Friday, January 25, 2013

Union Thugs Picket Car Dealer in Salem

For the last several days this sign and three men holding it have appeared in front of Withnell Dodge in Salem.  Look closer at what the sign says:

 You're probably thinking "auto workers union" right?  Wrong.  Here is why the CARPENTER'S Union is picketing a car dealer in Salem:

Hello All!

Some of you may have received a letter & flyer by fax or mail today from the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.  They have a long standing complaint against DWA Trade Show Services, whom we use as the decorator for the show.  This is nothing new as they mailed us letters last year as well, although they did not include the charming flyer with the rat on it.  I have attached the copy I received below, in case you have not received one.

We have worked with DWA for many, many years and they have always done a great job for us.  In response to the claims made by the Carpenters, DWA has provided us with a letter offering their input on the allegations made against them.  I have attached that as well.  I have no plans to discontinue working with DWA as I find their work to be excellent and I believe the claims made by the Carpenters are baseless.  

While the Carpenters have threatened to picket the show in the past, we have not heard from them in any form other than the letters they occasionally mail out.  I do not believe that they will be at the Expo Center while our show is going on however, if they do, I do not believe them to be a detriment to our show.  We are not involved in the dispute and it is my belief that they are using these letters & flyers as a way to get people riled up.  I have spoken with Jose Perry, who's name is on the letter, and am none the wiser as to the point of these mailings, which was the case last year when I spoke to the gentleman that signed that letter.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please feel free to contact me.  I am also talking with the Department of Justice to clarify any actions we may take against this type of defamatory campaign.  

Amy Patrick
Show Manager

Now here is the "flyer" the union sent out, note the rat chewing the US flag!

Here also is the letter from the union to the NW Ag Fest:

Here is the rebuttal from the contractor being slandered:

January 16, 2013
RE: Letter from Carpenters Union / Notice of Labor Dispute with DWA
This is a letter of clarification regarding a notice you may have received from the PNW Regional Council of Carpenters. 
The Carpenters union states in their letter and flyer that DWA does not pay “area standard wages”. The union has been asked by many of our clients what this wage is. The union has been unable to give a direct answer to anyone that has requested this information. DWA is at a loss as to why they would state we do not pay “area standard wages” when we cannot get a direct answer as to what they are.
Contrary to what the Carpenters union states in their letters, it has been determined that trade show decorating is not in the
construction industry. It is for this reason DWA management cannot legally make the decision to become affiliated with a union, it must be the DWA employees’ choice. DWA employees have opted not to be represented by any union at this time.
DWA employees are not against unions, as a matter of fact, DWA employees have been represented in the past by the
Laborer’s and Painter’s union. Even when our employees were represented by these two unions the Carpenters union continued their “Area Standard” informational picketing.
DWA management supports their employees’ rights to choose whether or not to be represented by a union.
DWA sets the area standard by the fair wages and excellent benefits which it pays its employees, notwithstanding any claims to the contrary by the Carpenters. Starting wage, with no experience is $14.00 per hour. Our average wage is $19.00 to
$21.00 per hour straight-time. We pay over-time after 8 hours in a day and 40 hours in a week. We pay premium pay for weekends, high-lift work, and when an employee is a foreperson.
All part-time and full-time DWA employees are eligible for major medical, dental and vision benefits. DWA requires only 80 hours per month average to qualify for healthcare benefits while the Carpenters union requires 120 hours per month. DWA believes healthcare insurance is essential to the health of our employees.
DWA employees have the opportunity to participate in a Simple IRA which the company matches up to 3%.
DWA employees receive vacation and holiday pay.
Our team at DWA is very proud to have been chosen to be the service contractor for this event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming event and wish you great success. Thank you for your time and patience with this matter.
If you are interested in learning more about the Carpenters union and their “labor disputes” they have across the United States, the website has a wealth of information regarding this subject.
DWA Trade Show & Exposition Services
Patti Beyer

Now you're still saying "why Withnell Dodge in Salem"?  
David Withnell, the owner of the dealership has a booth with some trucks at the show each year and because he is a very successful's his lucky day!
AND, just to show that they are good and loyal union workers?  They only picket from 10am to 2pm promptly.

Here's the good news: they were swamped at Withnell's today by our listeners including members of the Carpenter's Union who disagreed with this action.  The bad news: the picketers will be back tomorrow at 10am!


HatchThoughts said...

As my father is still a 35 year union carpenter I stand with the PNWUCC. Starting wage for a Carpenter at $14.00 is an absolute joke. They say they pay their top Carpenters $21.00 an hour. For a single person that's a living wage, but for a family of 4 that's below middle class. The Journeyman union wage is $35.00 an hour with full PENSION not a measly IRA account with is a joke as well. Their healthcare I'm assuming is subpar, and probably requires a ton of out of pocket costs from the employees. This drive to the bottom mentality in the craftsman community is driving down wages simply to compete. This is why ever since Taft Hartley and the rest of the Right to work for less states have seen their real wages for the middle class actually DROP. Truth is when you destroy unions you destroy the middle class. I also resent the fact you call these courageous union me and woman "union thugs" These are local people in the Salem area who fight for workers rights, and not the billionaires.

Unknown Construction Worker said...

Hatch, I too support Labor. That being said the Carpenters are not within the house of Labor any longer. The Carpenters have made the decision that the entire American and Canadian Labor movement is nothing they want to be part of. The Carpenters are NOT viewed as a legitimate Union any longer. This was not the position of the Carpenters Union membership but that of their dictatorial leadership and the McCarron crime family.

I would also point out that the Carpenters Union is a major supporter of the Republican Party having endorsed WI Gov. Scott Walker, Senatorial candidate Norm Coleman and many other reactionary Republicans in high profile races. The dictatorship within the Carpenters Union allowed their membership to be exploited by President GWB as a photo backdrop as well. Consistently the Carpenters leadership has taken a opposition stance against the broader labor community and recently has brought litigation against the AFL-CIO and the National Building Trades Department.

The Carpenters Union's collective bargaining agreements throughout the Northwest currently start carpenters below $14.00 an hour without any benefits. The Carpenters Union have slashed their own members wages by as much as 30% without a vote of the membership. The Carpenters Union recently rigged elections for officers in Portland OR and are being sued by their own membership, and by the way those folks holding the sign are making $10 an hour cash without benefits. Considering this is the same work a Carpenters Business Agent would perform for $130,000 a year plus benefits and a double pension I would point out that their own employees are not making "area standard" wages.

With this said I will support the Carpenters right to demonstrate as freedom by definition is the right to say things that people disagree with. This does not mean I stand with them in Solidarity as the Carpenters Union is no longer deserving of Solidarity in action as long as they remain outside of the house of Labor.