Friday, September 7, 2012

Oregon Candidates for Office Wanted!

This is an open invitation to all candidates running for state representative, senator, statewide races, congressional races, county commissioners and even dog catchers!  The Bill Post Radio Show has a mission: To see that our audience gets as much information about the candidates as possible.  

We open the show to candidates for the next 60 days as we head towards November 6th.  Just email the show and we'll set things up.

Oregon is on the precipice of becoming either another California (on steroids) or, as the ORGOP Chairman said at the RNC last week: "The New Jersey of the Left Coast!".  We have a chance to really turn this ship around and I want to do all I can to help.

If you don't regularly listen to this program I invite you to do so.  We are on the air live from noon to three weekdays and we have podcasts of previous shows available.
You can listen live at AM 1430 KYKN or listen online with our streaming player at just click on the Listen Live button or you can watch us live or catch podcasts at
 We don't mess around with national stories, we talk about the state I love: Oregon!  We promise to deliver as much information about the election in Oregon as we can possibly squeeze in each day.

Join us won't you?

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