Friday, July 13, 2012

Oregon, Nike and Joe Paterno: What a mess!

Let me make it perfectly clear right from the start, I hate Penn State.  I've never liked them, never thought Joe Paterno was the great coach he allegedly was, I thought he was way past his time and a relic and "Happy Valley" is no where I wanted to go.
I am a University of Oregon Duck football fan and always will be.
We've had our troubles, yes, many of them lately but I hang in there, chastising when they are wrong but love my Ducks!

I am very happy that "Uncle" Phil Knight has decided to change the name of the "Joe Paterno Child Development Center" to something else (unnamed as of this writing) BUT, I am very unhappy it took him this long.  I asked that Nike make this change immediately after the first stories broke of the possible sex abuse in "Happy Valley".  No one agreed with me.  I feel somewhat vindicated.  I just wish "Uncle" Phil had moved a little swifter. 


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psychobob said...

I think one of the important lessons here is that whatever we set up as an idol will inevitably fall. Sad, sad day. I assume the entire board of trustees of Penn State will resign forthwith, since they accept "full responsibility" for the cover-up. Oh, guess not...