Monday, April 20, 2009

The new "Bill Post Radio Show" debuts!

I am very excited to announce officially that "The Bill Post Radio Show" will debut on 1430 AM, KYKN on Monday April 27th at 12 Noon!
I am looking forward to this greatly and have waited patiently for many years to get this.
I hope that you will tune in if you are in the Salem-Keizer area a
nd within the 60 mile radius around the area.
I will have some great guests, lots of calls and of course my own style of talk that I don't think is being done anywhere right now!
I have an agent, a great guy w
ho is working on taking the show to a National level and that is very exciting too.
So, I have attached some shots from the VERY successful Salem Tea Party, Spending Revolt last Wednesday the 15th at the State Capital. I had the privilege of being the lead off speaker and that was a blast standing in front of 4-5,000 people with signs and banners, it was awesome! Then I did a live show from their, interviewing many senators and representatives who "get it".
Thank you all for your support over the years and sorry I haven't kept up on my blogging but between Kai's baseball and all the business here at the station, I have been a bit busy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will You Join Us On April 15th for a Tea Party?

On April 15th, millions of Americans, all over the USA will be gathering at state capitols, courthouses, city halls and other places to protest the bad government decisions that are drowning us in debt! Putting federal taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars borrowed from the international community is morally wrong and fiscally irresponsible. Putting state taxpayers on the hook for billions of bonded debt to pay for immediate and temporary gratification is just plain stupid. Sound off LOUDLY and clearly on the steps of the Capitol so that everyone inside can hear your protest and disapproval!

Here in Salem, we are OFFICIALLY going to have OUR Tea Party starting at 11am with a march with signs and banners and horns and tea bags, and march around the State Capital building, and then at 12 noon a program begins which will include myself and other media members "whipping the crowd up" and introducing Conservatives who BELIEVE that we can TAKE AMERICA BACK!
I would personally like to invite the readers of this blog to register and take part in this event. It's not JUST a protest, it is a chance
FOR ONCE FINALLY, for ALL conservatives whether, Republican, Independent, Libertarian or whatever you call yourself, to come together as one and show the liberals in Congress, the Oregon Legislature and the White House that WE SURROUND THEM!
Go to my Facebook page or to and click on the link under the helicopter photo.