Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yahoo! Ducks Win!
We were there, so here are some pictures from the game. Did an awesome broadcast from the parking lot as well.
Sorry to tell all of you up north but it is 72 and sunny in San Diego! I can't believe how much I missed the sun and warm weather.
I am just about ready to look at houses down here!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

San Diego, Here I Come! Go Ducks!!

I am leaving for sunny San Diego Sunday to be there for the Oregon Duck's football team in the Holiday Bowl against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.
The fam and I are driving down and then I am doing a pregame show from Qualcomm Stadium, site of the Bowl at 3pm on Tuesday the 30th. Hope you will tune in if you are near Salem at 1430 AM on your dial.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Barack Obama goes to Hawaii: Who's Paying?

The Obama's have flown to Hawaii, on a chartered United 767 to stay in a $7 million dollar mansion that cost about $70,000 a week to rent. Some Christmas vacation huh?
He is asking we regular folk to "tighten our belts" and be careful while he flies on a CHARTERED United 767, a plane that holds over 200 people and flies from LA to London, so not necessary for a Chicago to Honolulu flight, this man is just waving his "carbon footprint" in our faces!! The Audacity of Dope!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Top 100 Movies of All Time

By popular demand, my Top 100 Movies of all time.

1. Citizen Kane

2. Casablanca

3. The Godfather II

4. The Godfather

5. The Searchers

6. 2001: A Space Odyssey

7. Planet of the Apes

8. Chinatown

9. Raging Bull

10. Goodfellas

11. Bonnie and Clyde

12. The Wild Bunch

13. Rocky

14. America Graffiti

15. The Gold Rush

16. The French Connection

17. The African Queen

18. The Birth of a Nation

19. Lawrence of Arabia

20. It’s A Wonderful Life

21. Sunset Boulevard

22. To Kill a Mockingbird

23. Psycho

24. Schindler’s List

25. The Maltese Falcon

26. They Made Me a Criminal

27. High Noon

28. Annie Hall

29. The Best Years of our Lives

30. Taxi Driver

31. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

32. Unforgiven

33. The Graduate

34. Gone With The Wind

35. The Empire Strikes Back

36. The General

37. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

38. It Happened One Night

39. A Clockwork Orange

40. Network

41. Fargo

42. Singin In the Rain

43. On The Waterfront

44. City Lights

45. The Bridge on the River Kwai

46. The Grapes of Wrath

47. E.T.

48. Apocalype Now

49. Midnight Cowboy

50. Dr. Strangelove

51. Pulp Fiction

52. Rebel Without a Cause

53. The Third Man

54. The Manchurian Candidate

55. Ben Hur

56. Forrest Gump

57. Silence of the Lambs

58. The Deer Hunter

59. Duck Soup

60. Twelve Angry Men

61. True Grit

62. Blade Runner

63. Frankenstein

64. Dances With Wolves

65. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

66. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

67. Raiders of the Lost Ark

68. North by Northwest

69. Jaws

70. Double Indemnity

71. The Wizard of Oz

72. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

73. The Pink Panther

74. West Side Story

75. Dirty Harry

76. The Sound of Music

77. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

78. Shane

79. A Streetcar Named Desire

80. Caberet

81. MASH

82. An American In Paris

83. Mutiny on the Bounty

84. Sophie’s Choice

85. The Out of Towners

86. The Odd Couple

87. Yankee Doodle Dandy

88. The Jazz Singer

89. The Last Picture Show

90. A Night at the Opera

91. Platoon

92. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

93. Spartacus

94. Stagecoach

95. Nashville

96. In The Heat of the Night

97. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

98. Casino

99. Modern Times

100. The Sixth Sense

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brooklyn Dodgers A Short History Lesson

I would like to thank my good friend JB for a wonderful book she gave me that is the 140 year history of the Dodgers, my most beloved team in all of sports!
I have totally
enjoyed this book and even though I thought I knew EVERYTHING about the Dodgers, I learned so much more that I did not know. I love the Brooklyn Dodgers, although I bleed Dodger Blue, Los Angeles just isn't the same.
So, for your Winter Blues cure, a little Dodger Blue history!

