Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Planned Parenthood WILL Continue in S-K Schools

This story goes all the way back to last November.  A parent at North Salem High School was told by his kids that Planned Parenthood was teaching "sex education" at the school.  When he dug into it he found that indeed it was happening.

Letters went back and forth between he and the principal then later he and the superintendent and the spokesperson for the district.
To make a long story short, the principal, Cynthia Richardson, originally denied that the school had Planned Parenthood staff on site teaching a class.  Then, the superintendent, Sandy Husk acknowledged that they in fact did have PP staff teaching the course.  The parent, Doug Muravez insisted that the class subject matter was not his complaint but rather that the PP staff was teaching it not the district teachers.

The story progressed into the spring and eventually, much to our satisfaction, and Doug's, the matter was resolved with a letter from Sandy Husk stating that the class would no longer be taught by PP staff but would be taught by a Salem Keizer Schools teacher.  We thought that was it.  

Today, I received the following email from the parent Doug Muravez: 

I was notified today that the School District will not be honoring their agreement.  Attached are copies of the letters.  They are also trying to say that the instructors from Planned Parenthood are not really Planned Parenthood employees because they were only hired for that project.  I've also seen a copy of the new Teen Outreach Program that they will be presenting, and it contains multiple referrals to Planned Parenthood for more information. In other words, the curriculum now directly links to Planned Parenthood and directs our children to contact them, including how to contact them.  It seems to me that if you're directed, controlled, and paid by someone, that makes you their employee.  And if you're an independent contractor, that would make them an agent of Planned Parenthood, but I doubt they are independent contractors and the courts would probably find them to be employees in a labor dispute even if they had a contract that said they were independent contractors.  

You've been great at keeping the public updated.  It looks like this is going to continue for quite some time, and we can't trust the school district to keep their word.

Doug Muravez
Here is the note explaining the "TOPS" program (Planned Parenthood's program) 
Is this more school district hypocrisy?  The parent, and other parents, who objected to this did not have a problem with the curriculum but rather, with the fact that Planned Parenthood was teaching in their schools.  

I am putting together ALL of the previous letters as sent to and from the parent and the school district as I gather them and will update this post.

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