Friday, August 17, 2012

Oregon House GOP Resignations?

I heard this week that the leading talk show host in Portland has called for the resignation of Rep. Kevin Cameron of Salem, the former House GOP leader.
What has Rep. Cameron done in this situation of the last couple months that would call for that?  He resigned as Leader and "took a bullet for the team" in doing that.  He was blackmailed into it.  

As a close friend of Rep. Cameron's, I can assure this talk show host and anyone else, there is NO ONE who feels more remorse about this situation then Cameron does.  We have had very candid conversations and have spent much time in prayer.  He has done the right thing by talking to the people of his district and now it's between he, his family and God.  Was what he and the other 6 did wrong?  Yes I believe so.  It was more than a "boys being boys" as I've said before, as public servants they are held to a higher standard and as Republicans WE are held to a higher standard.  Should they then ALL resign?  No.  Should they give the voters of Oregon better explanations?  Yes.  Kevin has done that on my show as well as to his constituents in his district.

The point here is this: if someone should resign from the House GOP caucus, WHO should be resigning?  I bring it back to the source of the whole situation to begin with, Rep. Matt Wingard.  Why isn't he being asked to resign?  What possible reason is there for him to remain in an office for which he will not be running for reelection?  Does he have another "bomb" to let off?  He assumed the "strip club" story would cause the House GOP to run and hide, and they did for awhile, but once it came out, what good was it?  The only reason I can think of for not being asked to resign nor resigning on his own is that there is more to this story.  More than "consensual sex"with an aide.  More than underage drinking at parties.  More than going to a strip club.  What is it?  I have finally come to this conclusion: It's time to move on.  Yes, I believe it's time to move on. 

I have been the most vocal in Oregon against what has transpired and will continue to do so if needed, I owe that to my listeners, but now I believe we need to move on to the very important November election.  I feel very badly for these 7 men and their families but, with Rep. Cameron, I know for a fact that he has sought forgiveness and has shown true remorse publicly and privately and he is ready to move on with the campaign to take the House back for the GOP.

So, if anyone is going to call for anyone's resignation, let's make sure we know who it is that needs to resign.  Wrong target this time.

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