astroturf organization. This is the very grassroots energy the ORP has been in need of for a long time, and Team Alley is trying to paint them as the enemy to cover up the fact he made a terrible mistake. Republicans in Oregon need to take a good look at what Alley has done to their party and decide if that is what they want to be.

Eric Shierman lives in southwest Portland and is the author of A Brief History of Political Cultural Change.

Ok here's my take: I think Eric has a well written, well thought out article here.  There were some serious problems at the state convention.  Eric is VERY sharp and is very good at making strong points, so I agree with some of what he has written and disagree with other things.  Overall, a great article.  I also think this is not quite as horrendous as he and others have made it out to be and quite frankly it's "old news" now.
MOST importantly, he has pointed out (as I highlighted in the article), THE most important talk show in Oregon is: The Bill Post Radio Show! 
If you are listening to anything else at noon weekdays, you are missing the big stories as well as a really big laugh daily which is what we really need most right about now isn't it?  Thanks Eric! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pete DeFazio: Art Robinson's Here!

“The public already knows, Peter, that you are a liar. Do you really want to be known as a coward, too? Why don’t you stand up and debate me in events in which we ask each other questions and the public – freely admitted to the event – evaluates our answers? If you can overcome your fear; if you can face me man to man in actual timed, back and forth debates of the real political issues – rather than continuing to hide yourself behind “moderators” and “forums” where rules made by you and your friends protect you from your opponent, you might at least rise to the level of a courageous liar – a level considerably higher than your current situation.”

~Art Robinson

Peter DeFazio has been in office so long I can't remember when he WASN'T in office.  I know I could research it quickly but why waste the time, he's been there far too long.  

The Fourth Congressional District of Oregon has long been a Democrat stronghold.  No credible candidate has faced off against DeFazio forever until 2010 when Dr. Art Robinson came along.  Not only did he give Pete a run for his money, he actually scared Pete.  Pete would not debate Art and still refuses to.  Pete would not allow town hall meetings and still doesn't.  In 2010, Pete DeFazio relied on over $1 million to run smear ads against Art Robinson and it worked.  He won by about 10 points.  

2012 is a whole new ballgame!  With this really funny radio ad from the Republican Super PAC, the tide is turning. The NRCC has also moved Art Robinson from the highly sought after "Young Guns" to the even more sought after "On the Radar".  He's even won the Ron Paul campaign over to endorsing his candidacy! 

Art Robinson is not your usual candidate for Congress.  He is not only a brilliant physicist (yes he really IS a rocket scientist) but he is extremely knowledgeable on Constitutional law and the founding of our nation.  He is a great patriot.  Did you know that nearly 17% of ALL homeschool materials were written by Dr. Art Robinson?  How much have you looked into this man?  He is the BEST chance for Oregon to gain ONE more Republican in the US House!  Imagine what a great help that would be for Congressman Greg Walden?

He has written a book this year detailing everything he believes in for America.  "Common Sense in 2012" is available HERE.  NO other candidate running for any congressional seat has written anything quite like this.  He's a gracious, humble man who wants to be a citizen representative, you know, the way Congress was meant to be?  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Must Be Great Having a State of Oregon Job

First we had the State of Oregon Department of Revenue doing NOTHING to the at least 3 employees who allowed a Salem woman to steal $2.1 million in a tax fraud case.  "State officials declined to release the names of the affected employees or more details about the type of discipline involved. Discipline could involve pay freezes or reductions, but there was no word on whether either was involved."  They won't even let us know which incompetent boobs let this happen.  

NOW, we have a State Treasury spokesperson who runs over a man trying to cross a street.  A traffic ticket?
I was just asking Justin, my producer, this morning before the second story came out: "say what do you think it would take to get fired if you were a State worker?"  We both agreed, MAYBE......murder.  Sheesh, were we wrong!

Valley Folks can help Eastern Oregon Folks

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.  I love Eastern Oregon.  I have dreamed all of my life of being a real live cowboy so the idea of ranching is something I would give my right arm to do.  I love the great ranchers and farmers of the area.  I have met so many over the years and I spend a good chunk of time there every summer.  I grew up in Redmond, spent time helping my rancher friends in high school and have never lost that love for the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon, so when I saw the horrors of the wildfires, my heart was broken.

