Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Northwest Owned Business That Gets It!

At the Taco Bell pictured above, the unbelievable is happening! Shudder.....they are following the law! Yes, the law!

I want give a huge "thumbs up" to ES-O-EN Corp. of Meridian, Idaho. They own several of the Taco Bell franchises in the Salem-Keizer area and it was found out lately that they participate in the "E-Verify" system AND they print it right under the drive up window in English and in Spanish!

They also post these notices on the wall just below the menu and immediately behind the cash registers.
These attest to their commitment in participating with the E-Verify program (in both English and Spanish) and that fact is obvious in the staffing.

It's my intent to call and thank them for their responsible actions and promise them my support. Are you with me? (208) 888-6428

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I heard this so many times this year I started to wonder if they were right: "The country has shifted to the left, talkradio is dead." I think the rumor's of that death have been greatly exaggerated. This poll from the Gallup organization made me feel a lot better about the future of our format, and you should too.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Statesman Journal and Me: AGAIN!

Bill Church, the editor of the Statesman Journal, our local newspaper, continues the attack against local talk radio and in particular, yours truly (I can say that since I am the ONLY local talk radio "jock").

Here's the article:
You don't have to look far to see diversity

Now in this article he lumps me in with "unabashed racists" and others. I do not peddle hate, only if you hate how our country and in particular our state has devolved into what it has. I wouldn't call that hate anyway, I call it pointing out the obvious.
Showing us that "diversity" is all around us here in Salem is a fine thing to do, and yep, there is a lot of diversity. So, if we both agree on that, what the heck does that have to do with his other claims?
To quote from one of the comments left on the website:

"A census survey of business owners (done in 2002) showed Hispanic-owned companies generate more than $100 million in annual sales and receipts. There has been continued growth, which is why the Latino Small Business Conference is in its seventh year at Chemeketa Community College."

Just how much of that $100 million stayed in the United States, and how much was sent to Mexico?

A lot of the "minority" work here, make their money, then either take it or send it back to Mexico, so how does that benefit this state?

If they were legal citizens, then they pay their dues, but if they aren't, they are making virtually free money, while we pay taxes to help support them.

That is the question of the day, are they the legal ones that are generating the business?

Do they pay into the taxes for the schools to teach their non-English speaking children?

Its all in fairness that we need to look at these issues and say no freebies for anyone, everyone needs to pay their dues.

These are great questions, that I bring up all the time. Yes, we know there are a lot more minorities in Oregon, we are just asking, "are they paying their fair share?"

By the way Bill Church: we stopped being "jocks" back when the record players were hauled off in about......oh 1980? You are showing your lack of intelligence once again Bill.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pro-Life, Free Speech and Violence: Can't we all just get along?


I always thought liberals were all about "free speech"? Of course they are! When it suits them.
Here we have a group of Pro-Life folks standing outside of a Fresno, California abortion clinic and they have the audacity of praying for the people inside and those coming from the outside. They set up a camera to film the 40 days they are doing this vigil. No signs, no dead baby pics, just prayer. Well, here is what the "progressive" left does when those they don't agree with, don't play their game.

Sickening ain't it?

Friday, October 16, 2009

How SNL Could Change the 2010 Elections!

After you watch this SNL sketch, which has had heavy play on YouTube and everywhere it seems, take a look at my thoughts below:

Here's the thing: When I first saw this, I just thought it was pretty funny. I thought once again SNL has done a good job of political satire. Then it hit me, this sketch may have just completely opened the door for the Left to finally jump OFF the Obama bandwagon.
They now have permission to blast him! In the Left's eyes, what HAS he done?
The Anti-War folks are not happy with him. The pro-health care reform folks don't think he's moving fast enough. The far Left is not happy and the "from the Center" position President Obama has seemingly taken, is not what they wanted when they pimped hard for him.

Of course the Right thinks he is completely a leftist and that he is taking America down the road to ruin, and rightly so, but, until this SNL sketch came out, you never heard the Left attack him. Now it's come and it will get worse.

He was protested yesterday in New Orleans for not acting fast or hard enough for the victims of Katrina (sounds "Bushish" doesn't it?). He was protested by Anti-War folks in San Francisco yesterday for not keeping his promise to get us out of Iraq and increasing our presence in Afghanistan.

This will make 2010 even MORE fun won't it? I think the Left will sit on their hands and the Right will be more engaged then ever and this will bring about a complete change of hands in Congress and across the nation's gubernatorial races.
Between the 912 Projects, Freedomworks, Americans For Prosperity and all of the other Conservative grass roots movements going on in America, and the Far Left's anger at this president for not "delivering", we are going to see some real change in 2010. I don't think anyone would have seen this coming. Did you?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

American Flag Flying Again In Albany!

After much "reconsideration" the mess in Albany is cleaned up. See story link below:

Flag Flying is ok in Albany Apartment

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who do YOU Worship?

You have heard of "tree huggers" right? How about "tree worshippers"? That's right, people who actually "worship" trees.
I found this video while trolling for another story and I couldn't resist.

Whether or not you feel we are truly in the "end times" (of course the "end times" have been the "end times" since the moment Jesus was caught into the clouds but let's forget that for the moment), this is a really, really scary video.
Let's look at Paul's writing in the book of Romans:

Note in the video they are lifting their hands in praise of the trees, just as we are commanded in Scripture to "lift Holy Hands" to God. Notice the holding hands in prayer towards the trees. Just as we are commanded to "pray unceasingly" to our Father in Heaven.
Note the comment about the "rock and all of the life it has". Remember when Jesus said in Luke 19:40 - "I tell you, if they keep quiet, the rocks will cry out".
Now, Jesus was of course saying, that if WE don't praise him, and we continue to withhold our worship of the True God, then the he'll allow the rocks to worship Him.
Of course He is being somewhat facetious, but the point is, WE don't worship rocks, they don't have life. God IS life, and we owe Him our worship.
Worship of created things is an abomination to God, a breaking of his Commandments and just plain STUPID!

