Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Replacing Frank Morse in Senate District 8

As you probably know, state Senator Frank Morse resigned from his position in Senate District 8 earlier this summer.  Though I never felt he was a good Conservative State Senator, I felt we could get a stronger Senator from that district.  Last night was the chance to get that Conservative Senator.

The Precinct Committee Persons (PCP'S) nominated 3 candidates out of 9 to present to the Linn and Benton County Commissioners for them to choose the new Senator from District 8.  

I am very happy to say that out of 80 PCP'S, 66 showed up.  I am not very happy that the "Ronulans" or "Paulbots" or "Paulestinians" (whichever you prefer) were out in force just as they promised they would.  They delayed the voting until after 11pm with motions, "point of orders" and general rules, procedures and resolution matters rather than getting to the VERY important task of the night: electing a new Senator from that district.  You see, these Ron Paul cult followers find that rules, procedures and resolutions are more important than elections.  Their "agenda" is more relevant and should be more closely paid attention to then the election process.  Of course the real tactic here is to wear the regular folks down so that they will tire of all of the debate and just go home at 11pm and leave only the Paul contingent to vote.  They have a real desire to destroy the Republican Party from within and they are having some success.

No matter, three candidates are now available for the county commissioners to choose from:
Former State Representative Betsy Close
Corvallis insurance agent Clint Johnson 
Samaritan Health Services CEO Larry Mullins

Betsy Close is a solid Conservative Republican whom I have full confidence in.  Here is her website as she was also running for County Commissioner. 

Clint Johnson is an insurance agent and not having much information other than what he has on his Facebook page, I can't say how he stands.

Larry Mullins is the CEO of a very successful hospital system in the area.  Here is a video of him speaking to the Oregon Senate in 2011.

Here is the updated story as of 11am this morning.

The scary part is this: IF the county commissioners can not decide on one of these three, the decision goes to Governor John Kitzhaber.  They have 10 days to decide.

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