Over the last couple months, our fellow Oregonians in Harney and Malheur Counties have suffered greatly by some of the most devastating wildfires in over 150 years.  The fires rage on near Frenchglen.  There seems to be a real disconnect with the folks in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and the folks in Eastern Oregon as I have pointed out many times.

We in the Valley go about our business, talk politics, have our backyard barbecues and all the things that make life enjoyable here.  Meanwhile the plight of the rancher in Eastern Oregon is ignored by the Valley TV and radio stations.  No news except when it's catastrophic such as the wildfires.  There is so much more to tell.  I don't have the time to tell the stories of cattleman I have talked to in my many visits to Eastern Oregon.  These are some of the most patriotic people you'll ever meet.  They love America and they love Oregon, but they don't understand why we in the Valley seem to ignore them.  Yes, they're nearest neighbor may be 25 miles away on another ranch, but that doesn't stop them from stopping their hard work on any given day to help that neighbor.  It's time WE helped to.

The ONLY member of Oregon's Congressional team to step up and actually, tangibly do something for the cattleman of Eastern Oregon?  Congressman Greg Walden.  He has tirelessly worked for relief, not in the way of dollars from Washington D.C, but in the kind of relief that cattleman would want.  Land.  Land to allow the cattle to graze.  Land for the cattle to be taken to for their safety.  Land that the Federal Government has said "off limits" to cattle to keep it in it's "pristine nature".  The ranchers of Eastern Oregon care more about that "nature" than ANYONE as it affects their livelihood and their futures. 

Congressman Walden is the only Congressman or Senator to make several trips to Eastern Oregon during this time of wildfires and he held several town hall meetings in those wonderful little communities.  (See story compilation here, courtesy of KTVZ in Bend) 

Now one could make the argument "he's helping his own district".  I would counter: anyone remember the Congressman who came to Oregon during the flooding in Tillamook?  I can cite many other cases.  Greg Walden is an Oregonian through and through.  He cares about ALL of Oregon.  It's too bad that Senators Merkley and Wyden and Congressional representatives Blumenauer, Schrader, DeFazio and Bonamici are more interested in what's good for Washington D.C. and not Oregon. 

Here's how you and I can help out these wonderful people and keep this pioneering spirit alive in Eastern Oregon (which by the way takes up over 72% of Oregon's land mass).  
Oregon Cattlemen Set Up Fire Victim Fund 

To make a charitable contribution to the Fire Victims Relief Fund, or to offer in-kind or relocation assistance, please contact Kay Teisl, Executive Director of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, at 503-361-8941 or via email kayteisl@orcattle.com


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gary Haugen and Gov. Kitzhaber: Enough!

From this article today in the Salem Statesman Journal we find that Marion Circuit Court judge is now determining whether Governor John Kitzhaber's "reprieve" is valid or invalid.

Whatever one thinks about the death penalty, in a state that allows assisted suicide, why can't this man be allowed to die?  The governor used some trumped up powers that he may or may not have the authority to use (this judges' decision may determine that) and has stopped all executions in Oregon because he is "morally" against them.  

I'm pretty sure the Constitution says something about "cruel and unusual punishment" and although I don't have a lot of sympathy for a twice convicted murderer, I do have some sympathy for Gary Haugen who not once, not twice but three times was preparing himself for the gurney trip to the needle only to be pulled back at the last minute, and if that's not "cruel and unusual" I don't know what is.  Haugen argues that he has not accepted the reprieve, as he said he is entitled to do under previous Oregon Supreme Court cases. He also said the governor’s order has no fixed ending date, unlike reprieves issued by previous governors, and the governor has exceeded his authority under the law.  Does everyone realize that the Governor did not have the moral conviction to "commute" all of the death sentences?  No, his moral outrage only allowed him to kick the can down the street until the next governor takes office.

