Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Morning at RNC

Well day two gets under way early today.  The opening meetings are at 9am and go through about 2, then the opening ceremonies, guest speakers and nomination of Mitt Romney proceeds at about 7pm (all Eastern times).

Yesterday we did our show from the hotel the Oregon delegation is staying in about 45 minutes from Tampa.  There was no reason really to go into Tampa as Chairman Priebus gavelled the start of the convention and then gavelled it into recess 5 minutes later.

The word here is that the Ron Paul folks are still going on with their attempts to get him nominated.  There have been FOUR different processes that have been gone through by the RNC and attorneys for both Ron Paul delegates and Oregon, Maine and Oklahoma delegations.  All four have ruled that the conventions in each state are done and delegates and alternates are set.  There still might be a convention floor vote but I haven't heard what the final word is on that so be watching and listening for that today.


I will have much more in pictures and words after today's session, but for now, it's been raining, blowing and generally nasty BUT, not a hurricane.  The real fun starts today.  I am so proud to be an American and watch and participate in this process and I am proud of our Oregon delegation.  We are really making a difference in Tampa!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Morning at RNC

View from my hotel room looking at the Gulf 6pm Sunday

After arriving in Tampa and taking the 45 minute ride to the Oregon delegation hotel in Clearwater, I am finally settled in Sunday night at about 5pm Eastern.  I missed getting to the Opening Ceremony at Tropicana Field but heard from Rep. Shawn Lindsay that it was really great.
I met up with ORP Chairman Allen Alley and we traveled around the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area as he had errands to run.

Because today's proceedings are cancelled, I don't know exactly where I will be for showtime today but we will have a show and it should be interesting.  The bridges to and from Tampa are open at this time and it looks like we will be good to go for opening on Tuesday.
The Ron Paul folks just won't give up and I will further explain the latest shenanigans on the radio today.  Below is a LITTLE bit of what has been going on here during the last few days.

Ron Paul rally in Tampa Sunday night

From Friday Washington Times Webcast with Solomon Yue, Oregon Committeeman:
"Yesterday, I booked Jorge Emrys Landivar, a Ron Paul delegate from TX for our Webcast. After the Credentials Committee voted to accept the Maine report, Lanivar told all Ron Paul young supporters in the hallway that it is time to target all RNC members for a takeout. Donna Cain and I overheard that. We decided to put Landivar on the air.
In the interview I asked Landivar to confirm:
1) if he received a survey email sent to all Ron Paul delegates and alternates by LibertyChat.com
2) if he can confirm three questions in the email
3) what he thinks about the email.
Ralph Hallow got him talking about why the Ron Paul revolution wants to take out RNC members. I got him to confirm the email below. You've got to love this guy. He was very articulate, but very defensive."

Here is the email Solomon refers to:

From: "Ian Cioffi"

Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 3:22:40 PM
Subject: Poll Questions for All Ron Paul Delegates - LibertyChat.com

LibertyChat.com is conducting a poll of all Ron Paul delegates

You're being emailed because you are a delegate that will be at the Republican Convention next week
If you have a moment, please answer the following questions
1) Do you plan to boo Mitt Romney when he speaks?
2) Do you plan to boo Mike Huckabee when he speaks?
3) If Rand Paul says anything about voting for Mitt Romney, will you boo Rand?
Your name will not be published
Thank you for your time

Ian Cioffi


So, looking forward to what today holds and hope you'll join me at Noon (Pacific time as always) for my first broadcast from SOMEWHERE in Florida!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm off to the RNC in Tampa!

Just finished the last radio show for the week and now packing up my broadcast gear and preparing for my trip to my FIRST every Republican National Convention!  I am SO excited!

 View from the back of the podium where Mitt Romney will be nominated

I was invited by the Oregon Republican Party to represent them as the radio media guy and I am so grateful to them for this opportunity!  I will be broadcasting my show each day next week (except "flyout day" Friday) from the Washington Times Webcast Studio.  I have also been asked to be a guest moderator on that webcast next week.  I want to share with my listeners everything that I see and hear.  I will of course have interviews, but will try to get as many sounds to play back for them as I can.

