Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From Camas Valley, Oregon, located halfway between Tenmile and Remote, Oregon, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and eat much turkey and may all of your football games go well!
I know, I got $50 on the Lions. Ok maybe not.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Joy Behar: A Sick Freak Woman Who HATES Homeschoolers

Ok, just who the heck is Joy Behar anyway? I know, she is on "The View" on ABC, but WHO is she? Where did she come from and why does ANYONE listen to this crazy woman?
I mean it's bad enough to watch "The View" and see that flippin crazy Whoopi Goldberg, and the completely lost in her dementia, Baba Wawa, but this Joy Behar? She is freakin' nuts!
Now she has recently gone off on Homeschool children and their parents.

Watch the video and take special note of the following:
Her bigoted remarks dissing homeschooling begin at around the 6:10 mark and climax at 7:10 with Behar showing her contempt for both homeschooled students and parents: “A lot of them are demented when they’re homeschooled.”

Joy Behar of “The View” has the IQ of a rotten tomato, the manners of a donkey, the mouth of a street thug, and the chutzpah to declare that “a lot” of homeschooled children are “demented.”

I guess we should give thanks that she sits around a table yakking with other liberal women for a living instead of doing what she did before Hollywood embraced her. That’s right: She was a…public school teacher.

Poor Elizabeth Hasselback is just overwhelmed constantly by the evil trio.
Again, why does anyone care what this insane woman has to say? Do any of you actually watch this drivel? What happened to good old cooking shows like Rachel Ray? Heck I'll take Dr. Ruth, at least she just said naughty words about anatomy!
Do you women WANT to be represented as THE VIEW represents you?

Friday, November 14, 2008

James Bond, "Quantum of Solace" Review

Whew, what a roller coaster of a movie!
I loved it. I have read reviews that said it wasn't very good, but I disagree and I am hard to please.
Daniel Craig is outstanding. If you are looking for the Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan type Bond, you will be disapp
He is mean, nasty, a killer and cold blooded. The way Bond was in the Ian Fleming books.
This film takes up right after Casino Royale, with the evil Mr. White being interrogated.
I won't say anymore, but it is taut, very action packed and has some great dialogue between the wonderful Dame Judith Dench a
s "M" and Daniel Craig.
The plot is thin, but who cares! Lots of shooting, car chases, espionage, back stabbing and more fills in all the gaps.
The ending will leave you fulfilled!
I give it TWO thumbs up!
Below are pictures from my live broadcast tonight. Wish I could have seen you all there!

Bond, James Bond is Back!

Well tonight is the big debut of the new James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace". I have read a couple reviews and they aren't great, but I will give it a full review after seeing it tonight.
I will be at the premeire at Independence Cinema tonight, in full Bond Tuxedo, doing a live broadcast for my radio station.
The showtime is 7:25 so come by if you can!
Here is the latest preview of the movie and look for my review tomorrow!

I'd like mine Shaken not stirred.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Day to Remember Our Veterans!

This is a sacred day. One where we stop and remember those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this great country as well as those who may not have lost their lives but lost much of their LIFE to serving this land.

God Bless our Veterans!!

My grandpa fought in WWII and again in Korea. Why? He wasn't drafted, he volunteered for both. Late in his life he told me stories of both wars and I am so grateful for that time with him.

I have uncles who fought in WWII and a father who served in the Air Force during a peace time, yet it was also a time of heightened fear due to the Cold War.

I have a brother in law who served in the Middle East, and nephews and nieces who serve now.
Today is a day to put aside politics and remember our TRUE HEROES! Please leave a comment on your Veteran's Day thoughts or if you are a vet, please let me know. Even if it is anonymous, I would like to hear from you.

Thank you Veterans.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Update on Diatha Harris the Teacher from Hell

Here is the weak kneed response from Mrs. Harris's superintendant:

Her name is actually DiATHA, not Diantha as first reported, as the Swedish documentary company got the translastion wrong.

Diatha Harris claims that the video is edited to make her look bad. Meanwhile, the school principle and superintendent are looking into the incident.

There are a couple of major problems we have in this country right now. One is that our educational system seems to be heavily influenced by far left political views. The other is that the media evidentially leans heavily to the left. Both of these areas have enormous influence on the thinking and views of the public.

If children are educated by teachers who use subtle brainwashing techniques to influence their thinking, embarrass them when they have opposing views, tell them their parents will be away for 100 years if they have one view or the other, then our students will gradually move towards the left in spite of the influence of their parents. Then to make matters worse, the main stream media pumps 24/7 slanted coverage into our homes that has given up even the facade of unbiased coverage.

How do we fix this problem when we simply watch the the movement to the hard left with anger but no action? We continue to tune in to the far left news agencies and give them credibility regardless of our outrage at their biased reporting.

When any group has control of the schools and the news, then they have control of the people. Our apathy and taking our rights and privileges for granted have put us in a situation in which many of those rights and privileges are being taken away right from under our eyes.

