Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guns Across America - Oregon 1/19/13


Today was very exciting.  I am not normally much of a public speaker, I have always been a radio guy, hiding in a little studio where no one can see you.  I have also recently been having throat issues, losing my voice at random times and after seeing a specialist last week found out I have a cyst on one of my vocal cords.  So, in light of the cold weather today, and standing in it for a long time, I hoped that my voice would make it.  Well I didn’t get to say exactly what I wanted to say because about half way through my little speech the throat starting going, you know that feeling you get when you know, “uh oh”!  I could sense it was going fast and wasn’t going to recover so I quickly wrapped it up and said my thank you’s.

Here is what I was trying to say in it’s entirety:

Folks, we are just folks.  Today is a day to show the world that gun owners are just regular, law abiding citizens who work and play just like anyone else.  Ya, we don’t all LOOK alike, in fact some of us look a little weird…..I mean hey, look around you!  We are just folks though.

During this current debate over guns and gun control, I keep hearing one argument amongst many that goes something like this: “the founding fathers never would have foreseen the kinds of weapons we have today, so we should remember that”.  I say “ok” if that’s true, what about the first amendment?  Do you think our founding fathers had any idea or “foresaw” that internet that Al Gore invented, that it would carry the most vile pornography into our homes where our kids could see it?  Do you think they foresaw a painting of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ smeared with elephant poop?  His cross dipped in urine?  The flag burned in protest?  All of those are covered, I guess, by the first amendment.  As horrible and horrendous as those things are, they are indeed covered.   

So, did the founding fathers picture AR15’s?  No.  Did they envision Playboy magazine?  No.  They did however trust we the American people to do the right thing.  They saw a well armed people who could also speak their mind at any time.  They also were men of God.  As John Adams said “a virtuous people”.  Virtue is faith in God.  They believed in the Bible and what it held for man to live on this earth and in this great nation.  We ARE a people made by and blessed by God Almighty.  Our founding fathers had a great faith, not only in the future but in their God.

Today we stand here to not only honor the principles of the founding fathers but we join them in the principles from which they drew their documents: the Word of God!

Let’s get back to the basics!  Find a Bible and read it to you and your children.  Find a good church and faithfully attend.  Pray unceasingly for your children, your families and your country, including it’s leaders.  Together we can bring America back from the brink!

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