Tuesday, August 21, 2012

America: The Last Great Hope

I had the privilege of talking with the brilliant Trevor Loudon today on my radio show.  This week I am leading up to my broadcasts next week from the RNC in Tampa.  

After chatting about the "Occupy RNC" thugs for awhile, our conversation changed to a discussion I wanted to have with Trevor.  Now remember, he is a "Kiwi" from New Zealand, but he might be more "American Patriot" than all of us combined.  

I asked him "what do you think happens if Obama wins in November?"
His answer was chilling.  Basically he said, that America was the world's last great hope.  That the evil presences in the world would carve up all of the world with the military might of America gone, which is why Barack Obama is too be feared.  "Bill, there will be no place to hide".  Wow.

After our conversation I went on to add my thoughts.  I believe we can draw a line between the failing of the Christian church in America with the failing of this country.  When Christians started being afraid to stand on God's Word, when churches became country clubs and movie theaters, when the Church got wimpy and "tolerant" we can see that America went right along with that.  God has had His hand on this country from the beginning and since we don't seem to want Him around anymore, he is politely removing His hand and we are now facing the consequences. 

So, will this election change America?  Maybe.  Will our turning our eyes, ears and hearts back to God change America.  YES most definitely!  America IS the world's last great hope but only if that hope is based on the principles and foundations set by the Hand of the Creator of all things, the Lord God.

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