Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Comments on our President Elect

First of all, congratulations to Senator Barack Obama. Well done.
Now, to all of the Christians who have bombarded my emails, phone etc with various notes, I have a few comments.

I am not in a "bad place" spiritually. I am adjusting to this change in our country. Let me tell you what I am seeing and hearing.


Why do I say that? BECAUSE I KNOW HE IS! Sheesh, give me a little credit.
Christians are in one or two different modes here in the first days after the election.

1 - They are running in the streets screaming and crying hoping Jesus comes to get them today.
2 - They are "super spiritual" and laying all kinds of words of wisdom and keep chanting "God is In Control" or some sort of line.

I, on the other hand, now that I have had a day to think things over, am here to help my spiritually weaker brothers and sisters to see the light.

We got our butts handed to us and that TICKS ME OFF!!! I have only lost ONE Presidential election before this, and I HATE LOSING!

Just like when my football teams lose, I get ticked. That is not a BAD thing, much as some would like to think.

Nehemiah teaches us that "righteous anger" is a good
thing. Jesus had some "righteous anger" going on at the temple one day too.
I am ANGRY that Conservatism was defeated, and defeated soundly. Not just by Obama but by Republicans.

We can only blame the idiots in the Republican party for foisting this LIBERAL candidate on us in John McCain.

I am sick and tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils". I want to vote for the GUY WHO I WANT TO WIN!!

Let's look at the Presidential elections in my adult lifetime:

1980 - Ronald Reagan. Pretty easy pick, top notch conservative, no problemo!

1984 - Same as above.

1988 - Now things get a bit sticky. George H.W. Bush, no conservative, a bit liberal actually, but he is the Vice President and it is Micheal Dukakis he is running against, so I hold my nose as the diaper bag is starting to get a bit stinky, and pull the lever for Bush.

1992 - Interesting, I, as well as MANY conservatives are just flat cheesed off at Bush over the "read my lips" thing. This bozo from Arkansas, "surely can't win can he?" So, I am here to let you know, I voted for Bill Clinton. Ya, Ya I know, beat me up, but I thought the guy had something that we were lacking. Whatever.

1996 - Ok so I learned my lesson and now Clinton's out in my book, but, who to vote for? Bob Dole? Nice man, great American, not conservative. The diaper bag is starting to smell really ripe, I pull the lever for Dole, I have my first loss.

2000 - George W. Bush seems like a guy after Reagan's own heart, not like his daddy so I enthusiastically vote for him, back in the winner's column.

2004 - Now after 4 years I see that ol' GWB sold me a bill of go
ods, he is a liberal and he is spending MY money like a drunk sailor, but, am I gonna vote for Herman Munster (also known as John Kerry)? No, now the diaper bag is full of poop flies and so I really hold my nose and pull the lever for Bush.

2008 - What a dilemma. I can't vote for the Commie, Muslim, Anti-American, chain smoking freak from Chicago, but who am I stuck with? An angry little old white man who's biggest claim is he stayed in a POW camp for 5 years. Admirable, great American, cruddy Presidential material, he is almost as liberal as Hillary Clinton. This is where I am stuck this election, and the diaper bag is falling apart with baby poop falling out of it, I pull the lever for Big John and alas, Loss #2!

So, kids, what have we learned? Conservatism is dead. We must resurrect it.
I am actually able to separate my spiritualism and my politics as well as integrate them when necessary.
We MUST get back on the bus and start kicking butt and taking prisoners.
Get rid of the soft Republicans, root out the weak kneed Christians, destroy the limp wristed Democrats and start rebuilding this great land.
Yes we will need God!
Yes we must be in His Word daily, but shouldn't we have done that a long time ago?
NOW you are calling for it because you are skeeerrreed of the big bad Obama?
"Oh no, he's the Anti-Christ Bill!"
Toughen up. Get right. Move on! Stop telling me "but Bill, he isn't a citizen" or some other stupid internet garbage. And don't you DARE tell me "God is working even now". No duh Maynard!! GEEZ LOUIZE. God IS working, but we AREN'T and that is stupid on our parts. Stop compromising. Stop making every freaking election about one subject. Open your eyes Christians, this country is crumbing in more ways than I can count. Does that mean I am scared? NO! Does that mean I am in despair? NO!
Does it mean I am ready to ramp it up a whole bunch? YES!!!!
End of election rant.


Dawn said...

That's my big Nut-Bucket!!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

You want some of this????

Jeremy Green said...


you know what bugs me. All of the Christians who are fretting about this being 'a sign of the END TIMES'. They are so scared and worried. Aren't they supposed to be happy that the end is near?

I don't hold this position, that President Obama is in any way connected to apocalyptic scenarios (call me Mr. Preterist), so I want to encourage all Christians to stop worrying and start getting active in doing the work of the Kingdom of God. Conservative or Liberal, let's start loving people and put on display for them the way of Jesus.

