Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Northwest Owned Business That Gets It!

At the Taco Bell pictured above, the unbelievable is happening! Shudder.....they are following the law! Yes, the law!

I want give a huge "thumbs up" to ES-O-EN Corp. of Meridian, Idaho. They own several of the Taco Bell franchises in the Salem-Keizer area and it was found out lately that they participate in the "E-Verify" system AND they print it right under the drive up window in English and in Spanish!

They also post these notices on the wall just below the menu and immediately behind the cash registers.
These attest to their commitment in participating with the E-Verify program (in both English and Spanish) and that fact is obvious in the staffing.

It's my intent to call and thank them for their responsible actions and promise them my support. Are you with me? (208) 888-6428


psychobob said...

The key word is "Idaho."
I'm not a big fan of Taco Bell, but I will go there and support them when I can suspend my desire for gastronomically beneficial sustenance.

Brittanicus said...

At last our politicians comprehend that not only does E-Verify--WORK--to oust illegal immigrants from the all businesses, but 54 members of the Congress support the 287 G program that was nearly buried under political baseness. So this insures two very active immigration enforcement programs are firmly entrenched to remove illegal aliens, without mass deportation. As on hiring, a new worker they must concede a verification of there national status. E-VERIFY MUST BECOME A PERMANENT PROGRAM TO VET THE ELIGIBILITY EVERY US WORKER. They say that ignorance is bliss, but this issue has been elongated by years of unceasing pressure by the hierarchy of business concerns, so that lawmakers have turned a blind eye to the annual illegal alien rush across our seemingly undermanned border. Even the main border fence was arbitrated, by being under-funded so illegal workers could slip past vehicle barriers, open areas that was substituted for the two separate- spaced-fences?

Simply speaking it’s all an underhand close relationship with corporate organizations and radical open border extremists, who don't want any prohibitions on the millions of beggared workers and families slipping into America. Once--even Sen. Harry Reid was adverse to illegal immigration, but once he entered the bastions of Washington where corruption is rampant from associating with business groups and foundation lobbyists.To survive you must adhere to their ideology or become ostracized by other Democratic or Conservative members in these chambers of iniquity. USE YOUR VOTING POWER TO DEMAND E-VERIFY AS A COMPREHENSIVE AUTHENTICATION DATA BASE. It could be used when issuing drivers licenses,

transportation insurance, house buyers tax credits, real estate applications for legal residents, health care, unemployment benefits and other issues subject to fraud?

Brittanicus said...

In this final version of the House health care package, is a summary clause to verify that only citizens and legal residents can participate? It could establish a apparatus by which the Commissioner must authenticate that individuals are citizens or legal immigrants in order to receive afford ability credits for health care. Of course emergency health care treatment access will still be there for those individuals without legal documentation? But Madam Nancy Pelosi still wants to reward illegal immigrants, making them eligible, without a verification mechanism in place; illegal aliens could receive credits under the plan. Every American should show their support for these amendments, without--ANY--avenue to illegal immigrants by commanding their Representative in Washington at 202-224-3121. After any House-Senate bill goes to the floor and voted on; they still have to clear the obstacles in most closed-door conferences. This is where the wheeling and corrupt dealing goes on, with what the membership calls "Sweeteners." This is where political favors are exchanged, promising such sweeteners such as pork for their constituencies, campaign contributions, from corporate execs, or undisclosed gifts of money or family vacations.

These are where immigration laws are passed or indifferently discarded to the disadvantage of THE PEOPLE. Its sad travesty, but it’s the raw facts of legislative playtime in committee. Then there is the H-1B working visa game? H-1B has been full of fraud and hypocrisy since its inception. With corporate attorneys giving devious advice of how to cheat the foreign labor importation system by the labor Department.125,000 brand new work permits to foreign nationals was issued last month. Watch a U-Tube video of an attorney with the law firm of Cohen & Grigsby discussing how a company can turn at H-1B worker into a permanent Green Card holder. His comments demonstrate the disposition behind the entire process: "Their goal is clearly not to find a highly skilled H-1B immigrant, because cheap labor is plentiful in poor foreign nations willing to come to America. It's just another working visa program for supposedly PhD and top of the business ladder absolutely copious with sleaze TODAY IS THE DAY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CORRUPTION AND COMPROMISE BY OUR POLITICIANS AT NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB. SAY NO TO ANY NEW PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. ADD HONEST AMENDMENTS TO THE 1986 SIMPSON/MAZZOLI BILL, NOT ANOTHER COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION BILL, UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS ONE THAT WAS OVERFLOWING WITH FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

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