Friday, October 16, 2009

How SNL Could Change the 2010 Elections!

After you watch this SNL sketch, which has had heavy play on YouTube and everywhere it seems, take a look at my thoughts below:

Here's the thing: When I first saw this, I just thought it was pretty funny. I thought once again SNL has done a good job of political satire. Then it hit me, this sketch may have just completely opened the door for the Left to finally jump OFF the Obama bandwagon.
They now have permission to blast him! In the Left's eyes, what HAS he done?
The Anti-War folks are not happy with him. The pro-health care reform folks don't think he's moving fast enough. The far Left is not happy and the "from the Center" position President Obama has seemingly taken, is not what they wanted when they pimped hard for him.

Of course the Right thinks he is completely a leftist and that he is taking America down the road to ruin, and rightly so, but, until this SNL sketch came out, you never heard the Left attack him. Now it's come and it will get worse.

He was protested yesterday in New Orleans for not acting fast or hard enough for the victims of Katrina (sounds "Bushish" doesn't it?). He was protested by Anti-War folks in San Francisco yesterday for not keeping his promise to get us out of Iraq and increasing our presence in Afghanistan.

This will make 2010 even MORE fun won't it? I think the Left will sit on their hands and the Right will be more engaged then ever and this will bring about a complete change of hands in Congress and across the nation's gubernatorial races.
Between the 912 Projects, Freedomworks, Americans For Prosperity and all of the other Conservative grass roots movements going on in America, and the Far Left's anger at this president for not "delivering", we are going to see some real change in 2010. I don't think anyone would have seen this coming. Did you?


mick b said...

What I think is so revealing about this skit is the audience's response to it. You can hear the unrest and the laughter as they come to realization that they are laughing at themselves.

psychobob said...

In It Can't Happen Here the Republicans and the Communists end up working together against the Fascist. Hmm....
Everyone should read it:

The Blunt Matt said...

Actually, SNL's job is to make fun of everything. I love how you insist upon saying that The Left is now attacking him. Excellent work. The difference between the Left and the Right Bill is that the Left will call their elected official out IMMEDIATELY when he doesn't deliver. The Right will fall in line like sheep and attack anyone who attacks their guy. It's pathetic and I'm glad neither you, nor your fans will ever get it....