First in the late 1880's to 1900 or so there was the Brooklyn Atlantics. They actually won what was then called the World's Series, which wasn't anything like today, but they did win it in 1890, 1893 and 1900.

Then they were called the Brooklyn Grays, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, the Brooklyn Superbas, the Brooklyn Robins, The Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers and finally the just went by the Brooklyn Dodgers.
They played in Washington Park and then eventually moved to Ebbet's Field.
I have found some pictures of so
me of my favorite old time Dodgers as well as some of the hats and Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn.

The above hats are from
the 1902-1913 era, home and away. The hat on the left below is from the 1939 season and the one on the right below is from the 1937 season, believe it or not, the Dodgers one season wore green and white!

Zach Wheat was one of the greatest Dodgers ever, playing in the very early days of the 20th Century. Another of my favorites, on the right, is a Hall of Fame pitcher for the early Dodgers, Rube Marquard.

Here are two more greats: the legendary Casey Stengel on the left, before the Yankees, he was a DODGER!
On the right is the great Dazzy Vance, the leader of the "Daffiness Boys" of the 1930's.

Later came the "Duke of Flatbush" the Greatest Dodger of all time: Duke Snider! Part of the only World Champions of Brooklyn, the 1955 team.

Finally Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn, in 1955 and in 2008, or what's left of it. It is an apartment complex built in 1962 after the Dodgers went to Los Angeles. Below was the culmination of my life long "search" for Ebbet's Field. I was with my friends JB and RB and they patiently waited while I searched most of Brooklyn for the spot. JB took the pictures of me and the plaque that shows where home plate once was. This is my tribute and story of my beloved Dodgers, as the original "Boys of Summer", the Brooklyn Dodgers!

Friday, December 12, 2008

This Weather Report Brought to You By: Al Gore and Global Warming!

I am sure by now you have seen the 3 inches of snow in New Orleans yesterday.
So, Al, baby, please tell us what part of global warming caused this?
Um, I know you and your moron followers will have some reason, like the icecaps are melting and all that warm air is going into the atmosphere and then it went over a Canadian cold front which froze it and then a huge north wind blew it all the way down to Newawlins and it for some crazy scientifically explainable reason decided to drop right thar on Newawlins in the form of SNOW!
Al, go back to your 200,000 square foot mansion in Tennessee and write bad books ok? If you promise to do that, I will promise not to.........well, I promise not to listen to you ever again!

Gadgets that make you look like a jerk

I would love to take credit for this story but, even though I have thought of most of the words in this story, I have not written them myself.
This is from MessNBC and it is really funny.
Do you agree or disagree?

Some fairly common gizmos you might just look cooler without:


Hey buddy, ya' got something stuck in your ear.

On the upside, a Bluetooth headset is a hands-free wireless earpiece for your phone. On the downside, you risk looking like either a crazy person or a self-important ponce.

If you're wearing a suit and tie, you might avoid looking crazy, but only by appearing to be the kind of jerk who utters nonsense like "leverage" and "monetize" without a hint of irony.

And P.S., you're shouting. When you walk around blaring away on your Bluetooth, everyone else has to listen. Do you mind? People are trying not to hear about your life over here!

Cool if: You're using it in private spaces like your car or desk.

Not cool if: You're using it where you look like a je
rk, which is everywhere else.


Most people get a BlackBerry (or "CrackBerry") for work so they no longer have to talk to their loved ones. They're like the work version of the iPhone, and that's what makes them tough to deal with.

Look, we don't come to your office and pretend it's the bar. It's awesome that you can take your important work with you everywhere, but the converse is that you're taking us with you to your office against our will. And ya know ... we're not paid for that.

If you must check e-mail while you're out with your friends, for the love of God, buy a round, make your apologies and sod off to the corner. Don't make friends feel guilty for putting social lives ahead of an 80-hour work week. Oh and what is it you do anyway? Ruin mortgage lending for the rest of us? Get over yourself.

Cool if: You're a world-traveling MBA

Not cool if: Listen, we've all talked, and there's a reason we're playing "Cat's in the Cradle" every time you call us. This is an intervention.


This is really only a problem if you must go on and on and on about it. And we know you must.

