Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Thoughts

I really don't care for Halloween, spiritual issues aside, I just don't get too excited by it anymore and haven't for many years.
Now perhaps you have younger children and the whole "trick or treat" thing is still fun, but really, for adults it has become ANOTHER reason for people to get liquoured up and dress like porn stars and act stupid.
Now as for at your house, do you still give out candy? Any other things that you give out? Chime in folks, I want all of your Halloween thoughts and try to keep it light.
Kai and his buddies are going to go out and be "trouble makers" (they say) and that also makes me think of older kids trick or treating. What do you think about that?
Lets talk!


Tammy Bowers said...

You ask for our thoughts on Halloween, but to keep it light. That is impossible for me.

I LOVE to dress up. I love costumes. I love to dress up for Oscar Parties, or in my Survivor buff for Survivor night. I would love to have a dress up New Years Eve Party. I love 50;s b-day parties, anything to dress in a costume. So of course, I used to love to dress up for Halloween. Until ....

I had an injured worker with a severe head injury. During my investigation, I learned he moved in with a witch in Eugene. What??? During our investigation, we were provided copies of multiple articles about her and written by her. She claimed to be a witch and said Halloween was the biggest holiday for her and her fellow satanic worshipers. She said most people think Halloween is about candy and costumes, but in reality, it's the biggest day of satanic worship all year. They legally sacrifice animals on that day and conduct all kinds of satanic rituals.

Ever since then, I cannot stand Halloween! Now I know what a super tiny percentage of people are doing and it makes me nauseous. As a Christian and animal lover, I loath Halloween and don't want anything to do it.

I am soooo thankful that our church offers a safe and clean alternative for kids.

Dawn said...

I have really become a Bah-Humbug about two Holidays these days...Halloween and 4th of July(because we live in Vancouver and the 4th is like a booming war zone for three weeks!) Back to Halloween...we live in Fisher's Landing you think it's gonna be nice...Halloween has just gotten so gross. We usually carve a cross on a pumpkin and make it light and cheery and hand out children's Christian Tracts with some good candy. We figure what other time do you have kids coming to you, a witness opportunity...but the kids that come to the door are horrifying and scare Hannah to death. After last year we decided to just take her to a church party this year. The parents walking around our neighborhood had satanic robes on as costumes and beers in their hands walking and pushing strollers. I was just astounded and thought "This isn't even funny any more!" The whole mood of the neighborhood was oppressive and dark with people trying to scare young kids with very evil things. What happened to the days when it was homemade costumes and my big bro took me around the neighborhood in my cat costume. Those were the days. Now it's just plain Demonic. Glad that "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world!"

Love in Christ-