My question, leading up to this judge's decision: if the judge decides that Kitzhaber's "reprieve" is invalid, will the Governor and Attorney General continue to use taxpayer money to pursue his "moral objections", or will he just let this end?  Will he take this "fight" all the way AGAIN to the Oregon Supreme Court?  I say "ENOUGH"!  Quit wasting my money on this crusade and let the man die!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Conservatism is alive and well in Marion County Oregon

Just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read this article.  These are just SOME of the true patriots of the Conservative movement in Oregon:

Oregon GOP Purity: A Rebuttal Update

After my story from last week, we have some updates:


1 - With the "resignation" of Kevin Cameron as House Leader and the election of Mike McLane as Deputy Leader, what is next?  Will there be more?  Will anyone address publicly why it took 2-3 months to "investigate" a situation?  Will House leadership still be "leadership"?  There are many unanswered questions and the "cloud" hanging over the House GOP head is still there, even if some can't see it.  "Going nuclear" by a state representative is still a possibility.  No one believed me when I said before that "there is more to come".  So, I'll say it again: "there's more to come".

2 - After hearing charges of John Davis (or his "team" which wasn't a "team" until he won the election) sending/calling PCP's with "smears" of Lindsay Berschauer, I thought it interesting that I received an email from a PCP in HD26 today.  Remember, John Davis announced his campaign on June 25.  This email is dated June 26:

 Now I don't believe that Lindsay herself had anything to do with sending this email out.  It was done on her behalf.  The garbage in this email is what I would clearly call "smear" tactics.  There is NOTHING that is true nor can be confirmed here.  There are some who are accusing (as the story above implies) me, the Lucas's and "others" of using "smear" tactics with the PCP's in HD 26.  Now with this email the question is: who's "smearing" whom? With the OVERWHELMING victory by John Davis in HD 26, it was clear that the PCP's and the electorate of the district are/were ready for a new direction and John Davis is that direction.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chik-fil-A, Boston's Mayor and the Truth

One would think, from this article that the vast majority of Americans are "the mainstream" when it comes to acceptance of homosexuality and same sex marriage.  My contention, fleshed out below is that the vast majority of the "mainstream" of America, is NOT pro homosexual agenda.  A very small 2-4% group have changed the way this country thinks and I am sick and tired of it.

The owner of a PRIVATELY owned company has merely stated his own opinion.  He's not blocking anyone from eating in his stores, he's not making "special prices" for anyone (Bob and Betty pay $4.99 for the chicken special, Bob and Bob pay $8.99), he's just letting the world know what he personally believes and what his company that HE OWNS believes, which I'm pretty sure, correct me if I'm wrong, is allowed somewhere in America, it was once called "free speech".

No, not in 2012 America where a VERY SMALL minority of people have made the rest of America, the majority of Americans, think that they are wrong in their thinking.  

From the story above: Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is not a Chik-fil-A fan.. In an interview with the Boston Herald, Menino vowed to block the chain from opening up shop in his city, promising to make it extremely difficult for the company to procure the required licenses.
“Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong in Boston,” Menino told the publication. “You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion.”

So where exactly is Chik-fil-A "discriminating"?  Who's being discriminated against?  Mayor Menino is a hate filled bigot who does not own Boston nor does he have any say in what business can open in Boston.  Jobs?  "Don't need them in Boston, we have plenty".  New business that brings in millions in tax revenue?  "Naw, don't need it, we like the way things are."  Stupid person, bad mayor.  He is against free speech.

The issue is more than whether Chick-Fil-A should be commended or condemned for their statements.  It's also about our freedom of speech and of association in this country. I am always amazed at how those who call for "love" and open mindedness so quickly spew venomous hatred toward those with whom they disagree.  In contrast, a person following Biblical Christianity may express God's hatred of a lifestyle and it should always be done in a loving manner - always.  This shows a fundamental difference in the character of the two ideologies. Chick-Fil-A has not done or said ANYTHING that has hurt or discriminated against anyone.  Their support of a particular movement is their choice.  In-your-face type protests such as the "Kiss-in" do nothing constructive to forward the movement of it's supporters.  It only heightens the tension and raises conflict (which, I suppose, is the goal).

This article from The Atlantic (and in case you don't like them it's also on The Huffington Post) shows that the media suck ups and television production companies have convinced Americans that there are more "gays and lesbians" then there really are!

Guess what?  If you are a pro traditional marriage thinking American, YOU are the mainstream.  YOU are the majority.  You are NOT the minority.  You are the victim of a plot to change everything about how you think.  It's working.  Look at Chik-fil-A.  

