Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank You Chairman Allen Alley

For those who were involved in that extremely embarrassing "inquisition" at the county elections this month, breaking news: Allen Alley is NOT running for re-election as chairman of the ORGOP.  
The Allen Alley "haters" can now dance and sing in the streets.  If that is what you really wanted.
Now, the "will you as a delegate/officer vote for Allen Alley" question seems kind of pointless don't it?  Patience kids, patience.  Allen Alley is not the problem with the ORGOP, it's much deeper than one man.  We have bad consultants running GOP campaigns, we have too many Democrats in all key counties and we have public employee unions with a never ending supply of cash to spend against us.  Never the less, everyone needed a "devil" to blame so Allen took the bullets.  
Another thought: this position is unpaid yet is a full time job that requires full time attention and full time travel and the person who takes the position must be either independently wealthy or have a very generous employer who will allow that person 2 years off with pay.  This is NOT a job for just anyone.  I believe that we have had the best leadership in the ORGOP's history for the last 2 years and too many people have too short of a memory.  Attack him all you want but try stepping into his shoes.  Good luck on finding the right person.  We will get what we deserve if this finger pointing continues.

I want to thank Chairman Allen Alley for giving Oregon two very good years and for serving us well.  He is a great man who only wants great things for Oregon.  I wish him luck in whatever the future holds for him.

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Unknown said...

Could not agree with you more, Mr. Post!