The Blunt Matt said...

Well, Bill, this is pretty much what we have been discussing since I joined the blog. Politicians are not to be trusted...even Republicans!

These are not the end times! Although GWB has 74 days to still make it happen...

And, is Oregon a Blue State or a Red State?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Oregon is a RED state. Except for the wackos in Portland and Eugene. I still stand by that.
It may not show that on the map but I am still clinging to what Obama hates, guns and religion yeehaw!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Jerm: Paragraph one and two, I am totally agreement dude!
Although there is one fun theory:
some obama aide said that he was the "reincarnation" of MLK. Now if that is so, and since MLK was shot and killed, then Obama is his resurrection......well you get the picture.

Anyway, no I don't think that stuff and you are right, too many people are making too much of his stuff.
What concerns me more, and should concern you as well is the ONE PARTY takeover of all three branches of government.
The only thing that might change that is Joe Lieberman switching to Republican and the fact that the 2 Supreme Court justices that might retire are both liberals so it would be a push.

Lastly quit using your big seminary words. We uneducated, unwashed plain folk don't know what you are talking about and besides, all those big words and a buck still won't buy you a cup of coffee.

The Blunt Matt said...

Why is everybody so afraid of this guy? Even the New Deal got completely overturned at some point because of its unconstitutionality. And Reagan tried to destroy and vestige of what was left even though he once voted for FDR--yes, Reagan was a Democrat but turned later in life as most people due when they start to make some money...

The people who make the real decisions in this country (the money managers and super rich) won't let him get out of hand--especially if he wants to "spread the wealth". Which, by the way, is what Sarah Palin does in Alaska by taxing oil companies and giving every eligible man, woman, and child, $3200 extra dollars every year...

And the smoking thing is kind of funny. Aren't Republicans HUGE supporters of big tobacco? Or did I miss something? And he quit...

I think God worked perfectly in this election. I'm pretty sure he knows that Sarah has no business being that close to the button. And wouldn't Jesus be considered a liberal what with all the helping the poor? Now I guess you know how Dems felt when GWB stole his elections...

Carl said...

I think what bill has said is pretty harsh but seems to be pretty correct too.
As of Obama smoking, I don't really care if he does or doesn't but I can tell you according to his own "people" he is still "quitting" which I interpret as still "smoking".
As a former smoker, you never become a non smoker, just a former smoker, and you never lose that craving completely.
Jesus would not be considered a liberal. Yes he helped the poor but not until he called them out of their sin. He called the "politicians" of his day, "You brood of vipers". He called for people to follow him exclusively and that if they followed anyone else they were bound for hell.
I don't see him as liberal or conservative. He would have been a radical independent I guess.
I don't think God worked at all in this election, good or bad, I think he sat this one out like he sits them all out and lets the dumb people he created make their own messes. He cleans them up later.

Jen said...

"Yes he helped the poor but not until he called them out of their sin."

Can you show me the scripture you are using to defend this? Because what I read is Jesus ministering to the woman at the well and THEN saying...go and sin no more. Not 'stop sinning' and then I'll speak to you.

This is why there is such an issue in Christian circles. I am horrified that believers think that we are not as followers of Christ called to minister to those less fortunate. Just as horrified by this as I am by abortion.

The Blunt Matt said...

I'm curious to know how GWB is a liberal?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

How is GWB a liberal?
I thought I clearly explained that.
He spent our country into the hole we are in now.
I believe he is a good man. I agree with a lot of what he stands for, but politically, he is one part of the whole damage that has been done to the Republican Party.
It is time to winnow the wheat from the chaff.
Just like his daddy, "read my lips", his economic policies are liberal leaning. Not true conservatism as Ronald Reagan would have stood for.
Bailouts? Savings and Loan takeovers? All, Socialist in leaning.
God bless GWB in his last few days and may God bless Senator Obama as he comes in the office. I pray for both daily now.

The Blunt Matt said...

Really? If you look back into it, Reagan actually spent us into HUGE deficits. I know he's the hero of conservatives, but his spending was out of control. It's okay to admit it. Especially if you're going to be honest about it. His two goals were to crush any vestige of the New Deal and beat the communists. In order to do that, he had to outspend Russia on defense which is precisely what he did. That's why everyone after him had to raise taxes. That's why it took 12 years to get us even. It's the only way to pay for rampant spending. Bush lowered taxes for the wealthy and for businesses which means he's spending on credit--just like EVERY Republican does. You can't lower taxes and spend money. That doesn't make financial sense to anyone I know. You said yourself that we should kick butt and take names. How can you do that without spending $10 billion a month on your war machine?

The Blunt Matt said...

Hey Bill...just by your definition of liberal, Reagan is just as bad as both Bushes. When Reagan took office, the national debt was 700 billion. When he left, it was 3 trillion. Sounds like the similar ratio to the "liberal" GWB. What say you? Plus, he was a registerd DEMOCRAT until 1962...