Pete DeFazio is about to get pummeled

Congressman Peter DeFazio from Oregon's Fourth District is about to get pummeled on the airwaves by a series of radio ads from two PACS.
Listen to radio ad: PETER DEFAZIO AD 

This is from the Republican Super PAC and Freedomworks Super Pac.  
Part of the reason they decided to jump into this was our show featuring the letter Peter DeFazio sent to President Barack Obama, asking about gas prices.  We did a comedy bit on Obama and DeFazio having a conversation, and then we went on to beg Pete to come home to Oregon and spend some time caring about OREGON for crying out loud!

After we talked about DeFazio's letter to Obama that asked Obama to look into the current gas prices, Roger Villere, Louisiana Republican Party Chairman and Chairman of the Republican Super PAC commissioned this spot.

"This is is a true story, that means you are on the cutting edge and your radio show material has been used by a national super PAC -- the Republican Super PAC."  Republican Super PAC

We appreciate that, but more importantly, it's time to RETIRE Pete DeFazio!  Folks in the 4th Congressional District of Oregon: Vote for Art Robinson and spread the word!


What's in a Name?

When does one own their own name?  If you clicked on the above link, you see that the site is for sale.  Now I am not silly enough to think that I am the only Bill Post in the world, but since no other Bill Post seems to be interested in this site, I thought: "heck, I'd love to have my own name as my domain name!".

It ain't that simple.  I clicked on the "This domain may be for sale. Click here to inquire." button.  So far, I have only received one response and it seemed rather odd to me: "Hi, please make us an offer".  Not being a smart as the average computer geek, I didn't understand, I just assumed I would have my web guy go get the site and all would be happy in Bill Post Land, but NOOOO......

It seems I have run into what I am sure Al Gore foresaw when he invented the internet: "Domain Squatting".  Yes, the act of buying up domain names in the hopes of "cashing in" if/when that person becomes famous.  

Now I am a pure on Capitalist, so I admire the spirit behind this, but we do have laws on the books that address this: DOMAIN SQUATTING
(Otherwise known as ‘Cyber Squatting’, domain squatting is the act of registering, trafficking in or using a domain name with the intent to profit from the good name of an organizations trademark, brand or identity.)
 So, to the nice person who "owns" my name, would you please consider letting me have it?  I don't think I'm bound for fame and riches beyond your wildest desires, I just think it'd be cool to have bill post dot com.  I'm weird that way, I just think that a person ought to have the right to own their own name.  Call me old fashioned.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rush, It's BANE not BAIN!

 Ok, I'm gonna take a big chance on ticking off a lot of folks but I can't let this go. As a HUGE Batman fan and collector of Batman comics since the 1960's, I feel that I am somewhat of an authority on the character and the characters surrounding Batman.

Rush Limbaugh is saying he believes the new Batman film intentionally named the bad guy Bane as a way of hurting Mitt Romney.

"Do you think
it's accidental that the name of the really vicious fire-breathing, four-eyed whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?

"The audience is going to be huge . . . and it's a lot of brain dead people, entertainment, the pop culture crowd, and they're going to hear Bane in the movie and they're going to associate [Romney's] Bain.

"And the thought is that when they're going to start paying attention to the campaign later in the year and Obama and the Democrats keep talking about Bain . . . that these people will start thinking back to the Batman movie."

Now I need to point out that this film has been in production for almost three years, or the fact the character Bane first appeared in DC comics as a Batman villain decades ago, or that Bane’s most famous story arc (upon which the new film is based, in part) “Knight Fall” was published in 1993. (Spoiler alert: As you can see from pics above, Bane broke Batman's back in that story arc and the Bat cowl was picked up by former Robin, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, see I told you I was a Batman nerd)


Now I am a HUGE fan of Rush Limbaugh, but, he really should admit he doesn't know what he's talking about and move on, instead he's pounding liberals for basically saying what I just wrote. It's kind of embarrassing.
Again, I am sorry if you are of the "Rush can do NO wrong" camp but this one is sort of silly. BANE has nothing to do with BAIN. Yes I know what he's saying basically is that soft brained folks will go for the "BAIN" sound of the character but in all reality, the Bane character in the movie is a part of a more nefarious plot and that is that he leads an "Occupy Wall Street" type movement. Not exactly a "capitalist" character.  When I first saw some of the screenplay and then later the trailers, I was very upset with what I saw as director Christopher Nolan's embracing the "Occupy" movement.  You will see that in the Bane character as well as his "rewrite" of the Catwoman character (Catwoman, in the comics, was always on the edge of "good" and "bad" and a love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman for years, in this movie it is not evidently portrayed that way).

