Friday, November 2, 2012


The attached letter dated October 31, 2012 from Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to the Oregon Secretary of State Election's Division chief Steve Trout came across my email yesterday evening.

It raises significant questions about the delivery of ballots to county election offices. As you'll see, it appears that Trout asked the Postmaster General to NOT deliver completed ballots to county election offices if they lack postage.

This raises several questions:

- How many voters are being disenfranchised if this is the policy of the Secretary of State?

- Why was this issue not resolved LONG before election day? This isn't Kate Brown and Steve Trout's first vote by mail election.

- Is it Secretary of State Brown's official position to NOT count ballots sent through the mail that lack postage? Has this been her policy the past four years?

- What has happened during the current election to ballots that have come to the post office lacking postage? Are all counties treating them the same? Or are more affluent counties paying the postage due, while less affluent (and likely rural) counties are forced to not accept them?

- What was Steve Trout's original request from the Postmaster General? Did he, as the letter implies, ask the Postmaster General NOT to deliver to county election offices ballots that lacked postage?

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