Friday, January 25, 2013

Union Thugs Picket Car Dealer in Salem

For the last several days this sign and three men holding it have appeared in front of Withnell Dodge in Salem.  Look closer at what the sign says:

 You're probably thinking "auto workers union" right?  Wrong.  Here is why the CARPENTER'S Union is picketing a car dealer in Salem:

Hello All!

Some of you may have received a letter & flyer by fax or mail today from the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.  They have a long standing complaint against DWA Trade Show Services, whom we use as the decorator for the show.  This is nothing new as they mailed us letters last year as well, although they did not include the charming flyer with the rat on it.  I have attached the copy I received below, in case you have not received one.

We have worked with DWA for many, many years and they have always done a great job for us.  In response to the claims made by the Carpenters, DWA has provided us with a letter offering their input on the allegations made against them.  I have attached that as well.  I have no plans to discontinue working with DWA as I find their work to be excellent and I believe the claims made by the Carpenters are baseless.  

While the Carpenters have threatened to picket the show in the past, we have not heard from them in any form other than the letters they occasionally mail out.  I do not believe that they will be at the Expo Center while our show is going on however, if they do, I do not believe them to be a detriment to our show.  We are not involved in the dispute and it is my belief that they are using these letters & flyers as a way to get people riled up.  I have spoken with Jose Perry, who's name is on the letter, and am none the wiser as to the point of these mailings, which was the case last year when I spoke to the gentleman that signed that letter.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please feel free to contact me.  I am also talking with the Department of Justice to clarify any actions we may take against this type of defamatory campaign.  

Amy Patrick
Show Manager

Now here is the "flyer" the union sent out, note the rat chewing the US flag!

Here also is the letter from the union to the NW Ag Fest:

Here is the rebuttal from the contractor being slandered:

January 16, 2013
RE: Letter from Carpenters Union / Notice of Labor Dispute with DWA
This is a letter of clarification regarding a notice you may have received from the PNW Regional Council of Carpenters. 
The Carpenters union states in their letter and flyer that DWA does not pay “area standard wages”. The union has been asked by many of our clients what this wage is. The union has been unable to give a direct answer to anyone that has requested this information. DWA is at a loss as to why they would state we do not pay “area standard wages” when we cannot get a direct answer as to what they are.
Contrary to what the Carpenters union states in their letters, it has been determined that trade show decorating is not in the
construction industry. It is for this reason DWA management cannot legally make the decision to become affiliated with a union, it must be the DWA employees’ choice. DWA employees have opted not to be represented by any union at this time.
DWA employees are not against unions, as a matter of fact, DWA employees have been represented in the past by the
Laborer’s and Painter’s union. Even when our employees were represented by these two unions the Carpenters union continued their “Area Standard” informational picketing.
DWA management supports their employees’ rights to choose whether or not to be represented by a union.
DWA sets the area standard by the fair wages and excellent benefits which it pays its employees, notwithstanding any claims to the contrary by the Carpenters. Starting wage, with no experience is $14.00 per hour. Our average wage is $19.00 to
$21.00 per hour straight-time. We pay over-time after 8 hours in a day and 40 hours in a week. We pay premium pay for weekends, high-lift work, and when an employee is a foreperson.
All part-time and full-time DWA employees are eligible for major medical, dental and vision benefits. DWA requires only 80 hours per month average to qualify for healthcare benefits while the Carpenters union requires 120 hours per month. DWA believes healthcare insurance is essential to the health of our employees.
DWA employees have the opportunity to participate in a Simple IRA which the company matches up to 3%.
DWA employees receive vacation and holiday pay.
Our team at DWA is very proud to have been chosen to be the service contractor for this event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming event and wish you great success. Thank you for your time and patience with this matter.
If you are interested in learning more about the Carpenters union and their “labor disputes” they have across the United States, the website has a wealth of information regarding this subject.
DWA Trade Show & Exposition Services
Patti Beyer

Now you're still saying "why Withnell Dodge in Salem"?  
David Withnell, the owner of the dealership has a booth with some trucks at the show each year and because he is a very successful's his lucky day!
AND, just to show that they are good and loyal union workers?  They only picket from 10am to 2pm promptly.

Here's the good news: they were swamped at Withnell's today by our listeners including members of the Carpenter's Union who disagreed with this action.  The bad news: the picketers will be back tomorrow at 10am!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ted Nugent comes to Oregon!