Well anyway, I say go see the movie and have a blast, it's going to be a HUGE hit and wrap up a great three part series, in fact even better, join me at Independence Cinema this Friday night from 4-6 broadcasting live and going to the 7pm showing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oregon GOP: Purity Test? A Rebuttal

Oregon GOP: Purity Test?  A Rebuttal 
Via Portland area talk show host blog:
I only became a Republican after I switched over from my Dummocrat for a Day gambit in 2008 calling for R's to vote for Hillary Clinton and run out the Democrat primary a bit longer. Rush Limbaugh thinks he started it, but I was either first or tied with him. (whoa, never compare oneself with the king, Rush) I was an Independent before this. A conservative for sure, but a registered Independent. Had been for years. It was a hold over from my journalism days and I didn't see a need to change it. However after voting for Hillary Clinton as a joke I decided I would become a respectable R and by doing so embolden squishy Independents to declare themselves if for no other reason than to swell the voter registration numbers in Oregon.
But the internecine rivalries are getting wearisome. I'm weary of the Republican
Regulars dissing the Tea Party and the Ron Paulistas going after the Regulars when their candidate has declared he's out of the race...
After drumming out Matt Wingard for his womanizing ways and then blowing out the conservative, pro life woman who wanted to replace him with a male political neophyte, I'm more perplexed. This experienced pol was drummed out because she had at one time dated Matt Wingard. Someone inside the Republican Party made sure that made the news. All of sudden, the odds on favorite to win the right to run for Wingard's seat, Lindsay Berschauer, was buried by a guy only a few insiders in the party had ever heard of.
The jihad against Representative Julie Parrish is just getting warmed up. She was mentored by Wingard and groomed for leadership--you know, the way the party is supposed to work. But will this connection doom her aspirations for a legislative leadership post?
The able, competent, self-made businesswoman from West Linn was running alone for a leadership post before another newbie to the legislature Mike McLane from Bend jumped in. I wonder was he recruited by anti Wingard forces too?
Katie Eyre is in the cross hairs of the Republican Regulars, too. Will they drum her out because the State Representative
knew Matt Wingard and replace her with someone who didn't know him?
Are they only going after women? If so, why?

Now, let ME answer these preposterous questions:

1)  The 40 or so PCP’s from House District 26 voted for John Davis, so if there is a “jihad” someone sure does know how to recruit a lot of “jihadists” quickly.  In all reality, it was the people of House District 26 who voted for the candidate, not a “cabal of anti-Wingards”.

2)  Bringing up the Rep. Parrish vs. Rep. McLane issue is problematic, at least from the perspective from above.  So now instead of focusing on getting rid of Ginny Burdick, Floyd Prozanski, Peter Courtney, Brian Clem, Kurt Schrader, Kate Brown, Brad Avakian and the rest of the lowdown life sucking Democrats, we’ve gone “woman vs. man” in our OWN party? 
    May I make something perfectly clear here: the election of the new Deputy House Leader will take ALL 30 members of the House GOP caucus.  So will there be a “jihadist” training session this week before the vote?

3) I know of a whole lot of House GOP members that "knew" Matt Wingard including Rep. Kim Thatcher (say, if Katie Eyre is in the “crosshairs”, I THINK Kim is a woman, so is she next?).  How come THEY aren’t mentioned as “victims of the jihad”?  Could it be that the reason a representative like Kim Thatcher is not mentioned is because she is a straight up, all around solid Conservative with a CAPITAL “C”?

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about on my program yesterday.  We have an element of “Progressives” in Portland (even admitting such as above) who are attempting to “take over” OUR Oregon Republican Party.  What has the writer above done for our party?  Run for PCP?  Knocked on doors for GOP candidates?  Volunteered to stand at a county fair booth?  Attend county meetings?  Done anything tangible to help get NEW GOP candidates elected?  Wait, I forgot, the writer is an "independent" former "Dummocrat".  Never mind. 
The common denominator I see here is that some folks would like to see a more progressive element to our party as well as seeing that "agendas" are more important than the long time platform and functions of our party.  This is both sad and tragic! 

