Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Short Story

I have been working on a short story for awhile now, with Tammy Bower's help. This is a Baseball/History/Sci-Fi story. Kind of fun. sort of written with teens in mind but hopefully enjoyable for all ages.
I have provided a link below, you will need Word to open the document.
Please read and tell me what you think!
A Funny Thing Happened at the Ballpark

Home Alone

Colleen and Kai are gone all week, I am all alone with Beamer (the dog). I can't help thinking Ward Cleaver would never stand for this!!

So, I am trying to use my time wisely, posting things on Ebay, studying for the fall and a little golf here and there.

If you are married, what do you look forward to the most about being alone? What do you look forward to the least?

How to Post a Comment

Well now let's just suppose you are really hankerin to speak up on one of my posts. Just go to the bottom of the particular article and you will see that little "_ comments" and you click there, then just follow the instructions from that point.
You can stay anonymouse, put in your real name or your blogger log in name.
C'mon now, start commenting!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Why should we have Corporate Prayer?

Why have corporate prayer?
I ask this so that you can comment.
Here is my story:
Our church started corporate one hour prayer services about 8 years ago or so. It started with maybe a dozen people each praying out loud in turn and then eventually it grew so that we just had everyone pray out loud or silently all at once all over the sanctuary.
We saw it grow so that now in 2007 there are 200-400 any given Sunday night.
Now, our Pastor, who has led us in all of this is discouraged. He feels clearly and distinctly that God wants the entire congregation (of which there are about 2,000) to come to the Sunday night prayer service.
Why should they? What is in it for them?
I have some answers.
We have seen actual physical healings, and not the TV type, but silent workings of the Holy Spirit.
We have seen broken homes mended, young people come back to God after a season of rebellion. We have seen older people revived, young and old men called into full time service. Many Many miracles. Anyone who attends on a regular basis most likely can attest to seeing or at the least hearing of a miracle from our prayer.
So, why don't more come?
Do we American Christians just have it too good? The rest of the World's Christians would kill to have our facilities and sanctuaries, and yet we waste them with more "good music" and "Beach Ball Sunday" and "Homecoming" and many other wonderful things, but none of these get to the heart of the matter.
"If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves.......AND PRAY... then will I heal their lands".
It has taken 2 events in our church to get the entire congregation to come to corporate prayer: the day of and after 9/11 and the impending passing of our friend Kevin.
What will it take this time?
Why do people put baseball, football, tv, family, movies, lawn mowing, boating, etc, before coming together and praying? Do we have to have some really cool music to get them to come? Should we have maybe a dance hour followed by a quick prayer?
Why are American Christians so fat and lazy Spiritually?
I would love to know what you think?
If you come to our church, tell me why or why not come to prayer.
If you are not Saved, why?
If you are not Evangelical, why are we nuts then?
Is God satisfied with the 200-400 we are getting now? If so, why aren't other churches catching on?
Tell me.....

How Important is Corporate Prayer?

This is a revision of an earlier post, since no one responded, I have reposted it, I want to know what YOU think.

The Pastor of our church, Randy, began corporate prayer at our church about 8 years ago or so. It started with maybe a dozen or so people, all taking turns praying out loud. This soon replaced our regular evening church as it grew and grew and we saw great answers to prayer.

Now, 2007, we have seen the numbers of people who attend this hour of prayer stay at about the same amount, a few more now and then, a few less, but around the same amount.

I think anyone who has attended on a regular basis can say "God has done great things" through these prayer services. We have seen people healed, and not in a goofy way like on TV, but the real quiet moving of God's Spirit healing someone. We have seen broken homes mended, young people changed, old people revived, many many miracles.

So, why do I ask the question? If it is going so good, it must be right, right?

I ask the question because with all of the evidence, why don't more people come? Why does the church today have to be entertained? Do we need "beach sunday"? Do we need more drums or guitars or singers or whatever? Are we American Christians really so stupid as to think that we must make a show of Sunday? People all over the world would kill to have our buildings and facilities. Yet we use them for "showtime".

