Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Slow Creep of the Left Into the GOP

Question. Is this the statement of a Conservative Republican or a Liberal Democrat?

"Oregon _______'s have done some pretty amazing things for our neighbors in the past, and even in the last session. From Atiyeh on hunger issues to just last session even where we championed protecting seniors and helping veterans....compassionate and thoughtful is what I think our party in Oregon has been before, and can continue to be. This kind of stuff is nonsense, hurtful, and adds nothing productive to the conversation of how we move our state forward to help our neighbors find a job, get a better education for our kids, and make sure our most vulnerable citizens are well cared for when they truly need a hand up in life!"

In that statement I heard nothing about cutting taxes, helping businesses in Oregon, creating jobs, cutting red tape, attacking PERS, stopping Government intrusion into our lives, standing for Second Amendment rights and on and on.  The issues that concern WE the GOP of Oregon.  "Compassionate"?  Yes we are compassionate.  We are compassionate to the unemployed, the folks who have had their businesses taxed out of existence, the failure of our schools system, and yes the big elephant in the room: the social agenda of the left (now being embraced by weak willed Republicans) which is to make abortion, homosexuality and promiscuity things to be laughed at. 

So I ask again, a Republican or Democrat? 

As one who has consistently asked, even begged that we "not eat our own" in the GOP, stop the "RINO" hunts and try to get Republicans elected, I see that I have erred at times in that attempt.  The reason the GOP keeps losing is lightweight members of our party in Oregon who (wait for it) come from Portland.....see I told you, it's impossible to be from that area and actually remain Conservative.  Eventually it all gets to them.  Sadly I will have to keep a close eye on certain Republicans in the House caucus in the upcoming session rather than what I'd prefer to do which is warn of what Democrats are doing.  Only two GOP State Representatives survived the 2012 election.  One is from a very Conservative district and kept to his strong Conservative values.  The other is from a very left leaning district.  How did that representative win?  Great discussion that could be had.  I will continue to keep you informed of what ALL in the Oregon Legislature are up to.
It's a job I am proud and happy to do!

This statement from above:
"This kind of stuff is nonsense, hurtful, and adds nothing productive to the conversation of how we move our state forward..." refers to my recent Tweet about House Speaker Tina Kotek (D) Portland.
It's a legit shot.  We have been bombarded with the homosexual agenda non stop for 20 years and we now have the "first openly lesbian House Speaker".  Well ain't we proud?  Who freaking cares?
My tweet, whether one likes it or not, was to point out the idiocy of continually telling us "the first this, the first that" when it comes to homosexuality.  How about the "first left handed Senator"?  The "first vegetarian" Representative?  The "first Methodist" House Speaker?  Dumb right?  What's the difference?  If Tina Kotek wants to flaunt her lifestyle choice, if she wants to make it very clear what she is, then I believe it's our duty to point out where we stand.  To bring out the "Homophobia" argument is pointless.


An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something: "he had a phobia about being under water"; "a phobia of germs".
 I do not have an "irrational fear of" homosexuals.  I have a great desire for them to see how lost they are, just as ALL sinners are.  It's time we the right minded thinkers of Oregon and the U.S. stop letting others tell us what to think and say.  Speak your mind, step up and be honest.  Otherwise we are lost. 
As Fred Thompson said to me yesterday (Fred ran for Congress in the Fifth District of Oregon last year):
"Bill, we have a "shacked up" Governor, a bisexual Secretary of State and a lesbian House Speaker.....God help us!"
Truer words were never spoken.   

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