1 - With the "resignation" of Kevin Cameron as House Leader and the overwhelming election of Mike McLane as Deputy Leader, what is next?  Will the "Wingard cloud" continue to hang over the House GOP leadership?  Will Bruce Hanna come out and say anything about Wingard?  Will Dennis Richardson tell us how why it took 5 hours for the caucus to make these decisions?  What exactly is being held "over their heads" that no one is willing to speak about?  Strip club visits?  Underage drinking?  Certain GOP representatives seen "falling down drunk at parties?  CCO's being pushed by certain GOP leaders?  Expansion of the bottle bill by certain GOP leaders?  Yes I'd say PURITY is a good thing.
2 - After charges of John Davis sending/calling PCP's with "smears" of Lindsay Berschauer, I thought it interesting that I received an email from a PCP in HD26 today.  Remember, John Davis announced his campaign on June 25.  This email is dated June 26:

Now I don't believe that Lindsay herself had anything to do with sending this email out.  It was done on her behalf.  The garbage in this email is what I would clearly call "smear" tactics.  There is NOTHING that is true nor can be confirmed here.  There are some who are accusing (as the story above implies) me, the Lucas's and "others" of using "smear" tactics with the PCP's in HD 26.  Now with this email the question is: who's "smearing" whom?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Marion County Leads Write In Campaigns

I don't want to brag (ok, yes I do) but if you examine the pdf file linked below, you'll find that out of ALL of the counties in Oregon, in the GOP write in campaigns for State Treasurer (Thomas Cox) and Attorney General (James Buchal), Marion County was the leader in write in votes.  That's a county far behind Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah and Lane in the rest of the state.

Now again, I don't want to brag (ok, yes I do) but I pounded DAILY on my radio show for 3 weeks, "write in Thomas Cox and James Buchal".  I must have said a thousand times how to spell their names, how to fill them in correctly, how to mark the box and so on.  Our station received hundreds of calls from folks wanting to know AGAIN how to spell their names.  We did an outstanding job of getting out the word.  I was very disappointed that the other talk shows in the state didn't work as hard at this.

Now this is not to "toot my horn" it's a call to action!  Just think, if all of the shows in Oregon and all of the grassroots organizations and county GOP groups would put all of their energy into an issue or candidate all at the same time.....it would be huge!  Let's stop being distracted by "shiny baubles" and get together and get Oregon back on the right track!

Conservative Activism is Alive and Well in Marion County

I have heard that there MIGHT be some disharmony in other Republican counties.  I am not convinced that it's true but if so I am sure it will work out at some point, heck, maybe it's needed.  A purge or "cleansing" is needed everywhere from time to time but here in Marion County?  Not needed.  As I have stated many times both in writing and on my radio show, I believe the Republican Party is the only way to really effect change in America and in Oregon.  I also believe that the GOP is ready for a "fully rounded" Conservatism.  That is, "fully fiscally Conservative" and "fully Socially Conservative".  Some of the Portland area counties are struggling with that.  Thinking the former is the ONLY way to win and the latter is "suicide".  Wrong.  Americans and Oregonians at heart, are a moral people.  What good is being "fiscally Conservative" if one has no moral basis for one's stance?  From where does that moral basis get it's start?  In this short article I want to highlight some folks here in Marion County who have embraced "all of the above" and are working tirelessly to bring about the change we so badly need in Oregon and America!

The two signs pictured at the top are creations of "Super Bob" Gallagher.  He and his wife Jacyn are two of the best!  They are fairly new to the whole political activism thing and they have jumped in with both feet!  Non stop working at every fair booth, GOP meeting, grass roots activists, they do it all and they have a blast doing it!

Another great patriot couple around these parts is Denise Nanke and her husband Brad.  Brad is a city councilor and Denise is a hard working activist for Marion County GOP and other groups.  Their son Ben is jumping in too, with some incredible songwriting about the shape of America today!

