Monday, July 16, 2012

Conservative Activism is Alive and Well in Marion County

I have heard that there MIGHT be some disharmony in other Republican counties.  I am not convinced that it's true but if so I am sure it will work out at some point, heck, maybe it's needed.  A purge or "cleansing" is needed everywhere from time to time but here in Marion County?  Not needed.  As I have stated many times both in writing and on my radio show, I believe the Republican Party is the only way to really effect change in America and in Oregon.  I also believe that the GOP is ready for a "fully rounded" Conservatism.  That is, "fully fiscally Conservative" and "fully Socially Conservative".  Some of the Portland area counties are struggling with that.  Thinking the former is the ONLY way to win and the latter is "suicide".  Wrong.  Americans and Oregonians at heart, are a moral people.  What good is being "fiscally Conservative" if one has no moral basis for one's stance?  From where does that moral basis get it's start?  In this short article I want to highlight some folks here in Marion County who have embraced "all of the above" and are working tirelessly to bring about the change we so badly need in Oregon and America!

The two signs pictured at the top are creations of "Super Bob" Gallagher.  He and his wife Jacyn are two of the best!  They are fairly new to the whole political activism thing and they have jumped in with both feet!  Non stop working at every fair booth, GOP meeting, grass roots activists, they do it all and they have a blast doing it!

Another great patriot couple around these parts is Denise Nanke and her husband Brad.  Brad is a city councilor and Denise is a hard working activist for Marion County GOP and other groups.  Their son Ben is jumping in too, with some incredible songwriting about the shape of America today!

Then there is David Darnell.  He is a non-stop dynamo.  The "Twitter king" around here but so much more.  He volunteers constantly, runs a business and just never seems to run out of gas.  

I know of so many more folks like these that make living in Marion County an absolute pleasure.  They care about Marion County, the Fifth Congressional District, Oregon and America.  We are in good hands with folks like these on board!

This post is dedicated to the late Wayne Brady who was a tireless leader in Marion County for many years. We sure do miss you Wayne!

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