I won't say this "scares" me, but it does drive home the point, that we are closer than ever to the return of Christ, Amen!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have We No More Shame?

This photo released by Save the Ta-tas shows one of their T-shirts. The company also has hats. The T-shirts proclaim everything from "caught you lookin' at my ta-tas" and "I love my big ta-tas" for women to "my girl has great ta-tas" and "save a life grope your wife" for men.

You know, I am all for raising awareness of the horrible disease, Breast Cancer. I have done many a fundraiser over the years, have worn the pink hat or shirt, have even been involved in some of the "walks". This, this is TOO MUCH!
What has happened in our society that we just don't have any shame anymore!
Let me quote from the Associated Press story:

LOS ANGELES — A woman in a skimpy white bikini sashays next to a swimming pool. Onlookers gawk, men's tongues roll and music blares in the background.
The camera zooms in slow motion to her jiggling chest as a message spreads across the screen: "You know you like them / Now it's time to save the boobs."

It may resemble a beer commercial, but it's really a public-service announcement for Toronto's annual Boobyball party to benefit the charity Rethink Breast Cancer, and it's gone viral, with more than 350,000 hits on YouTube. It's just one of the edgier ways awareness is being promoted among younger women during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"Generally, with people my age, who watch MTV, there's no association between the breast and breast cancer. They think the boobs in beer commercials are different," said MTV News Canada host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani, 27, who stars as the bikini-clad gal and wrote and co-directed the clip.

"But everyone uses sexy imagery for commercials," Sovani said. "I thought guys would watch it because they would watch it naturally, and girls would like the humor and irony ... We all like boobs, we all celebrate boobs, so let's save the boobs."

Similar messages are showing up on feisty T-shirt lines and at events aimed at younger women. According to leading breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen for the Cure, about 5 percent of all breast cancer in the United States occurs in women younger than 40. Worldwide, about 465,000 women die from breast cancer each year.

Julia Fikse started her cheekily named T-shirt business Save the Ta-tas in 2004.

Her T-shirts proclaim "caught you lookin' at my ta-tas" and "I love my big ta-tas." Five percent of every sale goes to breast cancer research and awareness. About $340,000 dollars have been donated so far, Fikse said.

Men's involvement, noted Fikse, was paramount. Her company has T-shirts for men with slogans "my girl has great ta-tas" and "save a life, grope your wife."

"Men have an ability to take it into a sexual place very fast," Fikse said. "But you can turn an awkward, sexual conversation into something awesome about breast cancer awareness."

The tongue-in-cheek message makes a serious point, said Rethink Breast Cancer founder and executive director MJ DeCoteau: Information on breast cancer has been mostly directed toward older women.

"I remember grabbing a pamphlet with a 60-year-old woman on the cover. Another one had a dark shadowy woman facing the corner. It looked quite fearful," said DeCoteau, now 39. "Taking control of your breast health should be positive and upbeat."

Not everyone is comfortable with such boundary-pushing campaigns. Susan G. Komen for the Cure founder Nancy Brinker voiced reservations about using sexy imagery, though said she wouldn't discredit what anyone else does.

Sovani brushes off comments that her video may be inappropriate.

"Whether you love it or hate it, it gets people talking," she said. "Breast cancer is scary. We're not trying to take away from that. But preventing breast cancer doesn't have to be scary. If it's made to be scary, people don't want to check as much."

Ok, so we want MEN to stare at Women's chests now? One of the absolute worst things for a man to do, especially when he may want to remain as clean in his thought life as possible. Do men really need another reason to look? Do we not already as a society "sexualize" enough?
This offends me and I believe makes light of Breast Cancer Awareness.
I would love to hear from women on this story. Are you offended?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Year Without Hunting

This year, due to my son's knee injury in football and a combination of other factors, I could not go deer hunting.
Even though I know that an ENTIRE group of women at my church pray against me every year, I have for the most part had success.
Now I know, I don't hunt to put food on the table, those days are mostly long gone, but it is good to have some fresh deer steaks, chops and sausages. I will miss that this year.
More than the meat is the hunt itself. I have hunted Eastern Oregon and Western Oregon over the years and I find myself today, reminiscing about some of the fantastic times I had hunting with my Grandpa, Dad and Uncle over East.
Long walks through canyons and arroyos, with grandpa perched on a nice high spot at the end, Dad, Uncle Arnold and I would try to push a buck out of that area and down towards Grandpa.
One year we heard a buck running out in front of us, knowing it was headed right towards Grandpa's perch. A shot rang out, then another. Then a long silence.
My dad yelled out: "Papa, did you get him?" We didn't hear anything for a long time, so we hustled towards the end of the canyon.
When we got down there, we still couldn't see Grandpa. After another shout to him he calmly answered: "yep, he's right down there, drag him on up here for me!".
True to his word, he had shot a nice buck and we obediently dragged him up the canyon wall and got him dressed out.
I miss Grandpa and Uncle Arnold a lot and greatly look forward to seeing them both again in Heaven, but man, the smell of Fall in Oregon really makes me want to go hunting.
I hope to make those same sort of memories for my son.
If you have a hunting story you would like to share please feel free.