I am also looking forward to my second hurricane (possibly).  I say that with tongue firmly in cheek, one was enough.

 The latest "hurricane" forecast picture
 MOST exciting, besides seeing our NEXT president be nominated officially, will be meeting the "Occupy RNC" folks.  That loving group of Marxists and Anarchists who plan on "hanging around" Tampa next week.  I can't wait for THAT show!

So, I hope you'll "tune in" whether it be by radio on AM 1430 KYKN or online at KYKN's Streaming feed or you can watch me on our webcam the "BillCam".

I will also have links, pictures, stories and more on my Facebook page.

"See ya in Tampa!" 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

America: The Last Great Hope

I had the privilege of talking with the brilliant Trevor Loudon today on my radio show.  This week I am leading up to my broadcasts next week from the RNC in Tampa.  

After chatting about the "Occupy RNC" thugs for awhile, our conversation changed to a discussion I wanted to have with Trevor.  Now remember, he is a "Kiwi" from New Zealand, but he might be more "American Patriot" than all of us combined.  

I asked him "what do you think happens if Obama wins in November?"
His answer was chilling.  Basically he said, that America was the world's last great hope.  That the evil presences in the world would carve up all of the world with the military might of America gone, which is why Barack Obama is too be feared.  "Bill, there will be no place to hide".  Wow.

After our conversation I went on to add my thoughts.  I believe we can draw a line between the failing of the Christian church in America with the failing of this country.  When Christians started being afraid to stand on God's Word, when churches became country clubs and movie theaters, when the Church got wimpy and "tolerant" we can see that America went right along with that.  God has had His hand on this country from the beginning and since we don't seem to want Him around anymore, he is politely removing His hand and we are now facing the consequences. 

So, will this election change America?  Maybe.  Will our turning our eyes, ears and hearts back to God change America.  YES most definitely!  America IS the world's last great hope but only if that hope is based on the principles and foundations set by the Hand of the Creator of all things, the Lord God.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oregon House GOP Resignations?

I heard this week that the leading talk show host in Portland has called for the resignation of Rep. Kevin Cameron of Salem, the former House GOP leader.
What has Rep. Cameron done in this situation of the last couple months that would call for that?  He resigned as Leader and "took a bullet for the team" in doing that.  He was blackmailed into it.  

As a close friend of Rep. Cameron's, I can assure this talk show host and anyone else, there is NO ONE who feels more remorse about this situation then Cameron does.  We have had very candid conversations and have spent much time in prayer.  He has done the right thing by talking to the people of his district and now it's between he, his family and God.  Was what he and the other 6 did wrong?  Yes I believe so.  It was more than a "boys being boys" as I've said before, as public servants they are held to a higher standard and as Republicans WE are held to a higher standard.  Should they then ALL resign?  No.  Should they give the voters of Oregon better explanations?  Yes.  Kevin has done that on my show as well as to his constituents in his district.

The point here is this: if someone should resign from the House GOP caucus, WHO should be resigning?  I bring it back to the source of the whole situation to begin with, Rep. Matt Wingard.  Why isn't he being asked to resign?  What possible reason is there for him to remain in an office for which he will not be running for reelection?  Does he have another "bomb" to let off?  He assumed the "strip club" story would cause the House GOP to run and hide, and they did for awhile, but once it came out, what good was it?  The only reason I can think of for not being asked to resign nor resigning on his own is that there is more to this story.  More than "consensual sex"with an aide.  More than underage drinking at parties.  More than going to a strip club.  What is it?  I have finally come to this conclusion: It's time to move on.  Yes, I believe it's time to move on. 

I have been the most vocal in Oregon against what has transpired and will continue to do so if needed, I owe that to my listeners, but now I believe we need to move on to the very important November election.  I feel very badly for these 7 men and their families but, with Rep. Cameron, I know for a fact that he has sought forgiveness and has shown true remorse publicly and privately and he is ready to move on with the campaign to take the House back for the GOP.

