Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Money, money, money!!

Well, everyone seems to want to chime in on the music issue, which concerns me as I really think that the earlier post on Randy Alcorn's book is a much more important issue and much more important blog entry.
Is that one just hitting too close to home? I know that it is for me. I have been sooooo convicted lately of all the "stuff" I have when Randy so clearly points out, using scripture, that my use of God's money might be unwise.
So, I post blogs on what MY problems are. I am curious if anyone else struggles with this. Don't you think we ALL have too much stuff? Perhaps we could ALL use a little less and give a lot more?

Monday, October 29, 2007

7-11 songs vs. hymns

Another poll type entry.
Why do we assume that the "7-11" songs are more "spiritual" than hymns? In case you don't know what a 7-11 song is, that is a chorus where you sing 7 lines 11 times.
We have at least one maybe two whole generations who have no idea what the hymns of our faith are, what their histories are, what the depth of spiritualism of the songs are.
I am sorry but "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" is a deeper more meaningful song then many of the modern choruses sung in church today. "Blessed Assurance". "Love Lifted Me". These are just a few of the most powerful songs ever written. We are missing out. Just because it is in a book? And just because it is put up on a screen and once a month the same two or three hymns are sung (one or two verses only) doesn't teach or even introduce the hymns to new generations. Is this all in the "we have to appeal to the masses" thing?
Chime in.

Halloween Thoughts

I really don't care for Halloween, spiritual issues aside, I just don't get too excited by it anymore and haven't for many years.
Now perhaps you have younger children and the whole "trick or treat" thing is still fun, but really, for adults it has become ANOTHER reason for people to get liquoured up and dress like porn stars and act stupid.
Now as for at your house, do you still give out candy? Any other things that you give out? Chime in folks, I want all of your Halloween thoughts and try to keep it light.
Kai and his buddies are going to go out and be "trouble makers" (they say) and that also makes me think of older kids trick or treating. What do you think about that?
Lets talk!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Much Money are You Whizzing Away?

I have been re-reading Randy Alcorn's "Money, Possesions and Eternity".

Once again, the Holy Spirit is speaking clearly through Randy. I had to ask myself, "how much more money can I waste?"

There is a line in his book that says: "what a great feeling it would be to place my head each night on my pillow, knowing that I have done all and given all I can to further Jesus Christ's Kingdom today!"

Did I have another latte? A movie? Another piece of unnessecarry furniture? Trip? Dinner out? On and on.

Yes all those thing are just fine, but just start doing the adding, how much of that would have made a LASTING difference in God's Kingdom rather than the PASSING pleasure that it was at the moment?

I am not preaching, I am being convicted. I waste so much money every day and if you believe in what Randy Alcorn is writing about, none of "my" money is MINE. It is all God's money. What would He have done with it today?

Ya ya, I tithe, ya I give offerings, but really, do I give all that I could? Do you?

Here is another thought from the book:

Let's say you are making $40,000 a year and you faithfully tithe 10%. So forgetting taxes to make easier math, you are now living on $36,000 a year right?

Now, you get a raise to $60,000 a year. Why, rather than tithing 10% on the $60,000, don't we instead continue to live on the $36,000 we were living on just fine before the raise? That means now we are tithing $24,000 instead of $6,000. See what I mean? Instead of adjusting our lifestyle upwards, why not continue living with what we HAD? Think how much more could be affected by $24,000 then $6,000 or the original $4,000.

End of sermon. LOL

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Hillary Clinton Talk

Below is a letter from a Canadian concerning "free" public health:

Hey Guys; I saw on the news up here in Canada where Hillary Clinton introduced her new health care plan. Something similar to what we have in Canada. I also heard that Michael Moore was raving about the health care up here in Canada in his latest movie. As someone who lives with the Canada health care plan I thought I would give you some facts about this great medical plan that we have in Canada. First of all:
1) The health care plan in Canada is not free. We pay a premium every month of $96. For Shirley and I to be covered. Sounds great eh. What they don't tell you is how much we pay in taxes to keep the health care system afloat. I am personally in the 55% tax bracket. Yes 55% of my earnings go to taxes. A large portion of that and I am not sure of the exact amount goes directly to health care our #1 expense.
2) I would not classify what we have as health care plan, it is more like a health diagnosis system. You can get into to see a doctor quick enough so he can tell you "yes indeed you are sick or you need an operation" but now the challenge becomes getting treated or operated on. We have waiting lists out the ying yang some as much as 2 years down the road.
3) Rather than fix what is wrong with you the usual tactic in Canada is to prescribe drugs. Have a pain here is a drug to take- not what is causing the pain and why. No time for checking you out because it is more important to move as many patients thru as possible each hour for Government reimbursement.
4) Many Canadians do not have a family Doctor.
5) Don't require emergency treatment as you may wait for hours in the emergency room waiting for treatment.
6) Shirley's dad cut his hand on a power saw a few weeks back and it required that his hand be put in a splint - to our surprise we had to pay $125 for a splint because it is not covered under health care plus we have to pay $60 for each visit for him to check it out each week.
7) Shirley's cousin was diagnosed with a heart blockage. Put on a waiting list. Died before he could get treatment.
8) Government allots so many operations per year. When that is done no more operations, unless you go to your local newspaper and plead your case and embarrass the government then money suddenly appears.
9) The Government takes great pride in telling us how much more they are increasing the funding for health care but waiting lists never get shorter. Government just keeps throwing money at the problem but it never goes away. But they are good at finding new ways to tax us, but they don't call it a tax anymore it is now a user fee.
10) My mother needs an operation for a blockage in her leg but because she is a smoker they will not do it. Despite her and my father paying into the health care system all these years. My Mom is 80 years of age. Now there is talk that maybe we should not treat fat and obese people either because they are a drain on the health care system. Let me see now, what we want in Canada is a health care system for healthy people only. That should reduce our health care costs.
11) Forget getting a second opinion, what you see is what you get.
12) I can spend what money I have left after taxes on booze, cigarettes, junk food and anything else that could kill me but I am not allowed by law to spend my money on getting an operation I need because that would be jumping the queue. I must wait my turn except if I am a hockey player or athlete then I can get looked at right away. Go figure. Where else in the world can you spend money to kill yourself but not allowed to spend money to get healthy.
13) Oh did I mention that immigrants are covered automatically at tax payer expense having never contributed a dollar to the system and pay no premiums.
14) Oh yeah we now give free needles to drug users to try and keep them healthy. Wouldn't want a sickly druggie breaking into your house and stealing your things. But people with diabetes who pay into the health care system have to pay for their needles because it is not covered but the health care system.
I send this out not looking for sympathy but as the election looms in the states you will be hearing more and more about universal health care down there and the advocates will be pointing to Canada. I just want to make sure that you hear the truth about health care up here and have some food for thought and informed questions to ask when broached with this subject. Step wisely and don't make the same mistakes we have.

Kids, Hillary wants that for us. In this week's US News and World Report as well as in our own local paper a story ran about how the UK's "free" public health is so bad, they are short of dentists who will work on the program and so people are resorting to extracting their own teeth with pliers and using Super Glue to re-attach crowns!!

If you are a Hillary fan, I have one simple question:
She was quoted last night as having said: "I am the most singularly qualified person to be President of the United States".
Name 3 things she has done to "qualify to be President of the United States".
You can't say "good mom, faithful wife and senator of New York" as any woman in America can fill the first two and senator of New York was the easiest election she will ever run, the bluest of the blue states and the wife of a President who lives in the biggest city in that state.
So, tell me what she has done?

Oregon to consider banning schools’ Indian mascots

Jemeny Christmas, this Communist state of Oregon is going freakin nuts!!
Below is an article from the Statesman-Journal from today:

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon schools with American Indian “mascots” can weigh in today on whether they should be required to get rid of them.
Schools with teams named the Warriors, the Indians and the Braves have been invited to hear why Native American educators and students feel harmed and demeaned, although not all of them do. The 15 mostly small schools also will be able to make their case for keeping the mascots and nicknames.
The question was raised in Oregon last December, when then-high school senior Che Butler, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz, urged the Oregon State Board of Education to strike down the mascots as racist.
After months of closed meetings, an advisory panel urged state Superintendent Susan Castillo to require all state-funded schools with Native American mascots to get rid of them by September 2011.
The panel report cites the importance of respecting the cultures and sacred symbols of all peoples and the harmful effects of racial stereotyping.
But Oregon schools with the mascots complained they were not consulted.
“I think we’re being invited in after the fact as a kind of courtesy,” says Craig Brewington, superintendent of the district that includes Warrenton High, whose mascot is a Warrior.
“Such a ban would upset the length and breadth of this community: grandparents, parents, teachers, students, former students, including people in the Nehalem and Clatsop tribes here,” who have endorsed the use of the name.
Top state officials say fans of Native-themed teams will be listened to. Castillo will decide but has no deadline, says Pat Burk, chief policy officer.
Schools with the mascots say they are eager to be heard and have updated cartoonish old images or dropped logos showing Indians entirely.
In some cases, tribal leaders said they weren’t offended.
School administrators also say there is cost involved.
In Roseburg, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe is headquartered just two miles from the high school, known for more than 100 years as the Roseburg High Indians. The school’s current logo is a feather, a symbol also used by the Cow Creek, embedded in the school’s artificial turf field and sewn into most team uniforms.
“Years and years ago, this school community was attracted to the idea of associating ourselves with the Native American people, and we feel that it is a privilege that we are allowed to do so. ... We have paid a lot of attention to the impact it could have on Native Americans who live in our community and attend our school,” said Superintendent Lee Patterson.
“We have enjoyed being The Indians, and we are not ready to give it up, especially without anyone coming to visit us and seeing us here on the ground.”
Sue Shaffer, chairman of the Cow Creek band, said in a statement that changing the mascot is not a tribal priority.
The Oregon Indian Education Association and education leaders from the federally recognized tribes in Oregon suggested who should serve on the panel, says Brad Victor, an education specialist who led the group.
They drafted a recommendation for Castillo during three invitation-only meetings over the summer.
Some committee members recounted racist taunts prompted by Native-themed mascots including `Scalp the Indians.’ “
But principals and superintendents said that isn’t tolerated and that any cheers they lead must be welcoming and inviting to the other team.
The 15 Oregon high schools with Native American mascots or nicknames for their sports teams: Amity Warriors, Banks Braves, Lebanon Warriors, Mohawk Indians, Molalla Indians. North Douglas Warriors, Oakridge Warriors, Philomath Warriors, Reedsport Braves, Rogue River Chieftains, Roseburg Indians, Scappoose Indians, Siletz Valley Warriors, The Dalles Wahtonka Eagle Indians and Warrenton Warriors.

So, sound off. Is this nuts or what? Don't we have better things to do? If we do this then I will be offended by the McNary Celtics, the North Salem Vikings, The Royal Scots etc etc.
How about the Crusaders those murderous knights?
As the spouse of a Native American, I can honestly say, she has never once been offended by these mascots and never will. As one Indian friend of mine said: "the mascot names do not offend me as they represent the strength and spirit of our nations."
That is cool. Someone needs to hold these politicians and school officials accountable.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Only 10 Weeks to Go, are you ready????

The Primary elections are only 10 weeks from now! What camp are you in? The ABH (anything but Hillary)?
Or are you already decided on Rudy?

How about Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney or the others?
Barack Obama?
Let me tell you a few things you need to know.
If Hillary is elected you can expect this great nation to become Feminized, Homosexualized and centralized. Health care for everyone? Ever been to England? Ask them about Universal Health Care.
Another idea she has proposed: a baby bond. Now thats just great if you have babies, but guess who pays? All of us, even those of you who don't have babies.
Do you not remember the Clinton years? Do you really want to go back to that and on top of that, add that this is the woman who makes her husband look like a Reaganite in comparison?
Now, to address the ABH crowd: that is a good idea. I am probably leaning that way myself.
I am not enamored with any of the candidates at this time, but whomever wins the Republican primary, we have to support them 100%. I am not a fan of Rudy, Mitt or John, I can live with Fred, but I will support the Republican nominee.

Rudy is a power hungry street hustler, in some ways that might be good, but he was quoted this week as saying: "I was elected as mayor as a Republican, but also a Democrat." What?

Mitt Romney's wife was on the Laura Ingraham show today and tried to defend hers and Mitt's "religion". She said: "Evangelical Christians are very close in what they believe to what we believe and I think will find that we have much in common." Huh?

They all scare me but nothing is as scary as Hillary!
You really have to ask yourself are you ready for what would come with a government run by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi?
The only good I can see from it is the beginning of the end of America which I think will be that much closer to Christ's return.
Free speech will be eliminated as it will be considered a "hate crime" to speak against them.
Priests and pastors will be villified and probably jailed.
Homosexual marriage will be mandated nationally, as will late term abortions and the so called "death with dignity" or as I call it, "death to grandma" will be universal.
We will have an immediate lack of respect militarily worldwide, our allies will be overwhelmed with threats not including the Al-Queidas of the world dropping planes and dirty bombs on our own country.
Christians, time to step up. Get registered, figure out who you will vote for and VOTE!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dirty Football

Last night the Crusaders lost to Culver. I have never seen a more dirty football team then the Culver Bulldogs. Their coaching staff should be ashamed. Our chain gang on their sideline reports that the coaches were naming our player's numbers and telling them to specifically "take out" that player, and with bad officiating that missed late tackles, facemasks and other penalties, our guys were hurt pretty badly.
All in all, I think our boys played great considering we were missing several key players, playing the #1 team in the state and freshmen on the O line.
No one else has scored more than 13 against Culver this year, so Go Crusaders!!