Then there is David Darnell.  He is a non-stop dynamo.  The "Twitter king" around here but so much more.  He volunteers constantly, runs a business and just never seems to run out of gas.  

I know of so many more folks like these that make living in Marion County an absolute pleasure.  They care about Marion County, the Fifth Congressional District, Oregon and America.  We are in good hands with folks like these on board!

This post is dedicated to the late Wayne Brady who was a tireless leader in Marion County for many years. We sure do miss you Wayne!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Maybe Sunday is the Problem?

As I sit listening to some old gospel music on this Sunday morning I am taken back to my childhood and my great grandma Pattison.  On Sunday mornings at her house, she rose early and turned on the radio (later the TV) and listened/watched many Christian programs.  I remember "The Haven of Rest" and others.  With her Bible in her hand she listened, prayed and prepared for Sunday Worship services.  

I don't know grandma's political thoughts, don't know if she was a Republican or a Democrat, I was very young.  I do know she loved Jesus with all her heart and showed it in her lifestyle everyday.  I can't help but wonder on thinking back on her, is this what America is missing?

Sunday morning is now taken up with yahoo's yelling at each other on Sunday morning "news" shows and talk radio.  No one ever wins, no one ever loses, it's just loud and obnoxious.
Could it be that my grandma had it right?

I urge you my friend, to put away the politics on Sunday, get a Bible, find a Christian radio or TV show (that's getting harder all the time) and find a good Bible preaching church and THEN just maybe this country will be healed and just maybe you will feel a whole lot better on Monday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Oregon, Nike and Joe Paterno: What a mess!

Let me make it perfectly clear right from the start, I hate Penn State.  I've never liked them, never thought Joe Paterno was the great coach he allegedly was, I thought he was way past his time and a relic and "Happy Valley" is no where I wanted to go.
I am a University of Oregon Duck football fan and always will be.
We've had our troubles, yes, many of them lately but I hang in there, chastising when they are wrong but love my Ducks!

I am very happy that "Uncle" Phil Knight has decided to change the name of the "Joe Paterno Child Development Center" to something else (unnamed as of this writing) BUT, I am very unhappy it took him this long.  I asked that Nike make this change immediately after the first stories broke of the possible sex abuse in "Happy Valley".  No one agreed with me.  I feel somewhat vindicated.  I just wish "Uncle" Phil had moved a little swifter. 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Komen for the Cure: I'll send my money elsewhere

I was very happy when Komen for the Cure decided to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  I believe the evidence is well documented that PP is genocidal at the least.  What does a cure for breast cancer have to do with abortion?

Now, sadly, they have buckled under the intense pressure applied by the agenda of the pro-abortion crowd.


That article says it all.  Your thoughts?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanoi Jane Is "Sorry"

Today I noticed a story claiming Jane Fonda will always regret the controversial 1972 photograph showing her sitting on a missile launcher aimed at U.S. soldiers, insisting she has "paid heavily" for the infamous image.

 The veteran actress caused outrage in the U.S. and earned the nickname 'Hanoi Jane' when she was snapped sitting on an anti-aircraft battery in Hanoi during the Vietnam War.  Ok, but she was also in every "anti-war" protest she could get to (in between filming bad movies like "Barbarella" and living the good life of a rich "1%'er").

Fonda admits the backlash hit her hard and has affected her ever since, and she will always chastise herself for the image.  But has she REALLY changed?  I came across this picture of her just this past year, what do you think?

No, once a loony lib America hater, always a loony lib America hater.  (Oh wait, she loved America when she gets that fat check from the Screen Actors Guild or the residuals from those crappy workout videos from the 1980's). 
I've always said, I don't "boycott" films because an actor or director is an idiot, but, in this case I can gladly say I've never seen a Jane Fonda film (except ones from before her Vietnam era like "Barefoot in the Park" for which I didn't know she was going to be such a nutjob). 
Welcome back Hanoi Jane!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oregon: Ready for A Move to the Right?

With the election last night held in House District 26 of John Davis, we may just have been given a glimpse of Oregon's future and that future looks very bright!  The vote count was overwhelming.  The people of that district are clearly saying: "we want a clean break and a new direction".  Could this be what can happen in ALL of Oregon?