Baby Found in a Porta-Potty in Colorado. Is it Murder?

From the Rocky Mountain News:
A fetus was found in a port-a-potty at a sand and gravel lot Wednesday in Weld County about eight miles south of the Wyoming border.

The fetus was a male, and the Weld County coroner is expected to conduct an autopsy on Friday, the sheriff's office said. Investigators think the fetus was in the early part of the third trimester.

They have not been able to figure out how long the fetus was there, deputies said.

An employee who cleans the toilets found the fetus about 3:30 p.m. in one of two port-a-potties at a sand and gravel business at county roads 126 and 21 near the farming town of Carr, the sheriff's office said.

The employee told deputies that the port-a-potty was last cleaned two weeks ago, the sheriff's office said.

In what was seen as a victory for abortion rights advocates, Amendment 48 was seen as a "dangerous" amendment. Why? It would have defined "personhood" as being at fertilization.
Here is a quote from the side against this amendment:

The amendment is backed by Kristi Burton and
Colorado for Equal Rights Burton told 7 News “It doesn’t outlaw abortion, it doesn’t regulate birth control. It’s just a constitutional principle. We’re laying a foundation that every life deserves protection. We’ll see what happens after that.” Wait a minute, no one tries to get an amendment on the ballot just to see what happens if it passes. If a fertilized egg is a person, and killing a person is illegal, then aborting a pregnancy would also be illegal. There is just no way around that. The Colorado for Equal Rights website boasts about supporters within the medical community. Mostly, these doctors have strong ties to pro-life organizations. Is it any surprise to any one that
Louis Breschi, M.D. President-Elect of the Catholic Medical Association supports this amendment? The opposition to 48 seems to have the medical community on their side. The Executive Board of the Colorado Gynecological-Obstetrical Society has voted unanimously to oppose Amendment 48.

If this amendment passes, it would be a disaster for the women of Colorado. Defining a fertilized egg as a person would wreck havoc on a woman’s right to make her own decisions.

Even scarier, here is another statement about this amendment and probably another reason why it was defeated:

* Amendment 48 would make abortion first-degree murder, except perhaps to save the woman’s life. First-degree murder is defined in Colorado law as deliberately causing the death of a “person,” a crime punished by life in prison or the death penalty. So women and their doctors would be punished with the severest possible penalty under law for terminating a pregnancy — even in cases of rape, incest, and fetal deformity.

* Amendment 48 would ban any form of birth control that might sometimes prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus — including the birth control pill, morning-after pill, and IUD. The result would be many more unintended pregnancies and unwanted children in Colorado.

* Amendment 48 would ban in vitro fertilization because the process usually creates more fertilized eggs than can be safely implanted in the womb. So every year, hundreds of Colorado couples would be denied the joy of a child of their own.

Our paper also develops a strong defense of abortion rights — not based on vague appeals to “choice” or “privacy” — but on the fact that neither an embryo nor fetus qualifies as a person with a right to life.

An embryo or fetus is wholly dependent on the woman for its basic life-functions. It goes where she goes, eats what she eats, and breathes what she breathes. It lives as an extension of her body, contained within and dependent on her for its survival. It is only a potential person, not an actual person.

That situation changes radically at birth. The newborn baby exists as a distinct organism, separate from his mother. Although still very needy, he lives his own life. He is a person, and his life must be protected as a matter of right.

So, we argue, when a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy she does not violate the rights of any person. Instead, she is properly exercising her own rights over her own body in pursuit of her own happiness. Moreover, in most cases, she is acting morally and responsibly by doing so.

Again, the URL for the paper is:

The sad fact is that Amendment 48 is based on sectarian religious dogma, not objective science or philosophy. It is a blatant attempt to impose theocracy in America. That’s definitely a scary thought.

Thanks again for speaking up about it — and my apologies for writing such a huge comment.

Diana Hsieh
Founder, Coalition for Secular Government

This is further call for Christians to WAKE UP. The Bible says in such beautiful poetry by King David: "For you created me in my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body."

How can anyone argue with that CLEAR picture of our beginnings?
These are SICK AND PERVERTED people, who need God's mercy and yet will also be judged for this. I pray that we stand up to this sort of thinking as THIS is what will destroy this country.
The election of Barack Obama was not the worse thing to happen. There are much BIGGER issues at stake. I refer you to Randy Alcorn's blog on my right side and he covers the abortion issue to a much higher degree.
This just really bothered me and I should have spoke up sooner. God forgive me.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Public School Teacher Beats up Fourth Graders

You have to watch this video. It is part of a European documentary so you will have to wade through the first 30 seconds or so of Danish I think it is.
A teacher browbeats her FOURTH graders!!!

At the bottom of this post you will find her school, principal and the school's phone number if you really want to bombard her school with calls. People all over the country are asking for her head.
Can you imagine being a little fourth grader and basically being told your daddy who serves in the military is evil? Perhaps your parents are idiots for telling you to vote for McCain? This is just plain sick! Imagine the sheer panic in the children's minds: do I trust my teacher or my parents?