On another note, it was bittersweet to have so many of my former pupils hugging me and saying how much they miss me. I miss them too!
Wonderful kids.
A special kudos to our AD Pete Potloff, who pulls off minor miracles on Friday nights and other days as well.
Pete, if you ever read this, I love you brother!!! You don't know how much you mean to me, even though you are a young punk theologian with bad theology! :) Just kidding! You know what I am talking about.
Go Stones.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

I am back at KYKN and that means everyone has been calling or emailing me with amazement that they heard me "all day long" on the radio!
Yep, that's me.
Starting Monday I will be live from 6-9am and then doing a live Home Remodeling Talk Show on Saturdays at 9 starting the 20th, which we will kick off at the Salem Home and Remodeling show at the Fairgrounds. We will do that from 11-12 that day so you can come out and see the show and make faces at the hosts myself and Dave from the sponsor, Keith Brown.
So, that's my life for now, fun to be back doing what I do best.
Hope to talk to you all soon, just tune in to 1430 AM, KYKN!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Republican Debate was tonight, did you watch?

Yes kids, Fred D. Thompson made the other candidates look like wooden statues. In case you didn't know it, the Republican candidates debated tonight.

It was very intriguing and told me a lot about what they are going to be standing on.

Mitt Romney was interesting but calling for lawyers to decide if the President can bomb Iran? Are you kidding me?

Rudy Giuliani also called on lawyers to decide if the line item veto should be used. These two guys are big city slickers who rely on lawyers just like Democrats and they both tried to outdue each other on who taxed who's people more or less, looked like both of them are too much taxes for me.

Gov. Huckabee and the others just looked like character actors on a stage shared by the big 3. Sorry but Fred showed himself very good for his first debate. Here are some of my favorite lines from Fred tonight:

An intense spat between GOP rivals Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani over taxes and spending took some of the focus — and the heat — off Thompson and overshadowed the other six Republicans on stage; Thompson was literally stuck between the two as they sparred.
“I’ve enjoyed watching these fellows. I gotta admit it was getting a little boring without me, but I’m glad to be here now,” Thompson said.
“This is a lot like ‘Law & Order,’ senator. It has a huge cast, the series seems to go on forever, and Fred Thompson shows up at the end,” Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, quipped to laughter.
Thompson nodded and smiled — then shot back slyly: “Not bad, not bad. And to think I thought I was going to be the best actor on the stage!”

I will continue to support this man until shown differently!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Brand New Week for Ol' Bill

Well, the experiment in teaching is officially over.

On Monday I will be teaching my last classes at Salem Academy. I have been offered a job at my old stomping grounds of KYKN Radio and could not resist the pull back to what I do best.

I love SA and will continue to be a part of the school not only as a parent, but as a spiritual guide, counselor, PA guy and whatever else they see a need for. My desire continues to be seeing those wonderful kids grow in their walk with God and their love for His Word.

I find that as a teacher, I am not doing that as a good of a service as I could in other ways.

Please pray for SA and the wonderful staff and especially Ken Friesen and Pete Potloff who as adminstrators were OUTSTANDING in helping me with a very very hard decision.

On another note, we lost to Scio pretty big last night 40-20 so that opens conference play. We have Culver at home next week, hope to see any of you alumni there!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Finally, a Presidential Candidate to vote for!

Fred Dalton Thompson. That is our next president. I am on his bandwagon. I love what he has to say, I love his tenacity, I love his humility and he is a LEADER.

Besides, if you are Republican, when was the last time we REALLY had a great president? Ronald Reagan? Correct. Remember what he did before politics? Right, acting.

We can do it again. Fred has the same characters and qualities, the same policies, the same ideals for America. Fred has been in politics as a successful senator for years as well as dropping into and out of acting. I mean come on, how can you argue with the DA of New York City?

So go to his website and check it out.

As Republicans, who do you have to choose from anyway?

Giuliani is a Democrat in sheeps clothing.

Romney is a Mormon, the Evangelicals will never vote for him.

McCain doesn't know what he is from day to day.

The others are too obscure to even have a chance.

Let's Go Fred!!!