Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brooklyn Dodgers A Short History Lesson

I would like to thank my good friend JB for a wonderful book she gave me that is the 140 year history of the Dodgers, my most beloved team in all of sports!
I have totally
enjoyed this book and even though I thought I knew EVERYTHING about the Dodgers, I learned so much more that I did not know. I love the Brooklyn Dodgers, although I bleed Dodger Blue, Los Angeles just isn't the same.
So, for your Winter Blues cure, a little Dodger Blue history!

First in the late 1880's to 1900 or so there was the Brooklyn Atlantics. They actually won what was then called the World's Series, which wasn't anything like today, but they did win it in 1890, 1893 and 1900.

Then they were called the Brooklyn Grays, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, the Brooklyn Superbas, the Brooklyn Robins, The Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers and finally the just went by the Brooklyn Dodgers.
They played in Washington Park and then eventually moved to Ebbet's Field.
I have found some pictures of so
me of my favorite old time Dodgers as well as some of the hats and Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn.

The above hats are from
the 1902-1913 era, home and away. The hat on the left below is from the 1939 season and the one on the right below is from the 1937 season, believe it or not, the Dodgers one season wore green and white!

Zach Wheat was one of the greatest Dodgers ever, playing in the very early days of the 20th Century. Another of my favorites, on the right, is a Hall of Fame pitcher for the early Dodgers, Rube Marquard.

Here are two more greats: the legendary Casey Stengel on the left, before the Yankees, he was a DODGER!
On the right is the great Dazzy Vance, the leader of the "Daffiness Boys" of the 1930's.

Later came the "Duke of Flatbush" the Greatest Dodger of all time: Duke Snider! Part of the only World Champions of Brooklyn, the 1955 team.

Finally Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn, in 1955 and in 2008, or what's left of it. It is an apartment complex built in 1962 after the Dodgers went to Los Angeles. Below was the culmination of my life long "search" for Ebbet's Field. I was with my friends JB and RB and they patiently waited while I searched most of Brooklyn for the spot. JB took the pictures of me and the plaque that shows where home plate once was. This is my tribute and story of my beloved Dodgers, as the original "Boys of Summer", the Brooklyn Dodgers!

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