Wednesday, February 17, 2010

House Speaker Dave Hunt uses foul word AGAIN!

Rep. Dave Hunt, the Speaker of the House in the Oregon Legislature has once again used the vile term: "teabaggers" in reference to the Taxpayers Rally in Salem on Monday.
His video can be found at the Statesman-Journal website.
What I am most offended at is his continued defense of his use of the term.
Now, many of you may not even know the sexual definition of the term (I was ignorant of it for most of my life) but suffice to say it is very filthy!
I have linked below a story I did on Oregon Catalyst that details his email responses to my listener's legitimate complaints and questions. Please click on the link:


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Who at Halftime: Great Memories!

Was a great game and I thought for their age and all, The Who (well at least the 1/2 still alive) were pretty darn good.
It reminded me a lot though of how great they WERE!
Here is a video including the GREAT Keith Moon on drums from the late 70's doing the classic anthem "Won't Get Fooled Again".
Watch the details: Moonie's massive drum kit and how he uses it all, John "The Ox" Entwistle, perhaps the greatest rock bassist ever, calmly playing the most complicated lines while standing mostly still, Pete windmilling, flying, twirling and then smashing his guitar and finally, the singer who I think is the greatest rock vocalist of all time smashing the notes with the authority he had.
Classic and timeless!
Ok and for you young and LEARN! The Who at their insane best:
Won't Get Fooled Again Live The Who

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SEIU funds new Anti-Tea Party Website

It has just come to my attention that there is a new website out there called:

The Tea Party Is Over (Click for website)

Here is a quote from the front page:
Our Strategy is simple. This movement is a fad. Some of their ideas include the belief that programs like Social Security and Medicare are socialistic and should never have been created in the first place and that President Obama is a Socialist. Other ideas include undermining the legitimacy of the federal government in favor of a radical rightwing form of state’s rights. We need to prevent their dangerous ideas from gaining a legislative foothold. So our strategy is to spread the truth about their dangerous ideas and prevent their policies from taking root in America.

Now I have no problem with the left having their little website, it's the group that is funding it that I have a problem with!
The site is paid for by The American Public Policy Committee. According to Open Secrets dot org, their two donors are Patriot Majority and Patriot Majority West.
However, the second largest contributor in 2008 to Patriot Majority was the SEIU and other powerful unions. I have outlined the donations below:

American Public Policy Committee: Top Contributors, 2010 Cycle Rank Contributor Total
1 Patriot Majority West $25,000

2 Patriot Majority $5,000

This data is based on records released by the Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

Patriot Majority: Top Contributors, 2008 Cycle
Rank Contributor Total

1 American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $5,800,000

2 Service Employees International Union $770,000

3 Change to Win $500,000
4 Patriot Majority West $300,000
4 Communications Workers of America $300,000

6 Teamsters Union $250,000

7 Patriot Majority Midwest $161,000

8 United Food & Commercial Workers Union $125,000

9 Bauman Foundation $25,000

10 American Affordable Health Care $11,874

11 Oklahoma Freedom Fund $10,469

12 Pennsylvania AFL-CIO $6,500

13 Bluegrass Freedom Fund $5,000

14 Public Security Now $920

15 American Public Policy Cmte $861

This data is based on records released by the Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

I wonder if the diversion of union money is acceptable to the union members or heck, if the members even know about it?

Want to really have some fun? Click on the link above for the website and flood them with emails, tweets and Facebook postings reminding them of Massachusetts and the upcoming November elections! The email addresses, twitter account and Facebook pages are all available for anyone to join. This is Democracy in action my friends!