So, if anyone is going to call for anyone's resignation, let's make sure we know who it is that needs to resign.  Wrong target this time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fight Planned Parenthood in Our Schools!

As reported here earlier, the fight continues to keep Planned Parenthood OUT of our high schools!
Here is a new website, designed by parents, to learn more:

Fight Planned Parenthood

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Far Can a College Fall?

ONE more Chick-fil-A story I just couldn't resist: Davidson College tosses out Chick-fil-A.

Besides of course the fact that has been stated ad nauseum, the company never did anything wrong, I went to Davidson College's website and found this under the "About" page, and "Tradition":

Davidson College is an institution of higher learning established in 1837 by Presbyterians of North Carolina. Since its founding, the ties that bind the college to its Presbyterian heritage, including the historic understanding of Christian faith called The Reformed Tradition, have remained close and strong. The college is committed to continuing this vital relationship. 

Wow, that's all I'm gonna say.....wow!

Peter DeFazio is a liar and a cheat!

Here's some info from the Art Robinson campaign that once again tells me that Pete DeFazio is feelin' the heat!

District 4 voters have recently been treated to Peter DeFazio telephone town halls and a round of DeFazio campaign fliers all paid for by the taxpayers. On Tuesday, DeFazio begins a round of 16 public speeches, also provided at taxpayer expense and advertised on his Congressional website, in his taxpayer financed newsletters, and during his telephone townhall last week.



Oregon is God's Blessing

My wife and I took a 400 or so mile round trip motorcycle ride from our home in Keizer to Warm Springs, Oregon over the last few days.  I commented to her upon returning late yesterday: "can you believe that in about 175 miles we went from 104 degree temp, bone dry high desert land to tall Ponderosa pine forests to near the top of Mt. Hood to incredible forests of Fir trees to the good old Willamette Valley?  A few more miles and it would be Coast Range and then the beach!"

Oregon really is God's precious gift to man.  

While in Warm Springs I ran into and spent some time chatting with Gov. Vic Atiyeh, Oregon's last (sadly) GOP governor.  He listens to my show!  He is very concerned about the state of affairs in Oregon and gave me a real boost of enthusiasm to continue what I do!

It's been said that perhaps I was "too hard" on the GOP house representatives who went to the strip club.  
After speaking with my sources inside the Legislature, I know a lot more about the situation and will comment on my show today.
The situation is NOT as simple as "boys will be boys" and a strip club.  There is much more going on behind the scenes.  When I have permission to further elaborate, I will, otherwise, listen today at noon on AM 1430 KYKN or online at www.1430kykn.com or at www.bpshow.com to hear what I have to say.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oregon House GOP needs some help

With the Oregonian story last night, what I have been talking about for a couple of months is starting to come to light.  In this article I talked about Moral Purity.  Some thought I was a bit crazy.  Let's go back and recap and look at this situation.

Rep. Matt Wingard had a sexual relationship with an aide.  Wherever your moral compass is, that was wrong and even he has admitted so.  Was there more to that story?  Only he, the other parties involved and perhaps House GOP leaders know.  When he was not asked to resign from his position I found it strange.  I found it strange that the "investigation" took at least two months.  Now of course we know that Wingard was "holding a bomb" over the GOP leadership in the form of the strip club story, he was in fact "blackmailing" leadership.  (I tried to warn folks that this was coming but it fell on deaf ears, I pray that my warnings this time, in this article will be heard).  What other "bombs" might there be?  And let me just take a moment to address something here. There are still some very uniformed people on the radio and elsewhere who do NOT get it.  They still see a "vendetta" by a couple.  Question: did that "couple from another county" force the representatives to go to the strip club too?  Did that couple bring underage drinkers to state representative parties?  Did that couple force female state representatives to get "falling down drunk" at these parties?

