Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Brand New Week for Ol' Bill

Well, the experiment in teaching is officially over.

On Monday I will be teaching my last classes at Salem Academy. I have been offered a job at my old stomping grounds of KYKN Radio and could not resist the pull back to what I do best.

I love SA and will continue to be a part of the school not only as a parent, but as a spiritual guide, counselor, PA guy and whatever else they see a need for. My desire continues to be seeing those wonderful kids grow in their walk with God and their love for His Word.

I find that as a teacher, I am not doing that as a good of a service as I could in other ways.

Please pray for SA and the wonderful staff and especially Ken Friesen and Pete Potloff who as adminstrators were OUTSTANDING in helping me with a very very hard decision.

On another note, we lost to Scio pretty big last night 40-20 so that opens conference play. We have Culver at home next week, hope to see any of you alumni there!


Kristi said...

Does this mean you will post more on your blog since you won't be all stressed out with teaching?

Do you know yet who is taking over your job at the school? Are you doig a good bye thing on Monday or a regular lesson?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

A) Yes I will be bloggin' more!
B) Subs for now.
C) Yes on Monday I was going to be chapel speaker anyway, so I will be saying goodbye then plus will speak to each one of my classes that day.

Now, Kristi, go look at your blog for political chat!