TiVo undoubtedly improves your ability to watch TV. It liberates you from the tyranny of network schedules. It lets you rewind live TV. It eve
n goes out and finds new shows you'll like. So, go on with your bad self and enjoy your TV-watching, but for God's sake, please stop yapping about it in everyone's ears.

Here's why: It's TV. Which is to say, it's just not that
important. It's not a hobby, it's not self-improving and it's not going to cure cancer. Practice won't make you better at it, and no matter how good your gadgets, the difference between seeing who's dancing with the stars now and you know, not, is ... hold on ... carry the one ... oh look at that: Not a big deal at all.

Cool if: You enjoy it quietly at home.

Not cool if: You talk about it like it's the product of successful stem-cell research.

iPod accessories

Okay, we get it. You're hip.

Now plug your stinking iPod into your old stereo like everyone else. Buying molded white plastic schlock isn't going to hip up your dorm room or o
ffice. And while you're at it, stop listening to Mars Volta. It's over. We're onto you.

Moreover, is it the headphones themselves or the iPod owners who ensure that one headphone bud is always dangling outside of its intended ear?

Non-iPod-owning mass transit riders asked that this message be passed along: "People who leave one headphone dangling should put their heads between the closing doors."

Cool if: You own stock in Apple.

Not cool if: You don't.

Linux is great. It's a free, open-source operating system (OS) based on work done by Linus Torvalds in the early '90s. Again, it's free, powerful and easy to ...

Oh wait, it's a pain to use. Let's get this straight: Linux is very good, and leads the charge in an ongoing revolution in free software. However, a lot of Linux users out there give the whole thing a poor name. They forget that most people don't know as much as they do about computers. Some people garden, write poetry, fall in love or ... er, bloviate about gadgetry.

Please don't confuse your fanaticism with superiority and, for the love of Jobs, stop telling us we're sheep under the sway of Microsoft. No one likes Comcast either, but until it's convenient to string our own fiber optic cable we're sticking with it. ( is a Microsoft-NBC Universal joint venture.)

Cool if: You're not heaping disdain on the rest of us, or maybe if you're in charge of a server farm.

Not cool if: You feel your mastery of computers excuses your inability to control a neck-beard

This writer is really funny. He or she did a great job of summing these all up. I especially DETEST those stupid Bluetooths! I get it if your in your car, or somewhere privacy or safety is concerned, but walking around WalMart, NO! If you're walking around WalMart with a bluetooth on and talking into it, YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSING ANYONE, STOP!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Facebook, My Space, You Tube....What's it all about?

Well I went and got one of them there Facespacetube book things.
Basically I wanted a way to keep my eye on my trouble seeking spawn. So, I have a Facebook, I think. I notice that the dang thing knows who I know without me even asking?
I mean many of YOU are on this thing that asks me if I want to be YOUR friend!
What's up with that?
Big Brother IS Flippin' watching me now.
Well that's fine cause I am watching all of YOU.
So, if this sort of thing brings you enjoyment, go look for me on that facespacebook thing.

On a related note: I am DEAD SET AGAINST MySpace.
So some expert tell me: is there much of a difference?
I really do not like the things that are on MySpace. Just the ads alone are filthy, but some of the stuff that kids and adults post is just plain foul.
What I found in my study of it a year ago or so was that even nice innocent kids were being exposed to a lot of really dirty garbage.
So is this Facebook thing any better? Is there more control of content?
I mean I watch what junior does on the computer and we found some really nasty videos on You Tube that he didn't necessarily watch, but he saw the pics at least in passing.
How do you as parents feel? In light of the ol' Scripture: "avoid all APPEARANCES of evil"?

Remembering Two Great Musicians today

Being in radio all of these years I have had the pleasure of playing many, many great artist's music and two of them passed away on this day.
There probably isn't any one type of music I don't like, I am pretty "all over the map" with my musical tastes (just come see my record collection sometime, you would be amazed at what is in there!).

I am a HUGE Beatles fan. I especially loved John Lennon. He was very flawed and sometimes downright nuts, but his music was incredible.
I miss him greatly and wonder what he would record now.
He was shot outside his apartment on this night.