Let's address the strip club visit.  Now you may say "no big deal" and maybe it isn't a big deal.  I would say that if you are in a position of leadership in the Republican Party then yes, it is a big deal.  It's a dumb decision at the least it's a breach of trust with your constituents at the worst (not to mention how it must sit with one's spouse).
I could say more but one of my listeners, who saw the Oregonian story wrote this to me this morning and I think he says all that I would say and much better (I am cutting and pasting it as is, with grammatical errors and misspellings intact, I haven't corrected anything because I want you to read his passion and his care for this subject):

Just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate the stands you take on moral issues. I have no doubt that we will hear repeatedly "No laws were broken" in regards to this trip and to the topless bar escapade of these men. Technically that is correct. But it shows an incredible lack of moral compass, lack of judgement, and lack of sense for the "leaders" of the Oregon Republican House to do this.

First of all, many of these men were married. For a married man to seek out this form of entertainment is adulterous whether or not any "action" occured. That is an issue for them to work out with their wives, but I must say that I find this to be offensive that it was done publically and so arrogantly. I am well aware that "all have sinned", that all married men at some point have fallen into lustful thoughts of another. But to go to a topless bar, just as to seekout pornography online, in print, or on TV, is to look for gratification outside of marriage intentionally, not accidentally, it is a step short of an actual affair, and shows an incredible lack of moral compass. A leader can sin sexually, look at King David. But look too at the consequences of his sin. It led his nation into chaos, destroyed his family, and taught his sons to look at sexual sin in a morally relative way. He ended up fighting his son Absalom in a war and seeing him die, and it was all tied back to David's sexual sin. A leader must be in prayer daily to seek the help of God to not cave in to lust. Power provides opportunity and makes men really have to come to grips with their moral code.

Second, it shows poor judgement. Any action an elected official takes is going to find its way into public discourse. If an elected official spanked  his unruly toddler in a supermarket, it will be front page news: "Representative Bob abused his son, what unseen rage must he express at home?" Especially for Republicans, these men should never forget that they are under a microscope. They are faced with a hostile media, and they represent a party that has chosen as one of its planks to stand for moral issues. To act in a legal but morally questionable way in a public place is to show contempt for your constituents, to presume that they will never find out despite your actions occuring in public. Its almost like John Edwards hiring a prostitute while his wife was in the hospital, did he think no one would notice? Really? Do these men really think they are that much smarter than anyone else? When Paul talks to Timothy about the characteristics of a Church leader, he talks about image and appearance. That is true in government as well. Like it or not, it matters what people percieive. Maybe it shouldn't, maybe it isn't "fair" that they are under this scrutiny, but it comes with being a public figure. Even as a teacher, I have to keep in mind that I am never entirely out of the classroom, that actions in any place have the possible consequence of undermining my authority with my students.

Third, it shows an incredible lack of common sense. The Media and the Democrats love to portray Republicans as rich and elitist, so they go to a retreat at a resort home in Palm Springs of one of the Representatives. COMMON SENSE guys. Media and Democrats love to portray Republicans as rich white guys, so they go on this trip without any of the females in the Oregon House. Where was Kim Thatcher, where was any female Republican? I am certainly not in favor of quotas, but again, think of the message you are sending. Then to add to the perception of good ole boys, you all go hang at a topless bar?  Tone deaf is a nice way of putting it. Then there is the perception of "buy Oregon first. Palm Springs? Salishan, Sun River, or another of Oregon's many resorts wasn't good enough? Again, it reeks of elitism even before the tainted media twists it.

