Friday, November 14, 2008

James Bond, "Quantum of Solace" Review

Whew, what a roller coaster of a movie!
I loved it. I have read reviews that said it wasn't very good, but I disagree and I am hard to please.
Daniel Craig is outstanding. If you are looking for the Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan type Bond, you will be disapp
He is mean, nasty, a killer and cold blooded. The way Bond was in the Ian Fleming books.
This film takes up right after Casino Royale, with the evil Mr. White being interrogated.
I won't say anymore, but it is taut, very action packed and has some great dialogue between the wonderful Dame Judith Dench a
s "M" and Daniel Craig.
The plot is thin, but who cares! Lots of shooting, car chases, espionage, back stabbing and more fills in all the gaps.
The ending will leave you fulfilled!
I give it TWO thumbs up!
Below are pictures from my live broadcast tonight. Wish I could have seen you all there!


mick b; music guy said...

The Ducks have a bye this weekend: perfect time to update yer blog!

Dawn said...

Okay, I saw it Friday night. I had to wade through all the throngs of teens trying to see Twilight. The action was pretty intense...but my goodness the guy will never die...I would at least think he would have a few bones broken...but he always just walks away!! I could do without a few things...the Lord's name in vain and the attempted rape...not something I want to see or hear in a movie...beyond that, pretty good!!

Hey, someone has a birthday in a few days!!!!