Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oregon Republicans Missing the Boat!

Yesterday I wrote about the National Voter Registration Day and the importance of each one of us reaching just two people to get them registered to vote.  I preached the same sermon to my local county GOP meeting last night.  We can do all the walking lists we want, knock on doors, put up yard signs etc, but NONE of that is any good if folks aren't registered to vote!

So, what do I see this morning?  TWO Democrats out registering voters!  They ALWAYS beat the GOP at this.  As far as I am concerned the only reason there is a Democrat voter registration edge is because they do a better job of getting out to the people and actively registering them.  I am tired of the old "I'm a Republican so I work and don't have time" crap!  Bull!  You have time to watch tv, listen to talk radio, read websites and post stupid rumor to the internet or on emails, you have time to take voter registration cards around your neighborhood!

Here's our secretary of state getting voters registered (gee I wonder what party they registered as and who they will vote for in November for Secretary of state?)  KATE BROWN VISITS YOUNG PEOPLE TO REGISTER TO VOTE

Here is our junior Senator doing the same in Portland: SEN. JEFF MERKLY VISITS PCC

Where are the Republican candidates?  Unless the news media in Oregon isn't reporting it, I don't see it happening.  And they wonder why we can't ever win this state!

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