I am not saying the district was not bright before, nor less bright had there been a different outcome, what I am saying is this election showed that a person who stands firmly on Biblical principles, morality and strong character (though only 29 years old!) can win in Oregon. 

I am so proud to have stood by John from the first moment I met him and the talks I had with him. He is a strong Christian who is not ashamed of that. He understands that it would SEEM that having that sort of stance is political "suicide" in Oregon. I think the times have changed. Those that want to embrace a lack of social Conservatism may find themselves on the outside looking in this November. Stand for what's right in ALL things! It's NOT "just the economy stupid". It's much more and much deeper than that.  

I now pray that those who advise John in the coming election will NOT try to move him to the "middle" making the case that it's the "only way to win in Oregon".  John has the intelligence and ability to "walk and chew gum at the same time".  He's pretty darn smart!  He knows that Democrats are the best at being squishy, why try to out "squishy" them?  Let them pander to the fringe.  John will reach out to the vast majority of Republicans and Independents who long for a return to our spiritual roots.  I sense a deep longing in Oregon and the US to get back to what made us great.  As I told John this morning "with God for us, who can be against us?"  If we will acknowledge that God is in control and He knows what's best for us and allow Him to do His will, we will stand back in amazement and awe!

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other...the only foundation of a free Constitution is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People....[T]hey may change their Rulers, and forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty...A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can NEVER be restored. Liberty, once lost is lost FOREVER." John Adams, 2nd US President (1797-1801)

I would strongly advise ALL GOP candidates in Oregon to watch what happened last night VERY carefully.  There was much to learn!

Here is the link to my interview with John Davis on 6-29-12 (it is after the 2nd segment)  John Davis interview on The Bill Post Radio Show

This is the list of endorsements for other candidates last night. These people were up against a handful of socially conservative groups who supported John. Who won? John. I guess socially conservative issues matter huh? Like I said, I hope folks were paying attention last night......

Dave Hunnicutt, President of Oregonians in Action, attorney
Bill Moshofsky, Co-Founder of Oregonians in Action
Lars Larson, Talk Show Host, KXL 101.1 FM
JAndrew Miller, CEO Stimson Lumber
Don McIntire, President of Taxpayer Association of Oregon and President of the Oregon Executive Club
Eric Winters, attorney, activist, author of Clackamas Urban Renewal Vote & Rail Vote initiatives
Gary Bray, Tualatin activist, PCP
John Charles, President of Cascade Policy Institute
Tina Pisenti, Vice-President of Cascade Policy Institute
Rick Miller, CEO Avamere Health, facilities located in Clackamas and Washington Counties
All Co-Chief Petitioners- Clackamas Rail Vote Initiative Measure 3-401:
Mary Olson, Lake Oswego City Councilor
Steve Spinnett, Mayor of Damascus
Jim Knapp, Oak Lodge Water District
Debra Mervyn, President and Co-Founder of U-Choose
Art Scevola, Founder of Oregon 912 Project
Art Crino, activist, chief petitioner-SWrailVote.org-Tigard Rail Vote Initiative
Manuel Castaneda, candidate for HD 28, owner of PLI Systems-located in HD 26
Rob Freres, Freres Lumber Company
Oregon Transformation Project PAC
Billie Reynolds, HD 26 PCP, activist, Chief Petitioner-SWrailVote.org- King City Rail Vote Initiative
Stacy & Darin Owens, HD 26 PCPs, realtors
Amy Boggs, Beaverton activist, leader
Les Poole, activist, Chair of Save Oak Grove
Sherine Beltran, realtor and Wilsonville resident
Tere Mauer, mortgage broker and Wilsonville resident
Lucinda Richardson, retired schoolteacher and Wilsonville resident

Monday, July 9, 2012

The "God Particle" found!

I link this story below and I have to admit this is one of the more humorous things I've read in a LONG time. God Particle found

So, we bright humans have now found the particle that holds the universe together.  Isn't that swell?
I have to say, I, being a fairly intelligent (I know, debatable) human being, found the "God Particle" years and years ago!  
It's in Genesis 1:1-3, John 1:1-3 and Hebrews 1:1-4.
Oh, yes that's in the Bible.
So while "scientists" now search for what in the world holds the "God Particle" together, I think I'll just trust the one who holds everything in His hand!