Saturday, September 15, 2007

Volcanoes Win and a Decision for Me

Well in case you hadn't heard, the Volcanoes won their second straight Northwest League Championship last Sunday night.

It has been a very exciting season and always fun being the PA guy.

There was more news from the team, Pat Lafferty has retired from his longtime job of play by play for the radio.

Of course that means I am in the running to replace him. Now, decision time. If they decide they do want me, what about Salem Academy?

Much to think about.

As an aside, the Salem Academy Crusaders almost beat the #2 team in the state last night, losing 14-12. Kai Post made a solo tackle causing a fumble and was in on two other tackles as middle linebacker.

At this time he is the only freshman gettting significant playing time.........GO KAI!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the Beginning......

Ok boys and girls, time to join in with my Seniors and Juniors Bible class.

We are doing an in depth study of one verse. Genesis 1:1.

Questions I have posed to get them thinking:

What was God doing before the beginning?

Was He Lonely?

When was the beginning?

Many more questions, but just wanted to let you chime in with your two cents worth.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What a Weekend and Happy Birthday KAI!!

Ok here is our weekend so far:
1 - Watched Salem Academy beat Nestucca 12-0 Friday night and Kai's first ever High School game! As a freshman, we didn't expect him to play much but he did! It was a ton of fun being with all the parents, Skyler Bower's mom and dad Dave and Teresa and Ryan Swinford's folks too! I know some of you can identify with us when we say it sure is weird to see your little baby boy playing High School football! Man time is flying.
(the picture above is from last year, he is #56 about to slaughter a Quarterback, he did get him by the way! He is wearing #72 this year, so will have to update the pics.)

2 - Left at 8:30 this morning for Autzen to see the Ducks play. Kai, Skyler and Dave worked security, Colleen and I sat in our new seats in Section 14, it was great!
Ran home as fast as possible so I could get to work at Volcano's Stadium. Just in time. Game just got over, we lost. :(

3 - Sunday is Kai's 15th Birthday!! Whoo hooo! So, don't know what he has planned for us to do but hope to see you all at Church tomorrow! Say Happy Birthday to Kai!

4 - Work the Volcano's again Sunday night, but last game of the year, thank goodness.

Lastly, start teaching on Wednesday.
Have a great Labor Day everyone!