Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Only 10 Weeks to Go, are you ready????

The Primary elections are only 10 weeks from now! What camp are you in? The ABH (anything but Hillary)?
Or are you already decided on Rudy?

How about Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney or the others?
Barack Obama?
Let me tell you a few things you need to know.
If Hillary is elected you can expect this great nation to become Feminized, Homosexualized and centralized. Health care for everyone? Ever been to England? Ask them about Universal Health Care.
Another idea she has proposed: a baby bond. Now thats just great if you have babies, but guess who pays? All of us, even those of you who don't have babies.
Do you not remember the Clinton years? Do you really want to go back to that and on top of that, add that this is the woman who makes her husband look like a Reaganite in comparison?
Now, to address the ABH crowd: that is a good idea. I am probably leaning that way myself.
I am not enamored with any of the candidates at this time, but whomever wins the Republican primary, we have to support them 100%. I am not a fan of Rudy, Mitt or John, I can live with Fred, but I will support the Republican nominee.

Rudy is a power hungry street hustler, in some ways that might be good, but he was quoted this week as saying: "I was elected as mayor as a Republican, but also a Democrat." What?

Mitt Romney's wife was on the Laura Ingraham show today and tried to defend hers and Mitt's "religion". She said: "Evangelical Christians are very close in what they believe to what we believe and I think will find that we have much in common." Huh?

They all scare me but nothing is as scary as Hillary!
You really have to ask yourself are you ready for what would come with a government run by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi?
The only good I can see from it is the beginning of the end of America which I think will be that much closer to Christ's return.
Free speech will be eliminated as it will be considered a "hate crime" to speak against them.
Priests and pastors will be villified and probably jailed.
Homosexual marriage will be mandated nationally, as will late term abortions and the so called "death with dignity" or as I call it, "death to grandma" will be universal.
We will have an immediate lack of respect militarily worldwide, our allies will be overwhelmed with threats not including the Al-Queidas of the world dropping planes and dirty bombs on our own country.
Christians, time to step up. Get registered, figure out who you will vote for and VOTE!!


Tammy Bowers said...

To quote Mick, albeit badly,when are you going to start posting pictures of your butt again?

Dawn said...

I think there are no good options. Everyone looks quite dismal in some way. I guess if I had to choose, although truly this is with a clenched jaw, it would be John McCain. Thank goodness for a Sovereign God who has already made the choice and is in complete control of our future!


Jennyth said...

I am sick.

Jennyth said...

Tammy, I think it was Paul that talked about Bill's butt.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Whoa now, if it was paul I'm gettin sick!
Tammy noticing my butt, I am ok with.
Hee hee.
Actually I have no butt according to reliable sources and speaking of butts, back to politics.
Waiting for Mick the rx/teacher to chime in with his wisdom.
Yes dawn amen, God is in control and as He said in the word all authorities are put here by him, so I remember a certain pastor shocking his congregation once during the last Clinton administration, by telling us to pray for our president. Not pray that he would go away or to jail etc, but to pray as Paul told us to, because God put him in charge, whether we liked him or not.
So it will be the same if Hillary wins, but we must do all that we can to prevent that. Republicans must unite behind whoever ends up being our candidate even if it is not someone we are thrilled with. Anyone but Hillary is the mantra boys and girls.

Tammy Bowers said...

See, I knew I was misquoting Mick! Oh, to be young and have a great memory again ... good catch Jenny!

mick b; the Anti-Bill said...

At one time, I considered myself a Democrat (mostly through my period of Enlightenment called college), but several years ago, I could not in good faith align myself with a party that believed in a woman's right to murder her child (Daddy has no say in the matter), same sex marriage, and the notion that the general public is not wise enough to take care of themselves so they must be taxed and regulated to death. 3 and a half years, the mantra was "Anybody But Bush". God help our country if Kerry ever got the helm. Most Dems are chameleons with little or no moral base. They believe in achieving consensus rather than strong leadership. I don't believe in a President who needs to form community task forces and town hall meetings to "hear" his constituents. If one has campaigned effectively, EVERYTHING that that candidate stands for and believes in should be made public. It seems asinine that we in the United States of America elect a "leader" and then attempt to hold sway over that individual with protests and impeachment hearings. I also don't believe that just because someone claims the name of Christ they are Presidential material. I voted for Bill Clinton both times and considering his opposition, I don't believe I would have voted otherwise today. (I would, however, have voted for Elizabeth Dole. So go figure that!) I want a President who demands that our country's laws are obeyed and enforced! I want a strong leader with a clear vision in this land of "Enlightenment".......or is that, the land of "Entitlement?"

Jennyth said...

Oh and by the way, I'm an Independent. I know. I have no say in anything and can't vote in the primaries. I was raised by "hippie turned born again Christians" and have views that are democrat and republican. I have NO IDEA who I'm gonna vote for. It's a conflicting life I lead.

Also, I really wish President Bush had more power when it comes to his anti-abortion views. I'm a strong pro-lifer! He's been in office for 7 years and abortion is still legal. Makes me wonder if that has any pull anymore. It shows where a politician stands morally, but again, considering how federalism plays a strong role in the county, is there any power there? Can a pro-life president make a difference regarding pro-life issues? I know Bush was able to veto the partial birth abortion thing (right?) so that's at least something. But, in general, I am beginning to lose faith that we'll ever change abortion rights.

Sorry to be dramatic. :)

Mick Bryson, Music Teacher said...

C'mon Bill, I'm waiting for your slam on my prior voting record! And BTW, tell your doting wife "congratulations" on her Crystal Apple nomination!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Mick: I am not slamming you hold your hat....I voted for Slick Willie in 1992.
Yep, I did. He had me bamboozled good. I did not vote for him in '96 though.
So, I am in your crowd so to speak.
And, to top it off, I had never lost a presidential election until Bob Dole in '96.
I chose Reagan in '80, '84
Bush in '88
Clinton in '92
Dole in '96 (my first and only loss)
GWB in '00 and '04
so, I am curious to see if I can keep my streak going.

Tammy Bowers said...

I want to hear about Colleen's Crystal Apple nomination! What is it? Can we vote for her? It sounds very cool!