Friday, November 2, 2012

GOP Consultants Make Bad TV Ad

Manuel Castaneda 


I want Republicans to win in Oregon and I think you know that but I do have to point out stupidity on anyone when I see it.  Not that I haven't done stupid things but this is one of the more stupid things I've seen yet.  This ad for Manuel Castaneda (whom I've had on the show several times and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support) features a couple of "voters" discussing some of the attack ads by Democrat Jeff Barker.  

Those attack ads are correctly portrayed as being horrible BUT one small problem: the "voters" are not voters in Castaneda's district.  The two ladies speaking to the camera are well known in most areas of Portland and will be quickly recognized as Anne Marie Gurney, the Republican running in House District 45 and Lindsay Berschauer who unsuccessfully ran for the empty Republican seat in House District 26 that is being represented in the election by John Davis.  (Disclaimer here: I really like both of these ladies and hope that Gurney wins and think that Berschauer will be a great candidate in Oregon next cycle, I just think they were talked into doing this because they greatly care about Castaneda winning this race as do we all!).

THIS is one big reason why GOP candidates keep losing in Oregon.  They use the same old tired political consultants who can't come up with any new ideas.  Why wouldn't you use ACTUAL voters from the district?  Great folks whom you know would do a great job, rather than throw this together?  

I love the candidates who have struck out on their own, either using a friend or business associate or someone outside of the Oregon political scene.  Win or not, they are giving it a real go.  They are walking away from the "old guard".  I applaud them.  I just wish we could catch these other new candidates before the consultants do. 

When this election is over, and we know who won and who lost and by what margins, I intend to make an appeal to ALL future GOP candidates to try a NEW way of running for office.  I will also write and talk about how ad campaign money is now being incorrectly used.
Again, I hope that ALL of our wonderful GOP candidates win their races and I will do everything I can to help but this.....just really dumb.  It just gives our enemies more fodder for the cannons! As illustrated in the story below:

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