Monday, July 30, 2007

The Latest Volcano's News!

Ok, fans, the Volcano's are back in town Tuesday the 31st and it is Beaver Baseball night.
Pat Casey will be there.
Why you ask do I, a rabid Duck fan care?
I don't but there are these silly Beaver fans and they did after all win a World Series title twice! So, I will honor that, but wait until Football season!!!
Here is a link to the latest Volcano news:

Here is a picture of me recently with one of my hero's of baseball, Mr. Joe Amalfitano. He is currently a roving instructor with the Giants, but before he turned to the dark side (Giants) he was a long time Dodger (God's chosen team). He played for Brooklyn and LA and he was Tommy Lasorda's right hand man for all the years Tommy was manager. Love ya Joey!

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