Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will You Join Us On April 15th for a Tea Party?

On April 15th, millions of Americans, all over the USA will be gathering at state capitols, courthouses, city halls and other places to protest the bad government decisions that are drowning us in debt! Putting federal taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars borrowed from the international community is morally wrong and fiscally irresponsible. Putting state taxpayers on the hook for billions of bonded debt to pay for immediate and temporary gratification is just plain stupid. Sound off LOUDLY and clearly on the steps of the Capitol so that everyone inside can hear your protest and disapproval!

Here in Salem, we are OFFICIALLY going to have OUR Tea Party starting at 11am with a march with signs and banners and horns and tea bags, and march around the State Capital building, and then at 12 noon a program begins which will include myself and other media members "whipping the crowd up" and introducing Conservatives who BELIEVE that we can TAKE AMERICA BACK!
I would personally like to invite the readers of this blog to register and take part in this event. It's not JUST a protest, it is a chance
FOR ONCE FINALLY, for ALL conservatives whether, Republican, Independent, Libertarian or whatever you call yourself, to come together as one and show the liberals in Congress, the Oregon Legislature and the White House that WE SURROUND THEM!
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The Blunt Matt said...

Oh Bill, so funny that you advocate protesting the government for some things and not for others. By your rationale, we can only protest taxes, and not the war? Why weren't you protesting Bush's tax gift to the wealthy for 8 years that helped get us here? Or, protest the lack of regulation that helped as well? Or, protest the war that has done its part to get us here?

Conservatives have had this country for the last 8 years and now you're crying that you need to take it back? I'm confused, which is not surprising...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Matt, you are VERY wrong. CONSERVATIVES have NOT had this country EVER. Republicans dressed in Conservative clothing maybe, but not REAL Conservatives.
We will be protesting Taxation without representation.
I am tired of the tax and spend government now running the country.
What tax breaks for the rich? It's never enough for liberals. They have this dreamland they want to live in where NO ONE can get ahead in life. No one can earn as much as he or she wants. No one can work hard and be rewarded.
The tax break for the rich is a slogan used by liberals to fire up their minions. The RICH PAY 90% OF THE TAXES ALREADY. Thank God for the rich or we'd all be in the soup line.
I don't protest the war because I believe the war is right. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who needed to be taken out. Al Queda needs to be hunted down until all or dead or in jail. If it weren't for America's guts and determination, this entire world would be under the boot of Communism, or Socialism or Nazi's or radical Islamists. America ONCE stood up to bullies, now we kowtow to European wimps who stamp their approval on Michelle Obama's pretty dress and call it a day.
This country is a mess and it wasn't JUST the last 8 years, it has been coming for a long time, and THAT my friend is why people are Mad as Heck and Not Going to Take it Anymore!

The Blunt Matt said...

Well, Bill, I've been wrong before, I think. But if you ever bothered to study history or economics, you'd know that America creates more millionares on a regular basis than any country on the planet. The rhetoric is just plain silly and I know that if commentators don't say things like you claim, you'd be out of a job. I just love that it's now okay to criticize the government now that it fits your program. Even Reagan, your be all end all conservative, spent us into debt. What do you suggest as a solution rather than constantly blaming somebody?

And it's simple fact that the wealthy got HUGE tax breaks under Bush. I know that if I gave you references you would still disagree. I benefitted from those tax breaks so I speak from experience.

Saddam was put in power by us and was taken out for the simple reason that he was no longer necessary to use as a bogeyman. America is also a very effective terrorist organization whether you want to believe it or not. So, I'm in favor of ridding the world of all of the others but us. Maybe it's a good idea to try and get along with others just like Jesus would want us to?

So, what's your idea of a real conservative? Please don't say Sarah Palin...

The Blunt Matt said...

And, I'm a little surprised that you only asked people on the right to come and protest. I am usually voting for the Green party and I would have participated, but you didn't ask...