Thursday, October 4, 2007

Finally, a Presidential Candidate to vote for!

Fred Dalton Thompson. That is our next president. I am on his bandwagon. I love what he has to say, I love his tenacity, I love his humility and he is a LEADER.

Besides, if you are Republican, when was the last time we REALLY had a great president? Ronald Reagan? Correct. Remember what he did before politics? Right, acting.

We can do it again. Fred has the same characters and qualities, the same policies, the same ideals for America. Fred has been in politics as a successful senator for years as well as dropping into and out of acting. I mean come on, how can you argue with the DA of New York City?

So go to his website and check it out.

As Republicans, who do you have to choose from anyway?

Giuliani is a Democrat in sheeps clothing.

Romney is a Mormon, the Evangelicals will never vote for him.

McCain doesn't know what he is from day to day.

The others are too obscure to even have a chance.

Let's Go Fred!!!

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