I was on the air that night and had to announce it, December 8, 1980.
Here is a video of John at his best.

On another day, same date, I had to announce the death of another great artist whom I enjoyed greatly, Marty Robbins. He was very young, I think only 57 when he died suddenly of a heart attack.
So, I have a video of him in his prime. I miss Marty too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Master Recycler, Thanksgiving and the Outdoors

I would like to share how I am a Master Recyler. I care about our environment. I also like to shoot guns and all of that ties nicely to Thanksgiving.

Well, we had a couple of old laptops that were in a "non-working" condition.
Now, I want to recycle and I don't want any "sensitive" material on the hard drive to be put out in public, so Kai and I decided to "recycle" them.

Using our trusty .22 long rifle and my faithful .357 Magnum ("do you feel lucky punk"), we proceeded to blast the crap out of those two laptops.
Pictures below showing the evidence of our "recycling" in the great outdoors of Camas Valley, Oregon, located halfway between Tenmile and Remote, Oregon.

By the way, we did pick up all 50,000 pieces left over and took them to the local landfill. hee hee

Monday, December 1, 2008

Recession, Wall Street and America's Future

So I'm watching cute little Katie Couric attempting to "break" the news that we are indeed in a "recession" and have been for quite some time now it seems.
Hmm....some of us knew that a long, long time ago. The actual reporting by cute Katie was so freaking funny. She is trying her best not to look "perky" when giving such "dire" news. Please someone tell her
to go back to giving out recipes on "The Today Show"!!! I digress.

Glenn Beck has been telling his listeners for over a year that the "perfect storm" was building and would happen.
Here is a transcript from last week in fact where he clearly makes the case for what is wrong in America and what will probably happen in the very near future (which I completely agree with him, and by the way, a year before the 9/11 attacks, he predicted them nearly perfectly in detail and was fired and ridiculed for his statements)

He is talking about a Russian Analyst who is
making predictions about the "New" United States that is to come.

Folks, there is a New USA coming, I can almost guarantee it. Better get your things in order. Better make sure you are not spending what you don't need to spend. Lighten up a little this Christmas. Ya, ya, "doom and gloom" is what you are thinking right? Well, a little reality check. If cute Katie is saying we are "officially" in a recession, believe me, it's worse than that.

Enjoy the transcript, the picture that Glenn and Stu refer to is at the bottom of the page.

GLENN: I'm telling you this is exactly what we have been talking about on this program. "He cited the vulnerable political setup." The vulnerable political setup. "The lack of unified national laws."

It's not unified laws. It's the unified enforcement of those laws. The divisions among the elite which have been clear in this crisis condition, he predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts. Let's see, where do we want to live. "The Pacific Coast with its growing Chinese population." No, the Pacific Coast, I'd like that but not if Chinese, the Chinese population, I mean, not if it's being influenced by China. No, I can't live in California. "The south with its Hispanics." Oh, well, I didn't know you had Hispanics in the South. The South also has Disney World. I'm pulling for the South. "Texas where independence movements are on the rise." Gee, over in Russia they understand the independence movements that are happening in Texas. Have you heard that on any -- Stu, have you heard this from any other person in America, about the independence movement in Texas?

STU: No, you're an exclusive secession source. Congratulations.

GLENN: I'm just wondering how the guy overseas, over in Russia picked this up. The Atlantic coast with its distinct and separate mentality." You can have the Atlantic coast. "Five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations and the northern states where the influence from Canada is strong. He even suggested that we could..." this is Russians speaking. "We could claim Alaska. It was only granted on lease, after all." He is a professor of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He's authored several books on information warfare.

So okay, so we have New China would be the West, we have New Canada which would be the North, we would have the center of the country would be Poor Indiantown, I think. Is that what he's -- that's basically what he was -- then you'd have Texas all by itself. Then you'd have around Texas but not all the way to New China, or all the way east to the Distinct Mentality Coast, you'd have New Hispanicville, all right? So your questions are New China -- where do you want to live? New China, New Canada, Poor Indiantown, New Hispanicville, Distinct Mentality Coast or Texas? I'm going for Texas.

