Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Statesman Journal and Me: AGAIN!

Bill Church, the editor of the Statesman Journal, our local newspaper, continues the attack against local talk radio and in particular, yours truly (I can say that since I am the ONLY local talk radio "jock").

Here's the article:
You don't have to look far to see diversity

Now in this article he lumps me in with "unabashed racists" and others. I do not peddle hate, only if you hate how our country and in particular our state has devolved into what it has. I wouldn't call that hate anyway, I call it pointing out the obvious.
Showing us that "diversity" is all around us here in Salem is a fine thing to do, and yep, there is a lot of diversity. So, if we both agree on that, what the heck does that have to do with his other claims?
To quote from one of the comments left on the website:

"A census survey of business owners (done in 2002) showed Hispanic-owned companies generate more than $100 million in annual sales and receipts. There has been continued growth, which is why the Latino Small Business Conference is in its seventh year at Chemeketa Community College."

Just how much of that $100 million stayed in the United States, and how much was sent to Mexico?

A lot of the "minority" work here, make their money, then either take it or send it back to Mexico, so how does that benefit this state?

If they were legal citizens, then they pay their dues, but if they aren't, they are making virtually free money, while we pay taxes to help support them.

That is the question of the day, are they the legal ones that are generating the business?

Do they pay into the taxes for the schools to teach their non-English speaking children?

Its all in fairness that we need to look at these issues and say no freebies for anyone, everyone needs to pay their dues.

These are great questions, that I bring up all the time. Yes, we know there are a lot more minorities in Oregon, we are just asking, "are they paying their fair share?"

By the way Bill Church: we stopped being "jocks" back when the record players were hauled off in about......oh 1980? You are showing your lack of intelligence once again Bill.


Anonymous said...

Church is a turd. I write to him occasionally to remind him of this.

C. Ford said...

There is nothing racist about asking such questions, Bill. They are legitimate questions regarding people who have chosen to bypass the laws and who are cheating the government (ie. us, the taxpayers). Who wants to be cheated out of our hard earned money? Not me. I'm tired of all the "diversity" labels. It does not matter what color a person is, it matters how they conduct themselves. No one should break the law, whether they are white, black, yellow, red, brown or purple. It's wrong in any "color."

Anonymous said...

Ask all you want...where are your numbers? Where is your data to back it up? You don't ask questions. You lie regularly and it's very christian of you. Don't you favor less taxes? I think you are a turd and I can't wait for you to be exposed for the fraud that you are

The Blunt Matt said...

I've got a few questions. Don't they still call Howard Stern a "Shock Jock"? Where are your numbers for how much goes back to Mexico? How is it a benefit to the state? They still have to live and spend money here so I would imagine a great amount of revenue is generated there. Why does anyone have to pay dues? What does that mean exactly? As a fiscal conservative, I am in favor of less taxes so anyone who gets away with such things seems like a top-notch Republican to me. Why aren't you asking if the corporations who pay little to no taxes are paying their dues? Or is that different? I agree that anyone who comes here should speak English but your state votes for people who allow this to continue. And why do you think America is so awful, Bill? If you don't like what your country has become, maybe you should move...

psychobob said...

"Where are your numbers for how much goes back to Mexico?"
Remittances sent from Mexicans living in America constitute Mexico's second largest industry. Look it up. I think it is around $15 billion.
During college I personally worked with at least 4 guys who sent most of their paychecks to Mexico. One was the largest goat-rancher in his region!
I have no problem with lower taxes. That would be great! I do have a problem with a group of people who use a disproportionate amount of government services while paying a disproportionately low amount of taxes (while claiming those services are their right), then claiming racism when that fact is brought up.
We need to streamline the immigration process and dramatically raise the quotas so that those who want to immigrate here may do so, and stop the people trying to sneak in the back door. We need to punish companies who break the law and hire illegal aliens.

The Blunt Matt said...

Generally, if I don't use something as a fact, it's not my responsibility to look for it. The author should have a general idea before the comment is made. I'd also like to see your stats on the "disproportionate amount of government services" and what the breakdown is. I can promise that I do not like illegal immigrants at all. I live in Southern California and I have been the victim of hit and runs and auto theft at their hands more than once.

We need to start voting for people who will take a serious stance on this...