Ok not PHYSICALLY  but he will be on The Bill Post Radio Show today at 12:30 at AM 1430 KYKN or online at just click on the Listen Live button or at my webcam at just watch right on the screen!
Great interview with America's #1 Second Amendment Rights defender!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guns Across America - Oregon 1/19/13


Today was very exciting.  I am not normally much of a public speaker, I have always been a radio guy, hiding in a little studio where no one can see you.  I have also recently been having throat issues, losing my voice at random times and after seeing a specialist last week found out I have a cyst on one of my vocal cords.  So, in light of the cold weather today, and standing in it for a long time, I hoped that my voice would make it.  Well I didn’t get to say exactly what I wanted to say because about half way through my little speech the throat starting going, you know that feeling you get when you know, “uh oh”!  I could sense it was going fast and wasn’t going to recover so I quickly wrapped it up and said my thank you’s.

Here is what I was trying to say in it’s entirety:

Folks, we are just folks.  Today is a day to show the world that gun owners are just regular, law abiding citizens who work and play just like anyone else.  Ya, we don’t all LOOK alike, in fact some of us look a little weird…..I mean hey, look around you!  We are just folks though.

During this current debate over guns and gun control, I keep hearing one argument amongst many that goes something like this: “the founding fathers never would have foreseen the kinds of weapons we have today, so we should remember that”.  I say “ok” if that’s true, what about the first amendment?  Do you think our founding fathers had any idea or “foresaw” that internet that Al Gore invented, that it would carry the most vile pornography into our homes where our kids could see it?  Do you think they foresaw a painting of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ smeared with elephant poop?  His cross dipped in urine?  The flag burned in protest?  All of those are covered, I guess, by the first amendment.  As horrible and horrendous as those things are, they are indeed covered.   

So, did the founding fathers picture AR15’s?  No.  Did they envision Playboy magazine?  No.  They did however trust we the American people to do the right thing.  They saw a well armed people who could also speak their mind at any time.  They also were men of God.  As John Adams said “a virtuous people”.  Virtue is faith in God.  They believed in the Bible and what it held for man to live on this earth and in this great nation.  We ARE a people made by and blessed by God Almighty.  Our founding fathers had a great faith, not only in the future but in their God.

Today we stand here to not only honor the principles of the founding fathers but we join them in the principles from which they drew their documents: the Word of God!

Let’s get back to the basics!  Find a Bible and read it to you and your children.  Find a good church and faithfully attend.  Pray unceasingly for your children, your families and your country, including it’s leaders.  Together we can bring America back from the brink!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Slow Creep of the Left Into the GOP

Question. Is this the statement of a Conservative Republican or a Liberal Democrat?

"Oregon _______'s have done some pretty amazing things for our neighbors in the past, and even in the last session. From Atiyeh on hunger issues to just last session even where we championed protecting seniors and helping veterans....compassionate and thoughtful is what I think our party in Oregon has been before, and can continue to be. This kind of stuff is nonsense, hurtful, and adds nothing productive to the conversation of how we move our state forward to help our neighbors find a job, get a better education for our kids, and make sure our most vulnerable citizens are well cared for when they truly need a hand up in life!"

In that statement I heard nothing about cutting taxes, helping businesses in Oregon, creating jobs, cutting red tape, attacking PERS, stopping Government intrusion into our lives, standing for Second Amendment rights and on and on.  The issues that concern WE the GOP of Oregon.  "Compassionate"?  Yes we are compassionate.  We are compassionate to the unemployed, the folks who have had their businesses taxed out of existence, the failure of our schools system, and yes the big elephant in the room: the social agenda of the left (now being embraced by weak willed Republicans) which is to make abortion, homosexuality and promiscuity things to be laughed at. 

So I ask again, a Republican or Democrat? 

As one who has consistently asked, even begged that we "not eat our own" in the GOP, stop the "RINO" hunts and try to get Republicans elected, I see that I have erred at times in that attempt.  The reason the GOP keeps losing is lightweight members of our party in Oregon who (wait for it) come from Portland.....see I told you, it's impossible to be from that area and actually remain Conservative.  Eventually it all gets to them.  Sadly I will have to keep a close eye on certain Republicans in the House caucus in the upcoming session rather than what I'd prefer to do which is warn of what Democrats are doing.  Only two GOP State Representatives survived the 2012 election.  One is from a very Conservative district and kept to his strong Conservative values.  The other is from a very left leaning district.  How did that representative win?  Great discussion that could be had.  I will continue to keep you informed of what ALL in the Oregon Legislature are up to.
It's a job I am proud and happy to do!

