Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oregon to consider banning schools’ Indian mascots

Jemeny Christmas, this Communist state of Oregon is going freakin nuts!!
Below is an article from the Statesman-Journal from today:

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon schools with American Indian “mascots” can weigh in today on whether they should be required to get rid of them.
Schools with teams named the Warriors, the Indians and the Braves have been invited to hear why Native American educators and students feel harmed and demeaned, although not all of them do. The 15 mostly small schools also will be able to make their case for keeping the mascots and nicknames.
The question was raised in Oregon last December, when then-high school senior Che Butler, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz, urged the Oregon State Board of Education to strike down the mascots as racist.
After months of closed meetings, an advisory panel urged state Superintendent Susan Castillo to require all state-funded schools with Native American mascots to get rid of them by September 2011.
The panel report cites the importance of respecting the cultures and sacred symbols of all peoples and the harmful effects of racial stereotyping.
But Oregon schools with the mascots complained they were not consulted.
“I think we’re being invited in after the fact as a kind of courtesy,” says Craig Brewington, superintendent of the district that includes Warrenton High, whose mascot is a Warrior.
“Such a ban would upset the length and breadth of this community: grandparents, parents, teachers, students, former students, including people in the Nehalem and Clatsop tribes here,” who have endorsed the use of the name.
Top state officials say fans of Native-themed teams will be listened to. Castillo will decide but has no deadline, says Pat Burk, chief policy officer.
Schools with the mascots say they are eager to be heard and have updated cartoonish old images or dropped logos showing Indians entirely.
In some cases, tribal leaders said they weren’t offended.
School administrators also say there is cost involved.
In Roseburg, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe is headquartered just two miles from the high school, known for more than 100 years as the Roseburg High Indians. The school’s current logo is a feather, a symbol also used by the Cow Creek, embedded in the school’s artificial turf field and sewn into most team uniforms.
“Years and years ago, this school community was attracted to the idea of associating ourselves with the Native American people, and we feel that it is a privilege that we are allowed to do so. ... We have paid a lot of attention to the impact it could have on Native Americans who live in our community and attend our school,” said Superintendent Lee Patterson.
“We have enjoyed being The Indians, and we are not ready to give it up, especially without anyone coming to visit us and seeing us here on the ground.”
Sue Shaffer, chairman of the Cow Creek band, said in a statement that changing the mascot is not a tribal priority.
The Oregon Indian Education Association and education leaders from the federally recognized tribes in Oregon suggested who should serve on the panel, says Brad Victor, an education specialist who led the group.
They drafted a recommendation for Castillo during three invitation-only meetings over the summer.
Some committee members recounted racist taunts prompted by Native-themed mascots including `Scalp the Indians.’ “
But principals and superintendents said that isn’t tolerated and that any cheers they lead must be welcoming and inviting to the other team.
The 15 Oregon high schools with Native American mascots or nicknames for their sports teams: Amity Warriors, Banks Braves, Lebanon Warriors, Mohawk Indians, Molalla Indians. North Douglas Warriors, Oakridge Warriors, Philomath Warriors, Reedsport Braves, Rogue River Chieftains, Roseburg Indians, Scappoose Indians, Siletz Valley Warriors, The Dalles Wahtonka Eagle Indians and Warrenton Warriors.

So, sound off. Is this nuts or what? Don't we have better things to do? If we do this then I will be offended by the McNary Celtics, the North Salem Vikings, The Royal Scots etc etc.
How about the Crusaders those murderous knights?
As the spouse of a Native American, I can honestly say, she has never once been offended by these mascots and never will. As one Indian friend of mine said: "the mascot names do not offend me as they represent the strength and spirit of our nations."
That is cool. Someone needs to hold these politicians and school officials accountable.


Tammy Bowers said...

My granddad, the greatest man to walk the face of this earth besides Jesus, was 1/8th Chickasaw Indian, so I guess that makes me 1/32nd. My granny was 1/32nd Cherokee, so I am 1/64th from that side. That's not a lot, but whenever anyone asks my heritage, I always say I am part Indian. I don't feel politically incorrect for saying Indian, instead of Native American, because I am so proud to have Indian blood in me. I wish it were a lot more than 1/32nd and 1/64th. I am more proud of those few Indian drops than I am of any English drops. Because I am not full blooded Indian, does that mean my opinion doesn't count? Personally, I want all the native American mascots to be remain. They are an honor to the founders of our country. Braves were called that because they were so brave. Don't we want our kids to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in? I would be proud to have that as my mascot. The mascot is supposed to be what the team emulates, right? Warriors - mighty fighters on the field. Braves - brave in the game, I don't understand what is wrong with that. I was a Dallas Dragon, then a George Fox Bruin. Boring! I would have rather been a Brave any day of the week!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

I heard a great one today, if you are a Royal Scot that is really cool.
Think William Wallace, fighting to the bloody end!
I would be proud of that.
I was a Redmond Panther, SA Crusader, GFC Bruin and SOSC Red Rebel. The Bruin.....kinda weak.