These men did nothing illegal. They spent no state money (that we know of). But they showed that they have no concept of how to portray to their constituents that they are really representatives of their interests. Bruce Hanna, in Roseburg, unemployment is above 20% I hear. Yet you have the cluelessness to blow a wad of money on a golf and resort trip with your House leadership buddies, irregardless of the topless bar incident. Vince Gilliam, you love to follow the horses and show your regular guyness at the Homer Davenport Parade every year shoveling up the crap after your truck is done with the parade. Yet you are so tone deaf, you don't recognize how your actions undermine your small town family guy image you try so hard to cultivate? And Kevin Cameron, in whose district I live, you above all, the leader of the Republicans in the House need to hold yourself to a higher standard. You fear publicity and it causes you to delay action on the Matt Wingard incident, undermining every shred of credibility when you discuss moral issues. Nixon wasn't impeached because of Watergate, he was impeached  int he coverup. You MUST assume that every closet will be opened, every skeleton, hung up publically and dissected. I would never run for office because my financial choices, my foreclosure, my late bills, these things would become public and disqualify me to make budget decisions for the state. You MUST know that EVERY action you take will at some point be public. There isno way it will be otherwise. Yet here you go, hoping it will stay quiet. CLUELESS.

I have no doubt that Democratic Reps do things equally immoral or worse when they think the cameras are off. I have no doubt that there is a despicable double standard when Sam Adams can do and say horrible things, Neil Goldschmidt can get away scott free, and Kate Brown can bend the rules as she sees fit. That argument would get my daughters an extra weeks worth of grounding. The girls know, even my 5 year old, that if I hear "she did it first", or "They did it too", that punishment will be greater because of the attempt to justify wrong actions by comparing it to others. Of course it isn't fair that the media is in the tank for the Democrats and they get a pass on almost everything short of actual felonies. But to use that to justify a pass on your own indiscretions is the essence of immaturity. I have no doubt that we will hear many Republican voices call for unity and solidarity because after all, we want to maintain our 30/30 split. If we are immoral, if we espouse moral relativism in our own lives as Republicans, we don't deserve to lead this state. I am a Christian before I am a Republican or even a Conservative, and I have to stand on principle. I do not think I will be voting for Kevin Cameron this fall. If it costs him his seat, if it costs Republicans the House, I have to look my daughters in the eye. Am I being ridiculous? Am I consigning them to a worse state by demanding moral behavior from my Representatives? If so, then Oregon, and our Nation are already lost, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, including by the votes I cast.

I am sending this email to Kevin Cameron, Bill, and maybe I am over reacting. I am curious what you think, because unlike any other Oregon Conservative voice, I believe you understand where I am coming from. Beyond the tawdry and disgusting moral relativism the party leaders show here though, there is another aspect that really bothers me.

I work 3 jobs in this economic swamp in which we live, my wife works full time, and we still can't seem to get out of debt and save enough to buy a house. We have sacrificed, moved from Silverton that we loved to South Salem that we tolerate for cheaper rent and less gas for the commute, pulled our daughters out of dance, not gone on a vacation other than to visit family where we could stay at their houses for almost all of our 15 years of marriage. We scrimp and save, we fight to pay our bills, we struggle and struggle to not use government programs (except when I was out of work and used food stamps for 10 months) we try to do the right thing, even as gas and food get more expensive and insurance and car repairs, and all the daily costs of living seem to grow while our pay seems to shrink or stagnate, and those who represent us decide that it makes sense to have a planning meeting in a Palm Springs Mansion, golf and soak in the sun while Oregon sinks under the weight of regulation and taxes, then they top it off by throwing their morals under a bus and living it up at a strip club?

If Democrats control both houses, they will add more regs and taxes because that is what they believe in, but really how much have our Republicans fought the growth of State Government? Over half our state land and most of our resources are under Federal control, what have they done about it? Huge numbers are on food stamps, taking housing aid, signing their kids up for Oregon Health Plan, what alternatives have they offered? My dad lost his mill job in 1981, and Oregon government is still hostile to those who harvest natural resources, still contemplates dam breaches, plastic bag bans, light rails, and stupid commissions and boards for every aspect of day to day life. When was the last time a Republican wrote a bill to eliminate one regulation or commission? We spend 11,000 a student in public schools, and what real alternatives have Republicans offered? School Choice? Too controversial sending state money to those fundementalist private schools. Charters? Only serve small numbers, regulated to the point of irrelevancy. Online schools? Just for those psychotic parents who want their kids at home and not in indoctrination centers. What have the Republicans done on education? Frankly, I see little evidence that these men, these resort going, topless bar visiting, elite arrogant men, have done any of the things that the conservative majority under the noise of of the university town hippies and metrosexual Portlandites really would like to see them do.

Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" in the first Spiderman movie. Do these men really believe that? I am all for sweeping out the chaff, let these arrogant jerks go back home and get real jobs and when the Democrats overplay their "mandate" as they always do, lets put some actual conservative citizens in the House as it should be. If I am overreacting tell me. Get one or more of these Reps on the show next week to defend themselves if they dare. Otherwise I send this to Cameron and vote for his Democratic opponent who visited with and sort of impressed my wife. 


What else can I add, he has said it all.  If I, as a Conservative talk show host, am going to call out Democrats for their misbehavior, should I (we) not hold that same fire to OUR GOP leaders?

I am calling for Rep. Bruce Hanna to demand that Rep. Matt Wingard resign immediately and if he will not because Wingard has MORE revelations, then let's hear them and let we the constituents decide.  
Shame on your Bruce Hanna for your statements of arrogance and pride to the Oregonian.  Rep. Cameron did the honorable thing.  He stepped down from his leadership position and he has taken an stance of real repentance and remorse and I respect him for that.  When will Hanna also tell us about the CCO's deal as well as the extension of the bottle bill and it's relation to your Coca-Cola plant?  It's time to clean house folks.  

And as for Rep. Matt Wand, I am very sorry that he used such poor judgement.  He has always struck me as a strong family man and I pray that his family will survive this ordeal.
With Rep. Patrick Sheehan, I am not surprised, he is the "playboy" martini guy of the House and he was just living up to his image.

I am also calling for Rep. Dennis Richardson to be named House Speaker IF by some miracle the GOP wins the House majority.  (A lot of little old ladies, strong Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals might just sit this one out now). We need leadership with STRONG moral fiber not one who would say "it's none of your business what I do on my vacation" with such arrogance.  

Moral purity?  It's not about "purity" it's about LEADERSHIP!  If we as Oregon Republicans do not win back the House it will be because we did not hold ourselves to the same principles that we so strongly speak out loud of. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Occupy Portland Given a Green Light?

It looks like the Obama Administration was "helpful" to the Occupy Portland gang last fall according to research by Judicial Watch.

We will talk with the director of Judicial Watch today at 12:45.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus will be on The Bill Post Radio Show this Thursday at 1:15pm to chat about the upcoming convention in Tampa.  The Bill Post Radio Show will be the only talk show from Oregon to be broadcasting live on 1430 KYKN radio as well as online at www.1430kykn.com and via web camera at The Bill Post Radio Show "BILLCAM" from the RNC Convention August 27-29 from the convention floor.

Planned Parenthood WILL Continue in S-K Schools

This story goes all the way back to last November.  A parent at North Salem High School was told by his kids that Planned Parenthood was teaching "sex education" at the school.  When he dug into it he found that indeed it was happening.

Letters went back and forth between he and the principal then later he and the superintendent and the spokesperson for the district.
To make a long story short, the principal, Cynthia Richardson, originally denied that the school had Planned Parenthood staff on site teaching a class.  Then, the superintendent, Sandy Husk acknowledged that they in fact did have PP staff teaching the course.  The parent, Doug Muravez insisted that the class subject matter was not his complaint but rather that the PP staff was teaching it not the district teachers.

The story progressed into the spring and eventually, much to our satisfaction, and Doug's, the matter was resolved with a letter from Sandy Husk stating that the class would no longer be taught by PP staff but would be taught by a Salem Keizer Schools teacher.  We thought that was it.  

Today, I received the following email from the parent Doug Muravez: 

I was notified today that the School District will not be honoring their agreement.  Attached are copies of the letters.  They are also trying to say that the instructors from Planned Parenthood are not really Planned Parenthood employees because they were only hired for that project.  I've also seen a copy of the new Teen Outreach Program that they will be presenting, and it contains multiple referrals to Planned Parenthood for more information. In other words, the curriculum now directly links to Planned Parenthood and directs our children to contact them, including how to contact them.  It seems to me that if you're directed, controlled, and paid by someone, that makes you their employee.  And if you're an independent contractor, that would make them an agent of Planned Parenthood, but I doubt they are independent contractors and the courts would probably find them to be employees in a labor dispute even if they had a contract that said they were independent contractors.  

