Monday, August 6, 2012

A New News Network!

It is time for a new cable news network and I have just the network!

Now I must confess I don't have cable TV, I have an antenna and lots of Netflix, but I do catch podcasts and webcasts of the major news networks as well as the major network newscasts.  I'm thinking that if the right person, with the right amount of money could buy CNN from whoever the heck owns it now (is it still Ted Turner?).
It has the infrastructure in place, it just needs a LITTLE in FIRE THE ENTIRE STAFF!  Then make sure a new team is hired.  Strong Conservatives from all over the world.  Get some of the great Conservative radio folks on.  Get Glenn Beck back!  See if Rush would do TV again.  Get The Bill Post Radio Show on TV! (Ok, so that's a little far fetched but a guy can dream can't he?)  You get the idea.  Don't even pretend to be "fair and balanced".  Bull hockey!  Be RIGHT sided and RIGHT minded at all times.  Anyone that thinks that any network is not biased in some way in their reporting is very mistaken.  So I propose that we don't even hide it!  Be Conservative!  

Now there are those that say "hey Bill, why use CNN and not just build a new network?"  As I said above, all the stuff is there.  Cameras, scaffolding, production, etc.  Heck even the logo is perfect!  Have you seen the latest on CNN's ratings?

CNN has suffered a decline in ratingsCNN hit a 21-year ratings low in the second quarter of 2012, falling 35 percent among total viewers and 41 percent in the coveted 25-54 age demographic compared to the same time last year. This comes just months after CNN experienced its lowest-rated month in more than a decade in April, and the lowest-rated prime time month in more than twenty years in May.
I say "the heck with Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS!  Time for the new: CONSERVATIVE NEWS NETWORK!

I told my audience that I would contribute the first $100 to the person who offers to by CNN and I stand by that!  Who will join me?

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