Monday, November 10, 2008

Update on Diatha Harris the Teacher from Hell

Here is the weak kneed response from Mrs. Harris's superintendant:

Her name is actually DiATHA, not Diantha as first reported, as the Swedish documentary company got the translastion wrong.

Diatha Harris claims that the video is edited to make her look bad. Meanwhile, the school principle and superintendent are looking into the incident.

There are a couple of major problems we have in this country right now. One is that our educational system seems to be heavily influenced by far left political views. The other is that the media evidentially leans heavily to the left. Both of these areas have enormous influence on the thinking and views of the public.

If children are educated by teachers who use subtle brainwashing techniques to influence their thinking, embarrass them when they have opposing views, tell them their parents will be away for 100 years if they have one view or the other, then our students will gradually move towards the left in spite of the influence of their parents. Then to make matters worse, the main stream media pumps 24/7 slanted coverage into our homes that has given up even the facade of unbiased coverage.

How do we fix this problem when we simply watch the the movement to the hard left with anger but no action? We continue to tune in to the far left news agencies and give them credibility regardless of our outrage at their biased reporting.

When any group has control of the schools and the news, then they have control of the people. Our apathy and taking our rights and privileges for granted have put us in a situation in which many of those rights and privileges are being taken away right from under our eyes.


The Blunt Matt said...

As a former teacher, I can tell you that Republicans are no friend of education. That's why so many teachers lean towards Democrats. But I can tell you that the numbers of Republicans in teaching would surprise you. Republicans are notorious for cutting funding for public schools. Even Reagan cut education funding as much as he could. I agree that a teacher's politics do not belong in the classroom--EVER!! It's unethical and unlawful.

But, didn't John McCain say that we might be Iraq for another 100 years? I don't see a problem with illustrating it, but scaring a child to make the point is completely wrong.

Again, you say the media is "evidentally" left-leaning. How so? Just saying it does not make it true. You need verifiable facts to back those comments up. None of which I have seen thus far. Sure there are some liberal commentators, but I see far fewer of them than I do conservatives. Especially in the popularity column. So, I'd like to see the numbers of liberal vs. conservative in this media you're talking about.

I would recommend looking onto the Pew Research website as a start. Otherwise, you'd be hard-pressed to find a reputable source that can actually verify that the media leans left...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Look you know for a fact that there is no "source" for this information.
Let's see, "Hi I'm Katie Couric/Keith Olbermann/Chris Matthew/Charlie Gibson/New York Time etc and I am a Liberal".
I don't think they have been polled on that question and if they were, they were probably not very forthcoming with that information.
Why would they?
If you, who I know is very intelligent, can't see the bias, then your glasses are a little fuzzy.
I am not going to cut and paste sound bite after sound bite and video after video, it would take too much time.

John McCain did say that, and you know fully well he cleared up what he meant. We are still in Korea 60years later aren't we?
Is that little girl's daddy going to be there for 60 years though? No.

I also disagree with your teacher statement. Since the NEA, OEA and local SEA are all EXTREME LEFT, I know, my wife is a teacher NOW, and we got all of their crap literature over the last year.
Sure you will find a few Conservative teachers, but they would NEVER try something like this lady did.
You are now "pickin the pepper outta the chicken poop".
Really digging to make your point.
Where is YOUR proof?
By the way, COMMENTATORS are not the MEDIA. Ask the average American what the term "media" means to them. Do your own research, I think you will find they mean ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, NEWSPAPERS. Not commentators. Reporters.

The Blunt Matt said...

I suppose you're right about the teacher organizations. It's been 10 years since I taught. And there was a Dem in the White House so maybe the crazy liberal stuff was not as prominent. As for McCain's statement, I'm in favor of being there until the end. In fact, I don't know why we don't just go all the way and topple the rest of the governments in that region. Oh, wait, we did that with the British...but I don't know why it shouldn't be done again!

As for my sources on the media stuff, I have a lot. I'd rather not dump it on your blog unless you're okay with that...