Thursday, December 4, 2008

Master Recycler, Thanksgiving and the Outdoors

I would like to share how I am a Master Recyler. I care about our environment. I also like to shoot guns and all of that ties nicely to Thanksgiving.

Well, we had a couple of old laptops that were in a "non-working" condition.
Now, I want to recycle and I don't want any "sensitive" material on the hard drive to be put out in public, so Kai and I decided to "recycle" them.

Using our trusty .22 long rifle and my faithful .357 Magnum ("do you feel lucky punk"), we proceeded to blast the crap out of those two laptops.
Pictures below showing the evidence of our "recycling" in the great outdoors of Camas Valley, Oregon, located halfway between Tenmile and Remote, Oregon.

By the way, we did pick up all 50,000 pieces left over and took them to the local landfill. hee hee


Amy said...

You are great for a good chuckle every onse in a while. God does have a sence of hummor.

mick said...

I hear the whistling from a Clint Eastwood western in the background. Long live cool!!!