STU: Is there any doubt it's Texas.

GLENN: I think I'm going for Texas. I'm going for Texas.

STU: I will say New Hispanicville is nice.

GLENN: Especially this time of year.

STU: It really is. At least I would -- he doesn't explain how Florida would be divided. So you don't know if Disney is going to be in distinct Atlantic coast area or in New Hispanicville but --

GLENN: No, it would have to be distinct mentality.

STU: The whole state?

GLENN: The whole coastline.

STU: I think Tampa would probably be doing New Hispanicville because it would be on the West Coast of Florida. So maybe like New Hispanicville --

GLENN: The West Coast is New China.

STU: No, that's the West Coast of the country. I'm talking West Coast of Florida.

GLENN: But that's the West Coast of the East Coast. So if it's the West Coast of the East Coast, it should be Distinct Mentality Coast.

STU: No, but that's the West Coast -- it's the West Coast of the peninsula. But the South is New Hispanicville.

GLENN: But it's also a coast.

STU: But they didn't say all coast had to be in the Atlantic coast. They said the Atlantic coast. That's not the Atlantic coast. That's the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast would clearly be in New Hispanicville.

GLENN: Does New Hispanicville then -- because you have to have the dividing line some place. Does New Hispanicville get like the Magic Kingdom and Distinct Mentality Coast get like Epcot?

STU: Yes, I think that's the way it works, divides right down the middle.

GLENN: You know that thing that they have -- oh, my gosh, we have been set up. I just realized this. This whole thing has been a setup. Have you noticed that when you go to Disney World and you go to Epcot, what do you need? A world passport. Hmmm.

STU: Hmmm.

GLENN: Interesting, isn't it?

STU: Mmm-hmmm, one currency. Just sayin'.

GLENN: It's almost like Disney who, of course, hasn't been, you know, put up in a freezer where they are just waiting to unthaw him for the new world order. It's not like he saw this coming a long, long time ago.

STU: Sounds like he's really alive pulling the strings.

GLENN: Seriously, Stu, where do you want to live? Where is the best place in America to live? I think we can rule out the Northeast.

STU: Right, but he said the Atlantic coast.

GLENN: Wait a minute. Unless --

STU: Not the whole coast.

GLENN: If you were for socialism --

STU: Yeah, we should figure out what government because I feel like you've got -- in the Atlantic coast one, that's probably a socialist government. The Pacific Coast, since it's New China, that has to be communist, right?

GLENN: Oh, yeah. That's Hollywood.

STU: Right.

GLENN: So the capital of New China will have to be Hollywood.

STU: Right.

GLENN: So it will be, you know, it will be nothing but -- it will be -- you know, remember the blacklist? It will be the opposite of that. If you are not a communist, they shut you down.

STU: So that's out there. I don't want either one of those. I figure new Canada's probably going to be like Canada Light. You know it's going to be that light sort of socialism.

GLENN: I don't have a problem with Canada.

STU: Yeah, I feel like we're going to get at least moderate socialism there. Poor Indiantown could be a great government because --

GLENN: But who's supporting Poor Indiantown?

STU: They are the poorer states according to the Russian analyst.

GLENN: I know, but Poor Indiantown, it's poor because, you know, we've crippled them with socialism.

STU: Right. So they probably wouldn't be poor anymore after this, right?

GLENN: They might be rich -- it would be nothing -- the whole center of what is now we know as the United States would be nothing but a giant casino.

STU: It would be a giant --

GLENN: It would be great. It would be a giant casino because those things, you walk inside, you never get out of them. It's like you're outside but you are not -- this could be the place that I would want to be.

STU: It would be Poor Indiantown to MGM Great Plains.

GLENN: Let's say you go from Poor Indiantown, which is the center of the -- can we put this map on? Just draw a map. Can you take a picture here? Do you have your camera? Just take a picture and send to it Chris Brady real quick. Here's my phone. Just send it to Chris Brady and we'll take a picture and you'll see --

STU: This is one of these crazy newfangled iPhones.

GLENN: Push the camera.

STU: Camera.

GLENN: There, see? And you just push and click. Here's the new -- I just drew a picture of -- yeah, there you go.