This statement from above:
"This kind of stuff is nonsense, hurtful, and adds nothing productive to the conversation of how we move our state forward..." refers to my recent Tweet about House Speaker Tina Kotek (D) Portland.
It's a legit shot.  We have been bombarded with the homosexual agenda non stop for 20 years and we now have the "first openly lesbian House Speaker".  Well ain't we proud?  Who freaking cares?
My tweet, whether one likes it or not, was to point out the idiocy of continually telling us "the first this, the first that" when it comes to homosexuality.  How about the "first left handed Senator"?  The "first vegetarian" Representative?  The "first Methodist" House Speaker?  Dumb right?  What's the difference?  If Tina Kotek wants to flaunt her lifestyle choice, if she wants to make it very clear what she is, then I believe it's our duty to point out where we stand.  To bring out the "Homophobia" argument is pointless.


An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something: "he had a phobia about being under water"; "a phobia of germs".
 I do not have an "irrational fear of" homosexuals.  I have a great desire for them to see how lost they are, just as ALL sinners are.  It's time we the right minded thinkers of Oregon and the U.S. stop letting others tell us what to think and say.  Speak your mind, step up and be honest.  Otherwise we are lost. 
As Fred Thompson said to me yesterday (Fred ran for Congress in the Fifth District of Oregon last year):
"Bill, we have a "shacked up" Governor, a bisexual Secretary of State and a lesbian House Speaker.....God help us!"
Truer words were never spoken.   

Friday, January 11, 2013

ORGOP Chair Race Continued

Today on The Bill Post Radio Show we will be talking to Suzanne Gallagher as it is rumored (and in fact now confirmed via the ORGOP Central Committee email system) that she is running for ORGOP Chair and that she has a team in place with her.

This interview will be at 1:06 today at AM 1430 KYKN or online streaming at 1430 KYKN's website by clicking on the Listen Live button or on webcam at

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Robinson on ORGOP Chair Race

Today at 12:30 I will be interviewing Art Robinson on his candidacy for the Oregon Republican Party Chair.  There are a LOT of untruths and misinformation being spread around the state concerning Art and we will address those today.

Please tune in at AM 1430 KYKN or outside of the Mid-Valley at just click on the Listen Live button or you can watch my webcam at

Tomorrow I'll be interviewing Suzanne Gallagher at 1:06. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Great Offer to Teachers and School Officials

 Bill Post and Jim Jacobe after a night of CHL training

THE best firearms and safety trainer in Oregon and perhaps in the US, Jim Jacobe has made a GREAT offer to teachers in Oregon.  I think, in light of what Rep. Dennis Richardson has asked in his recent email, that this offer should be acted upon and that the Oregon Legislature should look into helping this happen.

Here is Jim Jacobe's offer:

Any school personnel who sign an agreement to the effect that they will always carry and keep up to date on training, I will train at NO charge. 

The school personal training will include the following:

A three hour course that consists of:
1-     Handgun safety
2-     Oregon Statutes 161 & 166
3-     Threat assessment and selection of safety equipment. 
4-     4+ hours of range experience that teaches the use of a handgun with an introduction to two-handed default shooting, strong hand and support hand shooting techniques. It also covers handgun selection, fit, grip, and sight alignment, trigger control and follow through.

Required: a handgun*, 100 rounds of Full Metal Jacket ammunition, ear protection (MUFFS), wrap around eye protection, baseball cap and a shirt that is snug to the throat.
*If you do not already have a handgun of your own, you do not need to purchase one just to take the class. There will be handguns available to rent for $40.00 and this includes ammunition and cleaning of the gun. This is the class where you can be fitted for a handgun and then, unlike in a store, you can fire it.
This advanced self-defense course discusses survival in the aftermath of a violent encounter. It explores the legal, moral, ethical and practical use of lethal force by the armed citizen. Lecture time will include an in-depth look at the AOJ's, introduction to Post Shooting Trauma, the potential 13 issues included in the aftermath of a citizen involved homicide and building your training record into discoverable evidence. Range time will include drawing the firearm, reloading, holstering, clearing malfunctions, and the three two-handed shooting techniques of Isosceles, Weaver and Chapman. We will work on shooting with the strong hand only and the support hand only. We will address use of cover or concealment utilizing the cover crouch, high kneel and low kneel shooting techniques, active shooter in a crowd and there will be timed shooting qualifications. Range time will be outdoors but under cover, so dress for the weather. Bring your lunch and favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

