Monday, October 1, 2012

Benson High School Teacher Faces Down Planned Parenthood

This is the teacher at Benson High School who said "NO" to Planned Parenthood coming into his classroom to teach sex ed.
Bill Diss is his name and here is a letter he sent out recently seeking your prayer support:

September 17, 2012, a group of people came into my classroom called TOP (Teen Outreach Program). I was notified the week before that they would be coming into my tutorial class where I have been working with the children on basic math skills and helping them in other subjects.

I really felt that presence of evil in the classroom and I asked the fellow for his card and it turned out the people were from Planned Parenthood. I asked them to leave and they went to the principal's office and then a few minutes later the principal and a vice principal came to remove me from class and directed me to go to the principal's office.

I so ask you to please pray for my wife Cathy; this has been so very hard on her and it been going on since March of 2007 when I first got involved with trying to stop Planned Parenthood up by school. She has been stoic and supportive but it is killing her.

I am also asking your prayers for all of the children and I am begging you to even do more. Please read the attachment that Planned Parenthood set home with the children. The last sheet is especially scary because Planned Parenthood has the right to do medical treatment and to use the children in videos and pictures. The Planned Parenthood up on MLK Jr. Blvd. put together these videos (
PP's view of abstinence, oral sex, love song
, etc.) These are so foul and with computer technology, faces and bodies can easily be changed on videos and pictures.

I am also begging and pleading with you to notify parents, someway and somehow to really watch what they sign. Planned Parenthood is aggressively after the children at Benson, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Madison. I think you know that at the beginning of the school year parents sign many papers and they might not know what they are signing. Planned Parenthood can also sterilize children without parental notification if the child is 15 or over.

On Tuesday I went back to school and the principal told me I had to sit through Planned Parenthood's discussion and they were extremely aggressive obtaining children's signatures by promising them all sorts of gifts and cash. Planned Parenthood is also working on some schools in the Salem area.

I think you know that 40 Days for Life is starting next week and I cannot think of a better outreach then to protect our children by notifying parents. I think it also good for all to contact the district and let them know that we do not want Planned Parenthood in the schools.

All of this is for the children. It is is not a Bill issue and but today I would so appreciate your prayers as I have to meet with the principal and my lawyer and I have no idea how many lawyers or other district personnel will be present from the district. Two years ago during the school year I was part of 16 meetings with union people, lawyers, principals, etc.

As they say, "Life goes on." Let us make sure that happens to our precious children. They are so lovable as I look out at them, and so sweet, and some have had really rotten lives. Please, please, please let them not be harmed in any other way.

God Bless you today and always!

Trying to be Faithful,
Bill Diss

Now what is it that Planned Parenthood REALLY wants to do with your kids?
This PDF file is the material from Planned Parenthood.  Read it very carefully, it is very disturbing.

You will note in the literature that the group is led locally by Austin Les and Ernesto Dominguez.  Mr. Dominguez is listed as "undocumented".  Hmm.... Look here at his bio.

We already have these people in Salem high schools, with NO dissension from the teachers.  Don't let this happen again!

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