Monday, July 30, 2007

My Days in Radio

Many people never heard me during my radio career, so I have put a small piece of what I used to sound like together that I hope you will enjoy.
I started my first radio gig when I was quite young but really got into it full time in 1984 at KBOY in Medford, Oregon. From there I was in Coos Bay, Oregon, Roseburg, Oregon, Hilo, Hawaii, Lahaina, Hawaii, Bend, Oregon, Salem-Keizer, Oregon and a few other places.
I met many people, mostly musicians, radio people and record promoters over the years that were a lot of fun.
I am going to find a way to scan some old pictures of those old days into my computer and then post them here for anyone's amusement.
In the meantime, here is one of my radio days (it should open up any player, most likely Windows Media Player):
Bill On the Radio

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