Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Top Ten Highlights from the RNC

What started as an attempt to write a daily story from the RNC in Tampa died on day three as I had NO idea that I would be getting about 2 hours of sleep each day and the vast amount of work it took to pull off a show each day.

So, I bring to you my Top Ten highlights from the RNC in Tampa.

Here I am safely past all security ready to go into the Forum

10 -  The 1.5 mile hike each day to get through all of the security checkpoints.  Downtown Tampa was a militarized zone and rightly so, as the Occupy dingbats evidently WERE there, we just didn't see them as they were kept a long ways away.  In fact my favorite quote from the newspaper in Tampa all week was the "leader" of the protestors on Wednesday saying "we're leaving, no one can see us".
Broadcasting live from the RNC in Tampa

9 - Doing a live radio broadcast from a National convention.  For me it was not only a thrill to be there but even more so to share it with my listeners.  We flew by the seat of our pants each day not knowing who would appear as guests or what our topics would be but it all turned out great I thought.  It was such an honor to be able to report on all that was happening.

The Romney/Ryan clans come out for the end
8 - Watching the balloon drop and the thrill of seeing our new candidates for President and Vice President and their wonderful families.  I especially loved the Romney grandkids chasing the balloons around.  It was a wonderful moment that I'll never forget.

Ok one more shot of the families

7 - Again, I guess I was struck by how special these two families are.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion and pride in my country and my political party, it was like being at the largest pep rally I'd ever been too!
John Bolton near my seat

6 - Meeting former Ambassador John Bolton.  Wow, what a great man and what a gentleman.  I was sitting alone in my row when I noticed over my right shoulder a man sit down, I nodded a hello at him. Then I looked again and saw that it was John Bolton!  Wow!  I didn't even know what to talk to him about and figured he was just watching the activities as I was so I left him alone until he got up to leave about an hour later and I HAD to get a picture.  He was very gracious and asked me quite a few questions about Oregon politics and we had a wonderful chat!
 The view of Clint Eastwood from my seat
5 -  It's hard to make this number 5 but seeing one of my lifelong hero's in person was top 5!  Clint was outstanding.  Right away I knew that he was doing top notch improv acting.  It was funny, it was smart and it was innovative.  I completely disagree with those who think he was lost or not sure what to say.  He knew exactly what he was doing and it was brilliant!  After waiting all week for the "mystery guest" and wondering who it was, when we got the news confirmed on Thursday morning I couldn't wait to get into the convention and get ready for the man!
 ORP Chairman Allen Allen on the delegation floor
4 - Watching Chairman Allen Alley work harder than I've ever seen anyone work, that no one knew about.  He is a tireless leader and was hard at it for over 10 days and this picture was taken at the end of the convention on Thursday and we call it our "victory" photo.  "Victory" over the folks who tried their best to ruin the party, both the Party and the party.  Allen represents Oregon well and I am proud to call him my friend.  (If you see him some time, ask him about the "lost car", he'll love it!)
 David Shuster of Current TV
3 - This one is a little weird and requires some background.  In July of 2011 I received this email:
Brother Bill,
I've been asked to come to NY and sit in for KO Friday night.  Any interest in being a guest?  I realize that you may have much more interesting/rewarding things to do at 8pm on a Friday night.  And perhaps you already have plans.  But if you are free, I'd love to have you on.   Wherever you are, I'll make sure the show finds a studio nearby.
I hope all is well with you... We need to send out an APB for Eric/Karl.  Ugh.
Now I had thought this was pretty weird but I was more than happy to help an "old pal" out so I replied;
Hello David,
Sure, can you call me and we'll set it all up?
I'm never busy on Friday nights.
Let me know.
503-390-3014, I'll be here until about 3:30 PDT.
bill post
Well long story short is this: he thought he was writing Bill Press, the libtalker from the old Air America.  Since then I have made it a regular feature of our show to email David weekly and remind him to have me on his television show.  
SO, who do I see broadcasting every day next to me?  David Shuster.  It wasn't until he was done on Thursday that I was able to actually talk to him.  When I went up to him and said "hello David".  He looked up at me, looked at my badge (which read "Oregon Delegation Bill Post") and said "oh my gosh, it's BILL from Oregon!"  We had a wonderful chat and he told me that he really wanted me on that show with Keith Olbermann last year by Olbermann said "no way".  We have connected and it may be something we put together soon.  Here are our tweets to each other after meeting:
I just met and chatted with a very nice man, and he knew right away who I was. David: thank you have your people call mine :-)
Hey Bill , it was nice meeting you in person tonight. I look forward to some spirited yet fun radio stuff wtih you soon!
Col. Allen West
 2 - Meeting Col. Allen West.  We are both laughing because I told him I was the "only Conservative left in Oregon, any way you could move west and help us out?"  He laughed and said he doubted I was it.  I got his card and we hope to have him on the show soon.  He is a GREAT American and was very kind to everyone, allowing anyone who asked to have photos taken for hours!
Soon to be First Lady Ann Romney
1 -  The number one highlight, by far, for me was hearing Ann Romney.  I am telling you there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  She is wonderful.  Just plain wonderful.  You had to be there.
So I know this blog sounds like a star struck tourist but heck, that's what I was!  I had a lot of fun, did a lot of work, learned a ton but thought, "I am witnessing history" and that made it the best trip of my life! 

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floraspec said...

You forgot my favorite. When the large young Ron Paul person you spoke with on Thursday at the end of the RNC. He said he would support Mitt Romney. Let me take you back to 2008. I know many Ron Paul PCP's who worked tirelessly to try and get John McCain elected. They know several things. 1) You have to be constantly active. 2) This race is taken by inches, every inch we gain gives us momentum. 3) Many left the Libertarian Party in 2008to join true Patriotic Republicans who have already supported Ron Paul a Republican. 4) TEA Together Everyone Advances. 5) This time around once they saw the stripes of RNC censorship, they could quit as the old RNC wanted or continue to advance to remove the old guard. 6) Many who support some of Ron Paul' positions know that time is short and that the One World System is upon us and that Bible Prophecy is about to take place. 7) With this in mind, they & I know that we will end up surviving only through Divine Providence or be Martyred. 8) When you see Ron Paul supporters jailed or Martyred remember these things.