Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Much Money are You Whizzing Away?

I have been re-reading Randy Alcorn's "Money, Possesions and Eternity".

Once again, the Holy Spirit is speaking clearly through Randy. I had to ask myself, "how much more money can I waste?"

There is a line in his book that says: "what a great feeling it would be to place my head each night on my pillow, knowing that I have done all and given all I can to further Jesus Christ's Kingdom today!"

Did I have another latte? A movie? Another piece of unnessecarry furniture? Trip? Dinner out? On and on.

Yes all those thing are just fine, but just start doing the adding, how much of that would have made a LASTING difference in God's Kingdom rather than the PASSING pleasure that it was at the moment?

I am not preaching, I am being convicted. I waste so much money every day and if you believe in what Randy Alcorn is writing about, none of "my" money is MINE. It is all God's money. What would He have done with it today?

Ya ya, I tithe, ya I give offerings, but really, do I give all that I could? Do you?

Here is another thought from the book:

Let's say you are making $40,000 a year and you faithfully tithe 10%. So forgetting taxes to make easier math, you are now living on $36,000 a year right?

Now, you get a raise to $60,000 a year. Why, rather than tithing 10% on the $60,000, don't we instead continue to live on the $36,000 we were living on just fine before the raise? That means now we are tithing $24,000 instead of $6,000. See what I mean? Instead of adjusting our lifestyle upwards, why not continue living with what we HAD? Think how much more could be affected by $24,000 then $6,000 or the original $4,000.

End of sermon. LOL


Dawn said...

Amen Bro!!!
Randy Alcorn is one of my favorite authors and he wrote my favorite book of all times...Safely Home. My thoughts about eternity and living with eternal perspective have been altered forever after reading that book and I still think about those characters even now, years later after reading it.

Dawn said...

Hey one more addition...two other books...Revolution in World Missions and The Road to Reality both written by K.P. Yohannan. He is the founder of an incredible ministry called Gospel for Asia who trains 8,000 students a year to go out in their local native communites and spread the Gospel of Christ. They send out 14,000 national missionaries in the heart of the 10/40 window to spread the Gospel. Powerful testimonies are in these books.

Also, it's amazing how much you can live without and live abundantly. We don't have cable tv, flat screen tv's, the kids don't have I-Pods, video games, lap tops, celular phones... Does it mean that sometimes we desire after those things...(especially walking through Costco)Yes! Then when I fix my eyes on eternal perspective comes back into focus and I say...Whoa to those "things". He is so Good, So Faithful, and so Glorious... those things are rubbish. He's saved me and set me free!! Now to live to tell others about the most wonderful gift of all...Christ!!!

In Christ-