Monday, December 8, 2008

Facebook, My Space, You Tube....What's it all about?

Well I went and got one of them there Facespacetube book things.
Basically I wanted a way to keep my eye on my trouble seeking spawn. So, I have a Facebook, I think. I notice that the dang thing knows who I know without me even asking?
I mean many of YOU are on this thing that asks me if I want to be YOUR friend!
What's up with that?
Big Brother IS Flippin' watching me now.
Well that's fine cause I am watching all of YOU.
So, if this sort of thing brings you enjoyment, go look for me on that facespacebook thing.

On a related note: I am DEAD SET AGAINST MySpace.
So some expert tell me: is there much of a difference?
I really do not like the things that are on MySpace. Just the ads alone are filthy, but some of the stuff that kids and adults post is just plain foul.
What I found in my study of it a year ago or so was that even nice innocent kids were being exposed to a lot of really dirty garbage.
So is this Facebook thing any better? Is there more control of content?
I mean I watch what junior does on the computer and we found some really nasty videos on You Tube that he didn't necessarily watch, but he saw the pics at least in passing.
How do you as parents feel? In light of the ol' Scripture: "avoid all APPEARANCES of evil"?


Amy said...

Bill have you heard of It is simular to utube, but very different. You can post video's and veiw them on a whole different level. A chirstian site if you will. Check it out.


mick b: said...

I'm surprised that you didn't get more people defending their use of Facebook and MySpace with phrases like "we're very careful", "we monitor our children's use of it." I enjoy wallowing in cyberspace anonymity. It's much safer.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Will have to check that out Amy.

Mick: right on. I have said it publicly on my radio show and here, MySpace is WRONG.
It's not necessarily YOUR kids that are doing no no's, it's the OTHER kids who are, and the advertisements, the full on nudity, crud, I challenge any parent with half a brain to look at the first page of the site and not be a tad shocked. You don't even have to have an account, I went just the other day and there was a little teenybopper with no top on and holding her pinkies over the naughty bits on her chest.
That was on the HOME PAGE!
So, you parents that think it's ok, what do you say when little Susy sees that picture?
You are either completely in denial and complacent or just plain lazy and stupid.

The Blunt Matt said...

I say we eliminate Myspace and the internet altogether since it's "the OTHER kids' fault" that we can't seem to stay away from smut. Weren't we just talking about "turning the channel" a few posts ago? Ignoring something usually helps to make it go away. I, however, seem to be the exception to that rule...