When will the Church rise up and realize that "if my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves.......AND PRAY, then will I heal their land".

It took 2 events in our church to fill the barn up with people: 9/11 and the impending passing of our friend Kevin. What will it take next time? Another death? Another city blown up?

I want to know what you think.

If you are not a Christian, tell me why and tell me why we are nuts.

If you are not Evangelical, maybe Catholic, tell me what makes your prayer life different if it is?

This is really why I started this stupid blog. To hear from people!

The Latest Volcano's News!

Ok, fans, the Volcano's are back in town Tuesday the 31st and it is Beaver Baseball night.
Pat Casey will be there.
Why you ask do I, a rabid Duck fan care?
I don't but there are these silly Beaver fans and they did after all win a World Series title twice! So, I will honor that, but wait until Football season!!!
Here is a link to the latest Volcano news: http://www.volcanoesbaseball.com/On%20Deck%20Circle/On-Deck%20Circle.htm

Here is a picture of me recently with one of my hero's of baseball, Mr. Joe Amalfitano. He is currently a roving instructor with the Giants, but before he turned to the dark side (Giants) he was a long time Dodger (God's chosen team). He played for Brooklyn and LA and he was Tommy Lasorda's right hand man for all the years Tommy was manager. Love ya Joey!

Top 10 Sitcoms ever on Television

Ok, saw a discussion and post on another blog so thought I would add my 2 cents.
What in your mind were the top 10 sitcoms of all time? Give me a valid reason for each choice.
I will start with my list, let's see yours!!
10 - Happy Days (cultural phenomenom, "fonzie" brought new words to our vocab)
9 - Friends (huge with the "x" generation, first to really reach them)
8 - The Bob Newhart Show (one of the great comedians in a realistic setting with an awesome ensemble cast and writers)
7 - The Cosby Show (really made America realize that a Black couple could be wealthy and successful and have a wonderful family, ground breaking)
6 - The Mary Tyler Moore Show (first show to really feature a working woman and the troubles of career life)
5 - Seinfeld (a show about nothing, yet one of the highest rated in all of TV history)
4 - Cheers (again, great ensemble cast and writing, huge ratings)
3 - MASH (broke ground on so many topics, mostly the horror of war)
2 - All in the Family (the ultimate ground breaking show, so many things I can't list them all)
1 - The Andy Griffith Show (I dare anyone of any age to not laugh at an episode, this show stands the test of time, though dated in some ways, it still brings us to a place we all long to be, "Mayberry". Could it be our own longing for "Heaven"?

Barney Talks

My Days in Radio

Many people never heard me during my radio career, so I have put a small piece of what I used to sound like together that I hope you will enjoy.
I started my first radio gig when I was quite young but really got into it full time in 1984 at KBOY in Medford, Oregon. From there I was in Coos Bay, Oregon, Roseburg, Oregon, Hilo, Hawaii, Lahaina, Hawaii, Bend, Oregon, Salem-Keizer, Oregon and a few other places.
I met many people, mostly musicians, radio people and record promoters over the years that were a lot of fun.
I am going to find a way to scan some old pictures of those old days into my computer and then post them here for anyone's amusement.
In the meantime, here is one of my radio days (it should open up any player, most likely Windows Media Player):
Bill On the Radio

Coaching the Keizer Junior Dodgers

With my fine Coaching, and the outstanding play of one, Kai Post, the Keizer Junior Dodgers had a great season going 18-8. There you see Bill coaching Kai in the proper way to look like you are coaching.
There is also a great shot of one of Kai's 2 doubles in the last game of the year.

Well, Here goes nothin!

Welcome to Bill's Waste of Air.

Why the name?

Because that is exactly what this blog is. Well, since it isn't air anymore it's more like internet or ethernet or some kind of net thing.

So anyway, feel free to post whatever garbage you want, this is a free wheelin kind of deal.

See ya.