Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the Beginning......

Ok boys and girls, time to join in with my Seniors and Juniors Bible class.

We are doing an in depth study of one verse. Genesis 1:1.

Questions I have posed to get them thinking:

What was God doing before the beginning?

Was He Lonely?

When was the beginning?

Many more questions, but just wanted to let you chime in with your two cents worth.


Mick Bryson, Music Teacher said...

OK, Bill. You're not getting too many takers so I'll tell you about my day today. Thursday is my whopper day. I teach 9 classes, including a double section of 1st graders (50 total in class). As last year finished with a bang, so it begins. I had another 1st grader fill his drawers right there in the middle of my class. I'm smelling this pungient aroma and narrow it down to a small boy who doesn't habla my language. Apparently it took him some time to realize that all was not well down there! It was a particularly "unclean" day. My first graders were in need of a good scrubbing and so did I when school was out. They are dirty and need clean clothes. They need haircuts and some shampoo. They need their fingernails trimmed and cleaned under. They need to brush their teeth and see a dentist. And Jesus loves them too. :)

Bill's Waste of Air said...

jeez louize, that is sick!!
Look, these high school kids are at least somewhat clean, so I will never complain about that, although I did make one class use my wipes and clean all the desks yesterday. They wanted to know why and I said "because you have had your unwashed hands all over it for 5 days, it's time to clean".
What you are dealing with......holy smokes, I couldn't even begin to imagine.
You are the bomb, or rather that kid did a bomb anyway.
So, my seniors in 6th period aren't all there as it's afternoon, and the class is large and they are not always awake, so I tell a great Mel Brooks joke yesterday and get the blank look.
We were discussing how God is the only God and how all other religions have multiple deities, especially the ancient religions of Bible times etc etc. So to illustrate I tell them imagine a comic in Rome, he says "Hey guys boy I just found out about that new Christian religion. Wow, those Christians are so poor......(someone has to say "how poor are they") they are so poor they only have one God!!!" bada bum
Blank look. When you have to explain a joke, you have just died as a comedian.
So, we will try again today.
Good luck Mick, you are unbelievable!