Tuesday, September 25, 2012

National Voter Registration Day

Now I'm not stupid and I know that this site for National Voter Registration Day is mostly from the far left, but I think we Conservatives can use it as a day to remind us to get someone registered to vote today!
Why not "shanghai" this day and use it for OUR purposes?  All I ask is that each and every one of us reach TWO people today or by October 16th.  You don't have to talk politics, you don't have to talk candidates, just keep it basic and simple.  

"Hey Bob, are you registered to vote?  You know this is a very important year and a very important election on November 6th."  Something simple and unobtrusive like that.  You'll be amazed at how many of your friends, family, neighbors and others are not registered.

We also need to reach out to those who have become "inactive" voters for whatever reason.  It is estimated that 115,000 Republicans are "inactive".  Here's a good question to ask yourself and then other folks: "did I (you) receive a ballot in May of this year?  How about November of last year?"  You can also go to this website to find out if you are registered.

Though I am NOT a fan of Oregon's mail in voting procedure, I acknowledge it is most likely here to stay and though I am NOT a fan of the current Secretary of State, this site is the easiest way to get registered or to register yourself and it's easy to send this link to others: OREGON VOTER REGISTRATION.

So, don't let the "sponsors" of this site take away the importance of getting registered to vote TODAY!!

The Twitter hashtag for today is: #925NVRD


Siddhartha said...

I have encouraged everybody I have met to register, but here is the other thing I do. You can't fix stupid or change a stupid voters mind to come over to the right, so I have been telling all of my liberal Obama voting friends who feel disenfranchised to vote for Jill Stein since they wont vote for Romney because they believe all of the crap they see on MSNBC. She has no chance of winning and it steals votes from Obama. (and you thought I was gonna try to sell them on Gary Johnson...).

Bill's Waste of Air said...

LOL! Classic Sidd! Thanks for being a GREAT American!