Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanoi Jane Is "Sorry"

Today I noticed a story claiming Jane Fonda will always regret the controversial 1972 photograph showing her sitting on a missile launcher aimed at U.S. soldiers, insisting she has "paid heavily" for the infamous image.

 The veteran actress caused outrage in the U.S. and earned the nickname 'Hanoi Jane' when she was snapped sitting on an anti-aircraft battery in Hanoi during the Vietnam War.  Ok, but she was also in every "anti-war" protest she could get to (in between filming bad movies like "Barbarella" and living the good life of a rich "1%'er").

Fonda admits the backlash hit her hard and has affected her ever since, and she will always chastise herself for the image.  But has she REALLY changed?  I came across this picture of her just this past year, what do you think?

No, once a loony lib America hater, always a loony lib America hater.  (Oh wait, she loved America when she gets that fat check from the Screen Actors Guild or the residuals from those crappy workout videos from the 1980's). 
I've always said, I don't "boycott" films because an actor or director is an idiot, but, in this case I can gladly say I've never seen a Jane Fonda film (except ones from before her Vietnam era like "Barefoot in the Park" for which I didn't know she was going to be such a nutjob). 
Welcome back Hanoi Jane!

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