STU: One, two --

GLENN: I'm looking.

STU: Smile. Do you want to do your hair?

GLENN: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. Do I need a little product in my hair? All right, just push it. Okay, all right.

STU: Take the picture.

GLENN: Oh, jeez.

STU: One more time. Where do I click? This button?

GLENN: Just push the button.

STU: On the screen or on the button button?

GLENN: You push the button on the screen. Not the button. That turns it off.

STU: On the screen. Ready? One? Smile now.

GLENN: Just take the frickin' picture, will you? Take the picture!

STU: Okay, I got it. You look really good. Wow.

GLENN: That's disturbing.

STU: No, seriously. You would be hot enough for Indian town. You wouldn't be hot for Pacific Coastville, New China.

GLENN: Okay, so here, look. So Poor Indiantown. The problem is if you are going to Poor Indiantown, because it's basically a giant casino in the middle of the country, if you go to Distinct Mentality Coast, they will know who you are. You can never be a spy.

STU: Right, that's right. They have the best intelligence, Poor Indiantown is what you're saying.

GLENN: What?

STU: Poor Indiantown would have great intelligence.

GLENN: I'm saying you could never -- oh, yeah, they would have the camera. You would never spy in there but you could never live at Poor Indiantown and go to another place and be a spy because they would know right away.

STU: Because you would always be on camera?

GLENN: No. Because if you are from poor -- if you live in Poor Indiantown, it's a giant casino, right? You live in Poor Indiantown. You can't go to Distinct Mentality Coast.

STU: Why not?

GLENN: You'll smell like smoke.

STU: You would never --

GLENN: Everything you'd have would smell like cigarettes.

STU: Yeah, but the liberals in Distinct Mentality Coast are always the ones who are saying we need to stop people from smoking with the government but mostly because they can't stop smoking themselves.

GLENN: But that's what I mean. None of these people -- these people in Distinct Mentality Coast, these people, they would have already banned.

STU: Yeah, they would have banned it.

GLENN: So you are a spy for Poor Indiantown.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: You come over and all of a sudden you smell like cigarettes and they're like, he's from Poor Indiantown, smells like cigarettes. Whole place is a casino. And then somebody else says, "I know, it's great. I mean, hang on...... "I mean, it's really bad and I'm glad that we're here in Distinct Mentality Coast with our fearless leader.

STU: Here's the thing. Poor Indiantown is landlocked and I don't like that, okay? And so is New Canada, by the way. So you really need to go to, I feel like Texas has great -- because it's Texas and you've got the coast, you've got Texas, the mentality of Texas, not Distinct Mentality Coast. I'm saying the mentality of Texas. You've got to like that. I like that and I also like New Hispanicville. I think those are two solid choices for the incoming America.

GLENN: I like Texas and I like New Hispanicville and I like parts of Poor Indiantown, part of New Canada. I'm just not -- there's no way I'm going to be on the coast.

STU: Well, you've got a socialist and a communist government on the coast. And I don't want either of those. And then New Canada, New Canada might be nice actually. It might be very nice.

GLENN: It's cold.

STU: But it's really cold. Poor Indiantown is landlocked.

GLENN: But remember Canada also has, like, Detroit in it.

STU: That's true.

GLENN: So you've got --

STU: Fires? Keep you warm?

GLENN: You've got fires to keep you warm, you have all those empty, you know, the car plants. That's going to be -- this is happy.

STU: What? We have some new choices. What's wrong with our now pro choice?

GLENN: Pro choice, six different countries in one. This again from a Russian analyst over in the former Soviet Union talking about the new USSA that is forming here in America.

You know, if you had to choose, you know there's -- people are already choosing. They are already choosing with their feet. I'm going to take a break and I'm going to tell you there's a new survey that is out now showing about which parts of the country are the best parts of the country for the economy, which one that is lowest -- you'll never guess. You'll never, ever guess which one has the lowest amount of unemployed percentage-wise, you'll never guess which ones also, do they also have low taxes? Do they also have small government in those states? Or do they have big giant oppressive governments? You'll never guess. It's crazy. It's only crazy because there are people in America that still don't get it, and a lot of them.