 So, in light of this, please go to Jim Jacobe's website and contact him to learn more.  This man has trained over 18,000 Oregonians in every aspect of gun ownership, safety and training and for him to offer this service for free to our teachers, I would hope someone would take him up on his offer!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Time to Take a Stand on Guns

It’s time for NBC to let Bob Costas go.  This coming from a fan of Costa’s work over the years.  I admire his knowledge of sports and his ability to deliver it to us but what he did last night goes far beyond the sports world.  He took advantage of a situation that was IN the sports world to promote his own political agenda.
When Rush Limbaugh did his Sandra Fluke thing (arguably it was very true) he was flambayed by the media and punished economically costing him perhaps millions of dollars.
When Don Imus spoke about the Rutgers women’s basketball team he was fired (side note: he actually didn’t say anything, it was his sidekick Bernard that uttered the infamous “nappy headed ho’s” phrase.
The Second Amendment is under assault, don’t underestimate or be confused on that issue.  In case you weren’t watching Sunday Night Football last night, Bob Costas, who during halftime of the NFL game, quoted from a column by Fox Sports Columnist Jason Whitlock

"What I believe is, if he didn’t possess or own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today. Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it."

What we MUST understand is that there are many like Costas who suggest a ban on American’s right to "keep and bear arms".

Every time a situation arises that involves a shooting, the Bob Costa’s of the entertainment world jump to their feet and cry “foul!”
Now I fully admit that as a talk show host, I am certainly a part of that “entertainment world” and could easily be lumped into that category but I am here to tell you that I proudly embrace the “right to bear arms” and I bear them daily.  I have safely and soundly used guns since my first weapon given to me by my father when I was 12 years old.  I hunt, I shoot for fun and at times I carry for protection of my family and I. 

Even today we have the news that our own Attorney General has joined with 9 other state AG’s to oppose stopping licensed gun owners carry their concealed firearms across state lines.  This continued assault against will not stop, neither will my resolve!

I strongly advise that each and everyone of us, band together, join together and stand up for our God given Constitutional rights and NOT give in to the Hollywood types who have no idea what REAL freedom constitutes.  Join the Oregon Firearms Federation at: or a local chapter of a Gun Owners of America Association or as a last resort, the National Rifle Association.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank You Chairman Allen Alley

For those who were involved in that extremely embarrassing "inquisition" at the county elections this month, breaking news: Allen Alley is NOT running for re-election as chairman of the ORGOP.  
The Allen Alley "haters" can now dance and sing in the streets.  If that is what you really wanted.
Now, the "will you as a delegate/officer vote for Allen Alley" question seems kind of pointless don't it?  Patience kids, patience.  Allen Alley is not the problem with the ORGOP, it's much deeper than one man.  We have bad consultants running GOP campaigns, we have too many Democrats in all key counties and we have public employee unions with a never ending supply of cash to spend against us.  Never the less, everyone needed a "devil" to blame so Allen took the bullets.  
Another thought: this position is unpaid yet is a full time job that requires full time attention and full time travel and the person who takes the position must be either independently wealthy or have a very generous employer who will allow that person 2 years off with pay.  This is NOT a job for just anyone.  I believe that we have had the best leadership in the ORGOP's history for the last 2 years and too many people have too short of a memory.  Attack him all you want but try stepping into his shoes.  Good luck on finding the right person.  We will get what we deserve if this finger pointing continues.

I want to thank Chairman Allen Alley for giving Oregon two very good years and for serving us well.  He is a great man who only wants great things for Oregon.  I wish him luck in whatever the future holds for him.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck

If you haven't read or heard about Glenn Beck's new novel "Agenda 21" be sure and listen to my show today at Noon for my chat with Glenn!  He'll be talking about how the REAL Agenda 21 influenced his novel.
We will also be giving away signed copies of the book.
Tune in at noon to AM 1430 KYKN or online at or at