You've been great at keeping the public updated.  It looks like this is going to continue for quite some time, and we can't trust the school district to keep their word.

Doug Muravez
Here is the note explaining the "TOPS" program (Planned Parenthood's program) 
Is this more school district hypocrisy?  The parent, and other parents, who objected to this did not have a problem with the curriculum but rather, with the fact that Planned Parenthood was teaching in their schools.  

I am putting together ALL of the previous letters as sent to and from the parent and the school district as I gather them and will update this post.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A New News Network!

It is time for a new cable news network and I have just the network!

Now I must confess I don't have cable TV, I have an antenna and lots of Netflix, but I do catch podcasts and webcasts of the major news networks as well as the major network newscasts.  I'm thinking that if the right person, with the right amount of money could buy CNN from whoever the heck owns it now (is it still Ted Turner?).
It has the infrastructure in place, it just needs a LITTLE tweak....as in FIRE THE ENTIRE STAFF!  Then make sure a new team is hired.  Strong Conservatives from all over the world.  Get some of the great Conservative radio folks on.  Get Glenn Beck back!  See if Rush would do TV again.  Get The Bill Post Radio Show on TV! (Ok, so that's a little far fetched but a guy can dream can't he?)  You get the idea.  Don't even pretend to be "fair and balanced".  Bull hockey!  Be RIGHT sided and RIGHT minded at all times.  Anyone that thinks that any network is not biased in some way in their reporting is very mistaken.  So I propose that we don't even hide it!  Be Conservative!  

Now there are those that say "hey Bill, why use CNN and not just build a new network?"  As I said above, all the stuff is there.  Cameras, scaffolding, production, etc.  Heck even the logo is perfect!  Have you seen the latest on CNN's ratings?

CNN has suffered a decline in ratingsCNN hit a 21-year ratings low in the second quarter of 2012, falling 35 percent among total viewers and 41 percent in the coveted 25-54 age demographic compared to the same time last year. This comes just months after CNN experienced its lowest-rated month in more than a decade in April, and the lowest-rated prime time month in more than twenty years in May.
I say "the heck with Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS!  Time for the new: CONSERVATIVE NEWS NETWORK!

I told my audience that I would contribute the first $100 to the person who offers to by CNN and I stand by that!  Who will join me?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What America Learned from Chick-fil-A Day

It's really very simple.  America learned that it has deep spiritual roots and still believes in Biblical principles.  The photos of 100's of thousands if not millions of people who ate at Chick-fil-A yesterday was inspiring.

I have spoken for years on the subject of morality, purity and just plain good old fashioned Bible believing patriotism.  We saw it in action yesterday.  I had a lot of wonderful folks call in, email or text my show yesterday in support of Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A though we don't have a location here in Oregon.  Even in liberal loony Oregon there are some strong morally grounded folks left.

Those of us who do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle nor their agenda, are in the mainstream.  Period.  We ARE the mainstream.  (By the way, the Bible clearly tells us to LOVE everyone, but it also clearly says we don't have to TOLERATE everyone).  A small, vocal minority of people who have manipulated the media into believing there are more of them then there is of us, have forced the mainstream, us, to be silent in fear of reprisal or at the least shamed into silence.  No more!  These "biblephobes" who fear the truth, most likely will continue to force their agenda on us but for one day, we spoke not just with our voices but with our wallets and I couldn't be more proud to be an American!

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, tea party and the ORP

The militant Ron Paul supporters, who challenged Russ Walker's position on the Convention Platform Committee, do not like the article below because this only further confirms Rand Paul, who is working with FreedomWorks, "can't be trusted because he sold out".

Paul strives for common ground with tea party