This is what we have to look forward to in the Obama Presidency friends!

Diantha Harris used to work in Ashville - now works in Fayetteville at "Mary McArthur Elementary".
Principles name - Lola B Williams - school phone number is -(910)424-2206

Go to their website you can email Mrs Harris or the Principal.

Email of the principal, write to her and demand accountability:

School Superintendent William C. Harrison

Lets let Mrs Harris know how it feels to be picked on!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Comments on our President Elect

First of all, congratulations to Senator Barack Obama. Well done.
Now, to all of the Christians who have bombarded my emails, phone etc with various notes, I have a few comments.

I am not in a "bad place" spiritually. I am adjusting to this change in our country. Let me tell you what I am seeing and hearing.


Why do I say that? BECAUSE I KNOW HE IS! Sheesh, give me a little credit.
Christians are in one or two different modes here in the first days after the election.

1 - They are running in the streets screaming and crying hoping Jesus comes to get them today.
2 - They are "super spiritual" and laying all kinds of words of wisdom and keep chanting "God is In Control" or some sort of line.

I, on the other hand, now that I have had a day to think things over, am here to help my spiritually weaker brothers and sisters to see the light.

We got our butts handed to us and that TICKS ME OFF!!! I have only lost ONE Presidential election before this, and I HATE LOSING!

Just like when my football teams lose, I get ticked. That is not a BAD thing, much as some would like to think.

Nehemiah teaches us that "righteous anger" is a good
thing. Jesus had some "righteous anger" going on at the temple one day too.
I am ANGRY that Conservatism was defeated, and defeated soundly. Not just by Obama but by Republicans.

We can only blame the idiots in the Republican party for foisting this LIBERAL candidate on us in John McCain.

I am sick and tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils". I want to vote for the GUY WHO I WANT TO WIN!!

Let's look at the Presidential elections in my adult lifetime:

1980 - Ronald Reagan. Pretty easy pick, top notch conservative, no problemo!

1984 - Same as above.

1988 - Now things get a bit sticky. George H.W. Bush, no conservative, a bit liberal actually, but he is the Vice President and it is Micheal Dukakis he is running against, so I hold my nose as the diaper bag is starting to get a bit stinky, and pull the lever for Bush.

1992 - Interesting, I, as well as MANY conservatives are just flat cheesed off at Bush over the "read my lips" thing. This bozo from Arkansas, "surely can't win can he?" So, I am here to let you know, I voted for Bill Clinton. Ya, Ya I know, beat me up, but I thought the guy had something that we were lacking. Whatever.

1996 - Ok so I learned my lesson and now Clinton's out in my book, but, who to vote for? Bob Dole? Nice man, great American, not conservative. The diaper bag is starting to smell really ripe, I pull the lever for Dole, I have my first loss.

2000 - George W. Bush seems like a guy after Reagan's own heart, not like his daddy so I enthusiastically vote for him, back in the winner's column.

2004 - Now after 4 years I see that ol' GWB sold me a bill of go
ods, he is a liberal and he is spending MY money like a drunk sailor, but, am I gonna vote for Herman Munster (also known as John Kerry)? No, now the diaper bag is full of poop flies and so I really hold my nose and pull the lever for Bush.

2008 - What a dilemma. I can't vote for the Commie, Muslim, Anti-American, chain smoking freak from Chicago, but who am I stuck with? An angry little old white man who's biggest claim is he stayed in a POW camp for 5 years. Admirable, great American, cruddy Presidential material, he is almost as liberal as Hillary Clinton. This is where I am stuck this election, and the diaper bag is falling apart with baby poop falling out of it, I pull the lever for Big John and alas, Loss #2!

So, kids, what have we learned? Conservatism is dead. We must resurrect it.
I am actually able to separate my spiritualism and my politics as well as integrate them when necessary.
We MUST get back on the bus and start kicking butt and taking prisoners.
Get rid of the soft Republicans, root out the weak kneed Christians, destroy the limp wristed Democrats and start rebuilding this great land.
Yes we will need God!
Yes we must be in His Word daily, but shouldn't we have done that a long time ago?
NOW you are calling for it because you are skeeerrreed of the big bad Obama?
"Oh no, he's the Anti-Christ Bill!"
Toughen up. Get right. Move on! Stop telling me "but Bill, he isn't a citizen" or some other stupid internet garbage. And don't you DARE tell me "God is working even now". No duh Maynard!! GEEZ LOUIZE. God IS working, but we AREN'T and that is stupid on our parts. Stop compromising. Stop making every freaking election about one subject. Open your eyes Christians, this country is crumbing in more ways than I can count. Does that mean I am scared? NO! Does that mean I am in despair? NO!
Does it mean I am ready to ramp it up a whole bunch? YES!!!!
End of election rant.