Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Morning at RNC

Well day two gets under way early today.  The opening meetings are at 9am and go through about 2, then the opening ceremonies, guest speakers and nomination of Mitt Romney proceeds at about 7pm (all Eastern times).

Yesterday we did our show from the hotel the Oregon delegation is staying in about 45 minutes from Tampa.  There was no reason really to go into Tampa as Chairman Priebus gavelled the start of the convention and then gavelled it into recess 5 minutes later.

The word here is that the Ron Paul folks are still going on with their attempts to get him nominated.  There have been FOUR different processes that have been gone through by the RNC and attorneys for both Ron Paul delegates and Oregon, Maine and Oklahoma delegations.  All four have ruled that the conventions in each state are done and delegates and alternates are set.  There still might be a convention floor vote but I haven't heard what the final word is on that so be watching and listening for that today.


I will have much more in pictures and words after today's session, but for now, it's been raining, blowing and generally nasty BUT, not a hurricane.  The real fun starts today.  I am so proud to be an American and watch and participate in this process and I am proud of our Oregon delegation.  We are really making a difference in Tampa!

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